Best Motorcycle Rentals in Phoenix, Arizona


Find your favorite brands in Best Motorcycle Rentals in Phoenix, Arizona

Best Motorcycle Rentals in Phoenix, Arizona

Largest Selection of Motorcycle Rentals Phoenix

Explore the diverse topographical landscape of Phoenix and Arizona on the back of a luxury motorcycle. Riders Share is the new way to rent motorcycles, offering riders access to motorcycle rentals in Arizona, such as BMW, Honda, Ducati, and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Rent online in minutes without long checkout times. 

We’re a peer-to-peer motorcycle marketplace offering lower-priced motorcycle rentals belonging to real riders like you. With the largest selection of motorcycle rentals to choose from in Phoenix, there is no better way to explore the beautiful country roads of Arizona than on the back of your dream motorcycle with Riders Share.

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Things to Consider After Renting a Motorcycle in Phoenix

Renting a motorcycle in Phoenix is the best way to soak in the rich views and enjoy the windy country roads without making a huge investment upfront. Here are some tips to make your riding experience smoother. 

  • Keep Cool: Arizona’s summer can be brutal for riders. Try experimenting with cooling vests, and always bring enough water for a day trip.
  • Maintain Proper Vision: Those windy country roads can be difficult to corner and maneuver. Because of this, maintaining proper vision is crucial to staying safe on the road. 
  • Be Weary of Tar Snakes: Avoid tar snakes, which are used to patch up the roads and can be dangerous, when possible, or drive slowly over them.
  • Plan Your Trip Before Departing: Plan your trips accordingly, including where you’ll eat, fuel up, and be able to stop along the way because you might not see a gas station or civilization for miles on end. 

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Phoenix

November through April are the best times to visit and rent a motorcycle in Phoenix if you don’t want to deal with sweltering heat. Early spring brings wildflowers and cool temperatures–though you might have to deal with the spring break crowd. 

Summers can be brutal, especially during the wet season between July and September, when Phoenix tends to endure lots of rain, making rides tough. Generally, we recommend avoiding between July and September, though there is still some good riding that can be done. 

Best Motorcycle Rides in Phoenix

We could write up an entire book with the number of amazing routes between Phoenix and Las Vegas. Check out these blogs for more highlights on the best motorcycle rides that Phoenix and surrounding areas of Arizona have to offer!s 

Best Places to Visit in Phoenix

Phoenix offers many activities for day trips within the city you can visit on your motorcycle rental. Attend any number of art museums, including the Phoenix Art Museum and Heard Museum

Residents also love the Desert Botanical Gardens and Japanese Friendship Garden within the city. Enjoy a game at Chase Field or go to any number of downtown districts for local cuisine and entertainment. 

Best Motorcycle Hangouts in Phoenix

No motorcycle trip in Phoenix is complete without a visit to a local biker bar or saloon. Here are a few places to give you the truly authentic Phoenix experience. 

  • Dirty Dogg Saloon: a friendly little joint popular among local bikers and featuring some of the loudest parties around. 
  • Chopper Johns: a great biker bar for food, pool, and live music.
  • Brigett’s Last Laugh: a local hotspot, dubbing itself a 5-star dive bar, with recreational activities ranging from pool to darts.
  • Buffalo Chip Saloon: a mini rodeo and western roadhouse in Cave Creek that is guaranteed to provide a rowdy time.