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Roadside Assistance

When the trip starts, an option to request roadside assistance will become available on the website. Roadside Assistance is provided by Mach1. In the event of an incident during your Rental Period, you can contact Mach1 by phone to receive tows on behalf of Riders Share. This number will become available at the scheduled reservation start time. You need to provide the name and last name of the renter, the address where the bike is located and where it needs to be taken, and the make and model of the bike. 

Mach1 can provide tows and also jump start batteries, bring fuel, or other services to help you get back on the road. In the event, the vehicle you have rented is NOT disabled, roadside Assistance is not covered, and you will be billed directly (i.e. not wishing to continue your rental due to illness or injury, schedule changes, locked saddlebags, etc.)

If a vehicle is towed for a second time within 6 months due to maintenance issues, the owner of the vehicle will be held responsible for tow costs.

Riders Share DOES NOT endorse the use of patches to repair flat tires. We recommend replacing tires.

Some Roadside Assistance considerations:

·    Riders Share will limit coverage to one breakdown per incident to the nearest repair facility or to Motorcycle Owners location.  (example if the bike is towed for oil leak and it is not repaired and breaks down due to leak again the 2nd tow will not be covered)

·    Riders Share will provide multiple tows in a case where a renter has multiple breakdown/incidents with different unrelated causes. For example, a flat tire one day and perhaps a "won't start" on another day, tow service would be provided and covered for both unrelated incidents.

·    Riders Share will provide multiple tows where a location is closed, and a renter is taken to a hotel for the night. In this case, a second tow will be provided to get the renter to Motorcycle Owners location or repair facility the next available day.

·    In the case that a breakdown/incident occurs on a weekend or holiday and the nearest repair facility is closed and the Motorcycle Owners location is not available, the renter will be towed to the nearest hotel. A second tow can be provided to the Motorcycle Owners location or repair facility the next available day.

·    Rides Share Roadside Assistance will be applicable to breakdowns on maintained roads and surfaces such as interstates, highways, blacktops, parking locations or other areas authorized by Riders Share Terms of Service.  

·    It is not applicable to motorcycles that are taken “off-road” (see description above of maintained roads) this means riding on trails, paths or any off-road locations where a towing provider cannot reasonably retrieve the motorcycle. If the renter chooses to ride the motorcycle under these conditions and requires assistance, Mach1 will make best efforts to render assistance. However, the entire cost of the assistance will be billed back to the Renter.

·    For charges incurred, for use of Mach1 services where vehicle is NOT disabled, or charges are incurred at Renter’s discretion, where such use of these services are not specifically authorized, OR the inoperability of the vehicle was avoidable, and/or the result of use of the vehicle in a manner prohibited by Riders Share Terms of Use, Riders Share shall bill Renter for the cost of towing and any additional fees using Renter’s authorized payment method. Riders Share may take other remedial actions as Rider’s Share in their discretion may deem to be warranted.

  • User must use Mach1 dispatch center to via the roadside assistance phone number provided by Riders Share to arrange service in order to receive Roadside Assistance.
  • In limited circumstances Mach1 dispatch may contact Riders Share customer service additionally, if warranted when Mach1 may need to consult with Riders Share (i.e. storage is required, delivery location must be determined, designation of repair facility etc.). If such secondary contact is required, Mach1 dispatchers or Riders Share customer support will make a follow up call to Renter to ensure ETA is met and tow-driver has arrived or is en route.
  • In no event will Roadside Assistance coverage be provided where Mach1 dispatch is not contacted by Renter or a Riders Share representative, Renter must not attempt to book a service call without Mach1 or Riders Share  knowledge, or without ensuring Mach1 dispatch is contacted first. Service calls not instituted by Mach1 or Riders Share dispatch, may be at Renter’s expense.

 Mach1 dispatchers will not assist Riders Share renters with any of the following:

·    Mechanical questions or suggestions (unless noted on the Riders Share provided sheet of frequent motorcycle problems.)

·    Questions regarding their Riders Share Terms of Service, Owner rental contract or costs to them. 

·    We will not be a message service between Riders Share and the renter. 

·    Issues not pertaining to the towing and storage of the bike. 

·    Will not have the ability to enter rentals