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Motorcycle Rentals in Honolulu, HI

Largest Selection of Motorcycle Rentals in Honolulu, Hawaii

Exploring Oahu's stunning landscapes is a dream for many motorcycle enthusiasts. However, due to the geographical challenges of Hawaii, renting a motorbike often seems like the only viable option. Traditional rental services in Hawaii typically charge higher rates than in the mainland U.S., making it expensive. Riders Share offers a cost-effective solution by enabling direct rentals from Honolulu residents. This approach not only reduces costs but also provides flexibility in terms of pick-up locations and timing.

Riders Share stands out as the largest peer-to-peer motorcycle marketplace in the U.S. and is often considered the AirBnB of motorcycle vacationing. With a vast selection of motorcycles available in Honolulu, Waikiki, and throughout Oahu, our platform offers quick processing of orders, avoiding long checkout lines. Our diverse inventory includes options from Harley-Davidson to sports bikes, with user-friendly filters for specific preferences like unlimited miles. It’s an ideal choice for a personalized and hassle-free motorcycle rental experience in Hawaii.

Requirements to Rent A Motorcycle in Honolulu, HI

  • Must be 21+
  • You must have a valid license with a motorcycle endorsement (foreign licenses are accepted). You can ride motorcycles under 50cc and certain trikes with a car license. You can take a class and get a motorcycle license in one weekend. However, we do not accept learner permits or temporary licenses.
  • You must wear a DOT-approved helmet.

Steps to Take After Renting a Motorcycle in Honolulu

Hawaii’s unique tropical climate requires several considerations if you are thinking about renting a bike in Oahu. Here are some tips to make your ride safer and easier. 

  • Watch Out for the Weather: As most locals will tell you, Hawaii’s weather patterns can gyrate wildly between total sunshine and brief periods of rain. Always be prepared for a change in the forecast.
  • Dress for the Slide, Not the Ride: Intermittent rain brings about slippery conditions, so we recommend you dress for protection, not comfort or style. Wear protective pants and a jacket that will prevent injury from a potential accident, especially as you navigate around wet roads. 
  • Drive Defensively: Most people who drive in Hawaii like to take in the sights, which makes for a lot of distracted driving. Be careful while riding, as accidents are very common on the highways around Hawaii. 
  • Prepare for Stop-and-Go Traffic: Unfortunately, your dream of driving down secluded coastlines will be periodically interrupted by congested traffic, especially as you approach downtown Honolulu. Be prepared for stop-and-go traffic and plan your trip accordingly. 

Whether you're looking for a thrilling ride through the mountains or a relaxing cruise along the coast, Honolulu and its surrounding areas have something for every motorcycle enthusiast. 

Earn Money from Your Honolulu Motorcycle

Do you live in Oahu and want to make money off your motorcycle? Then, sign up for Riders Share, a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows hog enthusiasts to rent motorcycles from people like you. We offer the largest selection of Hawaii motorcycle rentals; yours can be a part of the fun! 

Our large network helps riders save money, and motorcycle enthusiasts generate passive income from their rides. Our services offer 24/7 roadside assistance and optional liability protection that protects your hog from catastrophic damage. All you need to do is sign up, fill out the information, and list your bike to start making money. 

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Honolulu

There’s really no bad time of year to visit Oahu, though you could save some money by going in the late spring between April and June when the island is less crowded. The late fall also brings about the festival season and also tends to be less crowded, making for a more relaxed experience on the island. These smaller crowds can also mean an easier process for getting a motorcycle rental in Hawaii

Best Motorcycle Rides in Honolulu, HI

There are many Motorcycle Routes in Honolulu, Hawaii, to choose from, whether cruising down the famed Hana Highway or the H-3 Freeway. You’ll find stunning views of beaches, volcanos, cliffs, and lush forests in this tropical paradise. Plus, you can explore six major islands across Hawaii, including Maui motorcycle rentals, all providing unique experiences. 

Some of our favorite motorcycle routes around Honolulu and Oahu include: 

  1. The H-3 Freeway: a scenic route that runs through the mountains of Oahu.
  2. Tantalus Drive runs through the lush forests of the Ko'olau Mountains.
  3. Round Top Drive: a route that runs through the crowded forests of Puu Ualakaa State Park, offering stunning views of the city and the Pacific Ocean.
  4. Diamond Head Road: a route along the eastern coast of Oahu.
  5. North Shore: a route that offers stunning views of the ocean and the mountains.

Check out our blog on the 5 best motorcycle routes in Honolulu, Hawaii, for more detailed routes and directions!

Best Places to Visit in Honolulu

Honolulu is a treasure trove of exciting places, perfect for exploring on a motorcycle. Whether you're into stunning landscapes, rich history, or vibrant city life, there's something for everyone. Cruise along picturesque roads, find hidden gems in the city or simply enjoy the island's beauty at your own pace. With so many options, every ride in Honolulu promises a new and exciting adventure!

See our blog for more details on unforgettable pit stops in Honolulu, and find out which Harley Davidson rental is best to take with you. 

Best Motorcycle Hangouts in Honolulu

Of course, no motorcycle vacation is complete without attending a local biker bar, and Honolulu is swimming with local watering holes to fill your appetite.  

  • Side Street Inn is a well-loved local restaurant and bar often frequented by motorcycle riders.
  • Lulu's Waikiki is a popular beach bar with great views in the heart of Waikiki.
  • The Hideaway Club is a local dive bar with a relaxed atmosphere popular with motorcycle riders.
  • Redfish Poke Bar is a popular restaurant and bar known for its delicious poke bowls and cocktails.