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Earn money with a motorcycle community of riders like you.
"I basically get paid to ride my favorite motorcycle routes – that I planned on riding anyways."
— Alton S.
"On Riders Share, you make friends with each rental. Teaching or riding with them is the natural evolution of the business."
— Daniel P.
How It Works
Step 1: List Your Experience
Build a listing for your experience, which can be a tour, a class or a service.
What's Required
You need to be able to provide an Experience! Guests may book motorcycles separately. You may bring yours or rent one as well!
Other powersports?
You may list anything that adheres to our ToS, including:
  • Snowmobiles / Snowbikes
  • ATVs / UTVs
  • Jetskis & more!
Step 2: Await Bookings
You will get booking requests from verified guests, if the timing works for you, approve it!
Talk to Guests
Only verified & paying guests receive your contact info. Stay in touch and communicate on the platform.
Approve within 12 hours
Quick responses are most courteous & result in better reviews!
Step 3: The Check-In
Meet and greet your customer.
Verify Identity & License
Confirm the guest's face matches their license, confirm the license is valid, has a motorcycle endorsement if needed & matches the name on the booking.
Liability Waivers
Have the customer sign a liability waiver as a precaution (like this one!)
Step 4: Profit!
Enjoy the Experience together, and then…
Review the Guest
Help us improve the community! Review the guest within 7 days, reviews are posted once both parties have been reviewed.
Get Paid!
Payouts are sent electronically to your bank 3 days after Experience end date. It's simple, no cash or checks to deal with.

Riders Share is your Powersports Sharing Community!

Host an experience (or your motorcycles!) for free and earn an average of $150 per booking!

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