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Houston, TX Motorcycle Rental

Largest Selection of Motorcycle Rentals in Houston, Texas

Houston's popularity among motorcyclists and its proximity to other great cities like Austin, New Orleans, and Dallas make it the perfect place to rent a motorcycle in Texas. The great part about riding in and around Houston is that the scenery always changes. One moment you might be passing modern art stores, and the next, staring out into the open countryside. 

If challenging curves are your thing, the Sam Houston National Forest route offers them in abundance. It also offers stunning panoramas of the surrounding forests. No matter where your motorcycle ride takes you, you're sure to have an unforgettable time in Houston.

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Best Motorcycle Rides in Houston

Houston and its surrounding areas offer excellent scenic routes for motorcycle riders of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Here are some of our favorite routes:

Sam Houston National Forest Loop

Located about an hour away from downtown Houston, the Sam Houston National Forest Loop cuts through the vast Sam Houston National Forest, spanning 163,000 acres known for its dense forests and diverse wildlife population. This 120-mile route starts in the city of Montgomery, then proceeds to Richard's and onto FM 149 South, passing through charming small towns like New Waverly and Huntsville. The loop is best suited for intermediate to advanced-level riders who can handle steep drops and twists along the way.

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site

If you're an American history buff, the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site is a must-visit. This 20-mile loop takes you through the famous site of the Battle of San Jacinto, a pivotal event in Texas' struggle for independence from Mexico in the 1830s. Begin by exploring the Houston Ship Channel and the San Jacinto Monument before embarking on the route. While the terrain offers some challenging twists and turns, it remains relatively smooth without any extreme difficulties.

Bluebonnet Trail

Considered one of the top springtime destinations for avid riders, the Bluebonnet Trail is situated in the heart of Texas Hill Country. Known for its vibrant wildflower population and picturesque views, this trail offers plenty of rolling hillsides and lush greenery. Additionally, you'll find several charming small towns along the way where you can rest and grab a quick bite to eat, such as Brenham, Bellville, and Chappell Hill. If you're seeking an opportunity to relax in an open field, the Bluebonnet Trail is the perfect choice.

For a complete list of day trips outside Houston, check out the Best Motorcycle Routes Near Houston.

Best Places to Visit in Houston

Houston is one of the more diverse and vibrant cities in the country. While it may be sprawling, motorcycle riders can enjoy numerous scenic routes. Our favorite ones include the Sam Houston National Forest Loop, Bluebonnet Trail, and the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site.

Of course, Houston is a foodie city so any trip to downtown or the Galleria will bring on some of the best gastronomic experiences you’ve ever had. Be sure to also visit the zoo, aquarium, or the Astros ballpark on the back of your motorcycle. 

Best Motorcycle Hangouts in Houston

  • Rudyard's British Pub
    Located in Houston's Rose neighborhood, Rudyard's British Pub is one of the city's most popular motorcycle hangouts. Every Wednesday night is Bike Night, offering an opportunity for fellow riders to connect and share their love for bikes. Indulge in classic British fares like fish and chips or enjoy a cold brew to reward yourself after a long day on the trails.
  • The Hawg Stop Bar & Grill
    Situated in the nearby town of Crosby, The Hawg Stop Bar & Grill has been a mainstay for over 20 years. Its walls are adorned with classic motorcycle memorabilia, and like Rudyard's British Pub, it hosts a bike night every Thursday evening with live entertainment.
  • Wildcatter Saloon (formerly Bryant's Ice House)
    Located in the neighboring town of Katy, Wildcatter Saloon gained recognition for its appearance on Season 3 of the popular reality show "Bar Rescue." It's a classic beer pub featuring a large selection of pool tables and regular live music offerings, making it a great place for motorcycle enthusiasts to gather. Take advantage of the Wednesday specials, which include 12 wings, fries, and a drink for less than $10.

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Houston

We highly recommend renting a motorcycle in Houston from October to March, with September to November weather hitting an average of 60 to 83° versus 47 to 65° from December to February. However, you shouldn't disqualify the summer. With a slightly hot and humid subtropical climate, a mesh or perforated leather motorcycle jacket should do the job.

Tips for Renting a Motorcycle in Houston

One of the best tips we can offer for renting a motorcycle in Houston is to check the weather forecast in advance. Unfortunately, Houston experiences brutally hot summers, making a mesh jacket ideal for riding. However, the winters in Houston are relatively mild compared to other regions, with temperatures in December and January ranging from the mid 40s to 60s. You don't have to worry about snowfall, but it's still advisable to wear a Gore-Tex or Cordura jacket for protection.

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