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Riders Share Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rentals

Riders Share is the world’s largest network of Harley-Davidson rentals in the United States, including motorcycle rentals in Maui, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Harley-Davidson is a well-known motorcycle manufacturer that produces a wide range of motorcycles known for their iconic style, heritage, and powerful performance. 

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?

The cost of renting any motorcycle depends heavily on several factors. Rental prices are typically calculated on a daily or weekly basis.

To give you a rough estimate, rates for Harley rentals, in particular, can start around $100 to $200 per day, but this can vary significantly depending on the location and duration of the rental.

Wondering how the rental process works? Check out our blog: How Do I Rent a Harley-Davidson Cruiser Motorcycle?, for more information.

What are the most Popular Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Models?

Here are some of the most widely recognized Harley-Davidson motorcycle models you can rent today:

  • Street Glide: This tourer is known for its sleek design, comfortable riding position, and long-distance capabilities. It features a fairing-mounted windscreen, spacious saddlebags, and a powerful V-twin engine.
  • Road Glide: The Road Glide features a distinctive front-end design with a fixed fairing. It provides excellent wind protection, a comfortable riding position, and advanced features for long-haul touring, whether riding solo or two-up.
  • Softail Heritage Classic: This cruiser combines classic styling with modern features. It features a retro design, comfortable seating, and a smooth ride thanks to its iconic Softail suspension.

Reasons to Rent a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Here are some good reasons to consider renting a Harley-Davidson:

  • Test before you buy: If you're considering purchasing a Harley-Davidson, renting one can be an excellent opportunity to test-ride different models and get a feel for their performance, comfort, and handling. It allows you to make an informed decision before making a significant investment.
  • Experience the Harley-Davidson brand: Harley-Davidson motorcycles have a distinct and iconic style, and renting one gives you a chance to experience the essence of the Harley-Davidson brand firsthand.
  • Bucket list experience: For motorcycle enthusiasts or those who have always dreamed of riding a Harley-Davidson, renting one can be a bucket list experience. It allows you to fulfill your passion for motorcycles and create lasting memories while enjoying the thrill of riding a legendary brand.

Tips to Rent Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Plan on renting a Harley-Davidson through Riders Share? Here are some tips to ease the process.

  • Inspect the bike before riding:

Before taking possession of the rented motorcycle, thoroughly inspect it for any existing damage or issues. Note down any concerns and inform the rental service to avoid being held responsible for pre-existing damage. Pay attention to tires, brakes, lights, mirrors, and other essential components.

  • Bring appropriate safety gear:

Your #1 goal should be to prioritize your safety while riding. Make sure to bring and wear appropriate safety gear, including a DOT-approved helmet, protective riding jacket, gloves, long pants, and sturdy footwear. 

  • Review your rental agreement:

Take the time to carefully review your rental agreement before signing it. Pay attention to details such as rental duration, mileage limitations, fuel requirements, insurance coverage, and any additional fees or charges. Be clear on the terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstandings or surprises.

Earn Money From Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle 

Do you own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and want to earn extra cash? Riders Share helps motorcycle owners like you earn, on average, $150 per booking. All bikes are thoroughly vetted and approved in as little as 12 hours. Riders can list their bikes for whatever they want and communicate directly with renters before approval. 

Just list your bike, honor your booking requests, and start earning money. It’s that easy!