How to Convince Your Partner to Let You Keep Your Motorcycle

May 31, 2021


Man and women riding their rented Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Sometimes it’s hard for a significant other to understand how much your motorcycle means to you. Motorcycling is likely a passion for you, a motivation, a means of escape from the humdrum rhythm of daily life. To them, your motorcycle takes up valuable space in the garage and, in some cases, poses a level of financial drain or physical risk they’re not willing to accept.

The latter points often become issues If you’ve increased spending elsewhere, say by moving into a new house, or if your family is growing. In these instances there may be increased pressure on you to get rid of your motorcycle to prepare for the future. 

The following four tips will help you stand strong, though, and may even convince your partner that your motorcycling obsession is a net positive.

1. List Your Motorcycle on Riders Share

Is your partner trying to convince you that you won’t have time to ride now that you’re married or becoming a parent? Or maybe the allure of a new car (and the expenditures that come with it) is being used as a reason to ditch the two-wheeler? Here’s how you can show your partner that your bike can make money, even when you’re not using it.

Start by reminding them that people around the world have made gobs of cash renting out their empty houses on Airbnb. Then proceed to show them that you can do the same thing by listing your motorcycle through Riders Share. By adding your bike to the rental roster, it can earn you money daily while you’re at work, while you’re sleeping, while you’re cooking dinner, or playing with your new baby.

It’s genius, really.

This has never been possible before because motorcycle insurance rarely covers secondary riders. You can’t just rent your motorcycle out on Craigslist, for example. Riders Share makes this scenario possible thanks to a special insurance that covers all bookings with a $1,000,000 liability.

This has allowed us to completely disrupt the motorcycle rental industry in one fell swoop. Now that bikers can safely and legally rent their machines out across the country, they’re able to make passive income from their bikes in a way that was never possible before.

Additionally, many motorcycle owners may not realize how expensive it is to rent a motorcycle from a traditional motorcycle rental company. These companies know that they have a monopoly and as a result can charge ludicrous rates. This has been the case for years, with huge fees often wrapped up in hidden charges for insurance. Now that Riders Share has opened the market, allowing motorcycle owners the option to rent out their own bikes to experienced riders with an insured and reputable company, the goalposts have shifted.

With Riders Share, you set the rental charge of your motorcycle, making it easy to undercut the price of traditional motorcycle rental companies. That means there’s a lot of money to be made on a daily basis if you price your bike right. You can also offer discount rates for longer rentals, which is great because these result in less work for you and guaranteed multi-day payment.

If you only have a smaller bike, that’s no problem. Not everyone renting a motorcycle is looking to take a cross-country trip on a massive tourer. In fact, some of our most successful owners, with heavily booked motorcycles, own smaller bikes that people rent to get around town for a week while they’re visiting.

2. Let Your Partner Benefit From the Money You’ve Saved

If the rental option has convinced your partner to let you keep your motorcycle, reward them by showing them some love with the money you’ve made. You’ll make it even sweeter if you spend it on something luxurious that they can regularly enjoy, rather than, say, paying back the mortgage.


And don’t forget to remind them how much you save by riding your motorcycle instead of driving a car when it's not rented out. Riding a motorcycle is demonstrably cheaper in gas costs, parking fees, and ongoing maintenance, even before you rent your bike. Crunch the numbers on paper, if you have to, in order for them to see the benefit.

3. Show Them You Are Safe on a Motorcycle

How about a scenario where your partner is demanding you retire your motorcycle for safety reasons? Maybe they’re tossing out questions like, “How would we cope if you were hurt in a motorcycle accident? What lessons are you sending to the kids about taking dangerous risks?”

If that’s where you find yourself, take the position that the lesson you want your kids to receive is that some risks are worth taking, and that if you’re going to take them, then you should be as safe and responsible as possible.

Start by investing in excellent safety gear and  really taking the time to try on each and every piece if you haven’t already done so. You should never skimp on safety gear, especially when you’re trying to make a point to your partner.

Think of your passengers too. Get the same level of gear for your partner and your kids so that they feel safe on your motorcycle as well.

If you really want to go the extra mile, enroll in a motorcycle safety course or advanced riding course. These not only improve your skills but also demonstrate to your partner that you take riding, and their concerns, seriously.

4. Kindly Show Them Their Demand is Unreasonable

If you’ve shown your partner how safe you’ve made riding, explained how much it means to you, and calculated how much money you can make by renting out your bike through Riders Share  and your partner still doesn’t agree to you keeping your motorcycle, then it’s time to bring out the big guns.

Agree to give up your motorcycle only if they give up the one hobby that they love. Or suggest they give up their mobile phone and close their Facebook and Instagram accounts. “Well, that’s ridiculous,” they’ll say. “Just as ridiculous as making me give up the one thing that de-stresses me most,” you’ll reply.

Hopefully, you can convince your partner to love motorcycling too. Maybe even to the point of getting them comfortable on a bike so you can go out on the road together. In that case you’ve really hit the jackpot, especially when you consider that you’ll be able to rent both motorcycles on Riders Share for double the income!