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There is no better way to experience the Lone Star State and the central plains of Dallas than on a motorcycle. With their man-made lakes and forested rivers, the motorcycle routes of the Dallas prairie land have become a staple for motorcycle enthusiasts around the country. 

If you plan on grabbing a motorcycle rental in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, this fertile countryside offers plenty of small-town charm and hill country views to enjoy. One of our favorite routes is the North Dallas Twistys, a challenging trail that winds through luscious Texas forests. In addition, several Dallas motorcycle events run year-round, where you can meet fellow enthusiasts in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. 

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Best Motorcycle Rides in Dallas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the long stretches of country roads are no exception. Experience breathtaking views as you traverse rolling prairie lands, lush green forests, secluded waterfalls, rock quarries, and the man-made lakes of central Texas. With ten different topographic regions, Texas has so much to explore, especially the central plains. 

North Dallas Twisties

One of the best parts of riding through Texas is getting a feel for the local culture as you travel through small towns that line the highways. The North Dallas Twisties takes you down secluded country roads as you pass through small Texan towns with their distinct cultural feel. 

This 48-mile paved route runs from Denton to McKinney and is known for its twisty trails, smooth paved roads, and charming drive-by towns. Be sure to fuel up in Celina before you hit the road and stop by any of the local towns for some authentic Texas barbeque. 

The Lizard’s Tail Pt. 1

This 30-mile leisurely trip takes you around the circumference of beautiful Lake Worth, teaming with beautiful flowers in the springtime. Stop by the haunted Old Heron Castle and check out any of the local farmer’s markets in the Fort Worth area, especially around the lake. 

This narrow road is one lane the entire ride and gives you a good feel for the area while you carve through twisty trails. 

The Twisted Sisters

Are you looking for something with a little more adrenaline? The Twisted Sisters, located on Three Hill Country Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337, feature three windy roads, which are considered the most challenging in all of Texas. 

Endure a rapid succession of twists and turns among jagged cliff sides, rocky canyons, and dark country roads. This route runs for 100 miles and is just north of Dallas within fair driving distance. Use caution, as this road is recommended for professionals only. 

Spanish Fort Loop

Take a 200-mile loop up to Spanish Fort after fueling up in Celina and explore the vast plains and farmlands just northeast of Dallas and Fort Worth. This journey goes all the way to the Red River boundary just beneath Oklahoma, and features stops in areas like Saint Jo and Lake Ray Roberts. 

Red River Cruise

Travel north to Denton on this 140-mile leisurely hike along the beautiful Red River in Montague County. Enjoy gorgeous views of the river and stop by any of the small towns between Saint Jo and Muenster for some food or coffee. You won’t want to miss these views.  

For a longer vacation, be sure to read about these road trips from Dallas to San Diego down the Southern Pacific Route. 

Best Places to Visit in Dallas

Take a break from cruising around the Dallas Central Plains and explore the city of Dallas itself on the back of a motorcycle. Be sure to stop by the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, as well as Klyde Warren Park or the Reunion Tower.  History buffs will not want to miss Dealey Plaza, and there are plenty of great day trip ideas, from the zoo to the aquarium. 

Best Motorcycle Hangouts in Dallas

Of course, no motorcycle vacation to Dallas is complete without a trip to the local biker bar and BBQ joint for a bite to eat. 

  • Hard 8 BBQ: This BBQ joint is so good we even mentioned it in our blog about the Top 5 Motorcycle Trips near Dallas, Texas. While this ride takes 147 miles, it’s a great place to experience some of the best bites in Texas and explore the quaint countryside of the Central Texas plains. Head west from Weatherford via I-30 W past Palo Pinto to Stephenville to reach Hard 8 BBQ and then return on the same road on your trip back to Dallas. 
  • Reno's Chop Shop Saloon: Enjoy live music, great food, and good company at Reno’s Chop Chop. This biker bar is a great place to let loose and meet fellow bikers. From the graffitied exterior to the classic saloon-style interior, you’ll feel right at home the minute you lay eyes on this joint. 
  • Stroker's Ice House Bar & Grill: Stroker’s is a local favorite and one of the quirkiest bars you’ve ever laid eyes on. With a chop shop, billiard tables, a music stage, and dinosaur statues affixed to the roof of the building, this biker bar is like no other you’ve visited. The best part is the rich atmosphere and quirky charms make this bar feel like your own, as bikers flock tend to flock to this bar like moths to a light. 
  • Ranch: Head up to Fort Worth for some mouth-watering steaks at H3 Ranch. This old, western-style saloon is a great place to meet up with fellow bikers and enjoy a diverse crowd of native Texan diners. 

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Dallas

Motorcyclists will benefit from the cool temperatures of spring and fall as they ride through the open roads of the Central Texas plains. October to November is a great time to visit as tourism tends to die, the temperatures drop, and the state fair season ramps up. 

The spring months between February and early May also enjoy cool temperatures, and the early spring brings lovely flowers across the pastures and countryside.  

Winters are relatively mild, though temperatures do dip below freezing during some nights. Summers are manageable, but you will need to prepare accordingly. 

Tips for Renting a Motorcycle in Dallas

The Dallas, Fort Worth area is a great place to explore on your motorcycle. That’s why motorcycle rentals in Dallas increase yearly as motorcycling tourism continues to boom. However, there are some tips to remember before renting a motorcycle in Dallas.

  • Prepare for High Temperatures: Temperatures between June and August tend to average over 90 degrees, so be sure to pack accordingly. Reduce layers, pack water, and be sure to stop when you feel overheated. 
  • Drive Defensively: Vehicle accidents are increasing year-over-year in Texas, as local drivers have a bad reputation for aggressive driving on the highways. Practice proper safety precautions and drive defensively when you are surrounded by congested traffic. 
  • Avoid Rush Hours: Rush hour traffic can be grueling and put a serious dent in your plans. Try to get out on the road early and plan your trips to avoid rush hour when getting back to the metro area. 
  • Inspect Your Bike: Perform a quick inspection before hitting the road to ensure your bike is safe and that you are not liable for any damage.
  • Review Your Rental Agreement: Be aware of any stipulations in your rental agreement so that you can enjoy a safe and fun ride. 

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