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Delivery Policy

Quick Notes

  • Some Owners offer delivery to convenient locations such as hotels, coffee shops, other commercial locations or to guest-selected locations.
  • If the Owner approves, you can have the motorcycle delivered to you at one location and return it to a different one. 
  • Deliveries fees are set by the Owner. The delivery fee covers the cost of both drop off and pick-up unless otherwise specified by the Owner. 
  • Delivery is not available to the states of NY or MI. 

Getting a motorcycle delivered

  1. Filter your search results by “Delivery.” Select the maximum price you’d wish to pay. 
  2. Choose a motorcycle.
  3. Tap “Pickup & Dropoff Location” below the trip date selection to see a list of delivery locations and costs.


  • The owner will coordinate any specific check-in details or provide such details in their motorcycle listing. 
  • All coordination must be done via the Riders Share platform to ensure Riders Share has a record of all delivery details. 
  • The Owner will meet you at the selected delivery location to conduct the Check-In Procedures required by the Riders Share Terms of Service. 

Paying for delivery

You can add delivery to a trip at any time if the Owner explicitly approves through the Riders Share platform. If you choose delivery when you book your trip, we’ll charge you for it as part of your total trip cost. If you add delivery after you book, we’ll charge you then. The delivery fee covers the cost of both drop off and pick-up unless otherwise specified by the owner.

Changing delivery location

You can request to change your delivery location before your trip starts. The new location must be one where the host already offers delivery. Or, it must be within their custom delivery radius. Any change to delivery locations is subject to Owner pre-approval via the Riders Share platform. 

You may request a delivery location change on your “Trip” page. Your host has 24 hours (or less, if your trip starts sooner than that) to approve or decline the request. If they don’t respond or they decline the request, you must pick up and/or drop off the Motorcycle at the original delivery location. 

Adjusting the delivery cost

A change to the delivery location may change the delivery fee you’re charged. That’s true if the price for the new location is different than that for the original. If you change the drop off location only, we’ll calculate your new delivery fee like this:

  • 50% of the delivery fee for the original location AND
  • 50% of the delivery fee for the new location

For Owners

  • The fuel used and mileage driven by to and from the delivery location is the Responsibility of the Owner. Please take that into account when setting your delivery prices.  
  • Delivery fees generally cover delivery and pick up unless you as Owner explicitly inform the Rider otherwise via the Riders Share platform. 

Insurance and Physical Damage Protection Not Provided During Delivery Period

Per the Riders Share Terms of Service and Insurance Terms the “Rental Period” means the period of time during which the Renter has taken possession of and had permission to use a covered “motorcycle” pursuant to an in-force Reservation Agreement with Riders Share.

Riders Share does not provide or grant access to any insurance, physical damage, roadside assistance, or any other Riders Share services outside of the Rental Period. 

To be explicitly clear, the time in which the owner is transporting or delivering the vehicle to the delivery location is outside the Rental Period.