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Riders Share Riders Share Indian Motorcycle Rentals

Riders Share is the world’s largest network of Indian motorcycle rentals in the United States. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas and coast to coast, Riders Share offers Indian motorcycle rentals in every major city across the country. 

Keep reading to find out what Indian Motorcycles are all about and why you should rent one.

Popular Indian Motorcycle Rentals

With different Indian motorcycle models available for rent, Riders Share has a motorcycle for everyone. Let’s take a look at the most popular models.

Indian Scout Motorcycle Rentals

The Indian Scout is popular for its smooth blend of old-school style and new-school power. It's loved for its easy ride and strong engine, perfect for any adventure.

Indian Chief Motorcycle Rentals

The Indian Chief is celebrated for its bold style and smooth power, making it a perfect match for riders looking for a mix of traditional and modern capabilities.

Indian Roadmaster Rentals

The Indian Roadmaster is known for its comfort and high-tech features, making it great for long trips. It has plenty of storage and is perfect for those who prioritize comfort.

Indian Chieftain Rentals

The Indian Chieftain combines sleek design with powerful performance, featuring the latest technology for smooth rides. It’s a hit with riders looking for both style and strength on the road.

Why Riders Love Indian Motorcycles

  • Style: With their classic engines and eye-catching designs in chrome or sleek black, Indian Motorcycles stand out. There’s a look for every rider.
  • Power: Most models come with either Thunderstroke or PowerPlus engines, which provide thrilling speed and strength, making every ride exciting.
  • Heritage: Indian Motorcycle was America’s first motorcycle company, and with a legacy spanning over a century, riding an Indian Motorcycle means being a part of history.
  • Technology: Modern touches like cruise control, music systems, and a smart touchscreen blend the best of tradition with today’s technology for an unbeatable ride.

Tips for Renting an Indian Motorcycle

  1. Research Different Models: Indian offers a variety of models, each with unique features. Before renting, explore your options and pick a few favorites, keeping in mind availability might vary by location. Chances are, you'll find a model that closely matches your needs.
  2. Perform a Thorough Inspection: Perform a thorough inspection and document any scuffs or damage. This gives you peace of mind you can take with you on your next trip.
  3. Consult Your Rental Agreement: Read over your rental agreement to be sure that you are not violating any rules or policies. This will give you greater peace of mind while on your ride! 
  4. Check Your Tire Pressure: Tires are arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to your safety on the road. Check the air pressure of the motorcycle’s tires when you first pick up your rental. If you need air along the way, a gas station will usually provide the tools you need. 

Earn Money By Renting Your Indian Motorcycle 

Do you own an Indian motorcycle and want to earn extra cash? Riders Share helps motorcycle owners like you monetize their bikes to earn extra income. 
Renters earn, on average, $150 per booking and can earn thousands monthly by renting out one or more of their bikes to riders ready to experience what an Indian motorcycle has to offer for motorcycle touring. List your bike, honor your booking requests, and earn money. It’s that easy!