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Return and Cancellation Policy


According to the Terms and Policies incorporated in our Terms of Service, the Renters and Owners Policies, Renter and Owner may agree to enter into a Reservation Agreement. The Renter and Owner shall meet at a mutually agreed location. Once the Parties have satisfied all necessary conditions --- including but not limited to providing a valid license to operate Owner’s vehicle, a walk-through inspection of the vehicle by the Parties, taking pictures of any the vehicle and odometer – the Parties may agree to commence the Rental Period if the conditions of the Reservation Agreement are met.


Reservation Cancellation

In some cases, it may be necessary for either of the Parties to cancel the Reservation prior to the Pick-up Appointment.

 ·       Renters may cancel the Reservation through their User Dashboard, or My Reservations Page, which shall be promptly communicated to the Owner. Cancellations are effective immediately and Reservation fees are refunded promptly.

·       Owners may cancel the Reservation through their User Dashboard, or My Reservations Page, which shall be promptly communicated to the Renter.

There are no cancellation fees if the Reservation is canceled before the owner approves it.

Owners may select one of 3 cancellation options for their listing, and Renters agree to these when reserving the vehicle:

  • Flexible Cancellation Policy (Recommended)
    Fee is free before 24 hours of trip start
    Fee is 25% after 24 hours of trip start
  • Moderate Cancellation Policy
    50% Fee if canceled within 7 days
    No fee if canceled >7 days in advance
  • Strict Cancellation Policy (Not Recommended)
    No refunds if canceled within 30 days
    25% fee if canceled before 30 days
    24 hour window post-payment to cancel for free, up to 7 days before trip start.

    Bookings reserved prior to 2/3 2:30PM CT fall under the Flexible Cancellation Policy.

Renters cannot cancel a Reservation after the agreed upon Reservation time. Failure to arrive at the agreed upon Pick-up for the Reservation within an hour of the appointed time may result in Renter being charged the full agreed upon amount.


Terminating an agreement with another Riders Share user may inconvenience them. If Riders Share detects, or a pattern of repeated Reservation Cancellations is reported, we reserve the right to take remedial action against such Users, including suspension or removal from the Riders Share platform to preserve the quality of the Service’s Community.


Declining Commencement of Rental Period

The Parties have agreed to certain conditions in their Reservation Agreement, and also to abide by Terms and Polices as required by Riders Share. The Renters and Owners Policies details certain conditions, including but not limited to, presenting a valid license for the operation of the vehicle to be rented, following safe operating procedures including demonstrating preparedness to operate the vehicle in compliance with the law, and that the vehicle be in safe operating conditions as advertised through the Riders Share platform. If these conditions are not met either User may decline commencement of the Rental Period. We ask that Users document and report to us the reasons for declining to convert the Reservation into a Rental.


Once Rental Period Has Commenced

Once a Rental Period has Commenced it may not be cancelled. Once the Pre-trip photos of the vehicle, odometer, and Renters license have been documented and sent to Riders Share, the Rental period has commenced.



The vehicle must be returned at the agreed upon time as set forth in the Reservation Agreement. No credits or refunds are issued for early returns, even in the event of an accident. Unless the Parties have mutually agreed to an extension of the Rental Period, and documented this through their Riders Share accounts, any returns more than one-hour past the agreed time may incur an additional day of Rental Price and Rental Fees plus a $50 Late fee. This is at both Riders Share and Owners discretion. Every 24 hours, the renter will be assessed an additional day of Rental Price and Rental/Late Fees, as well as Protection purchases if applicable. In the event of an early return due to an accident, owner payout will be calculated as of the time of return of the motorcycle.


Review Policies

According to the Reservation Agreement terms, and the Terms and Policies set forth by Riders Share, any late fees or incidental damage fees may be billed to Renter and the Payment Method they have provided to out third-party payment processor, OR Owner may elect to use our Reimbursement Tool, or other Dispute Resolution Process as provided for in incorporated terms. Renter and Owner understand and agree that any payment method used in the Reservation process shall remain open and effective throughout the Rental Period and shall close only after the transaction has satisfactorily concluded.


Additionally, if either user, demonstrates a pattern of abuse of these cancellations polices, or continually works hardships against other users, by repeatedly cancelling reservations, declining commencement of rental period in an arbitrary manner OR arriving to Pick-up Appointment unprepared to commence the Rental period, Riders Share may take whatever remedial action, they in their sole discretion they determine is warranted, with may include suspension or termination of a User’s account.