Top 5 Motorcycle Routes & Rides near Tampa, Florida

Mar 11, 2024


5 motorcycle routes & rides near Tampa, Florida with a motorcycle rental from Riders Share, a peer-to-peer motorcycle rental company.

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to explore the Tampa, Florida area. Just beyond the glamorous suburbs of Tampa lie thousands of acres of untamed swampland and national parks that are waiting to be explored.

When motorcycle enthusiasts travel, they don’t just want a vacation—they want an adventure. Our solution: rent a motorcycle, escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and explore some new, nature-filled places. How would you rather spend your trip? Taking selfies at the beach… or snapping photos with road-crossing alligators (or maybe not)? Get outside of Tampa with these five swampland motorcycle routes.

1. North Tampa Circuit Route

north tampa circut motorcycle route - tampa, florida

One-day trip — Approximately 82 miles

Start Point: SR 54 and Collier Parkway, Land O' Lakes, FL.

End Point: SR 54 and Collier Parkway, Land O' Lakes, FL.

This 82-mile loop starts and ends in Land O’ Lakes, taking you through north Tampa's countryside with views of ranches and orange groves. The route goes towards Brooksville, east to Trilby, south through Dade City and Zephyrhills, and back to Land O’ Lakes.

You'll find a mix of curves, twists, and open roads. While there aren’t many places for gas and food, Dade City and Zephyrhills have what you need. The road is mostly good, but watch out for narrow and bumpy sections. Slow down for rocky curves to enjoy the views safely.

Tips for Riders:

  • Check gas and food stops in Dade City and Zephyrhills.
  • Be ready for different road conditions.
  • Bring water and snacks, as stops are few.

2. Green Swamp Tour - Northeast Of Tampa

green swamp motorcycle route - tampa, florida

One-day trip — 77 miles

Start Point: Intersection of I-75 and Highway 50, north of Tampa.

End Point: Zephyrhills, FL.

Starting just north of Tampa at I-75 and Highway 50, this 77-mile tour takes you east to Mascotte, then onto Highway 565 (Bay Lake Road). You’ll then be taking a right onto 565, left at Lake Erie Road, and continue to Highway 33. Turn right onto 33, then right again at Green Pond Road, which becomes Rockridge Road. Follow Rockridge, make a right to stay on it across Highway 98 to Old Dade City Road, then north to Highway 98. Left onto 98, and a quick left onto Highway 54 West brings you to the end in Zephyrhills.

This ride gives way to Florida’s swampy landscapes, with twists and rural roads. You'll come across natural water bodies, sandy ridges, and the headwaters of four major rivers. Visit the Withlacoochee State Forest for a natural retreat. NOTE: Be cautious, as some road portions are rough.

Tips for Riders:

  • Road conditions can be tricky, so please ride carefully.
  • There are limited amenities, so consider eating before you start or wait until Zephyrhills.
  • Enjoy the low traffic and the natural scenery.

3. Lithia Pinecrest Loop

lithia pinecrest motorcycle route - tampa, fl

One-day trip — 79 miles

Start Point: Lithia Pinecrest Road, FL.

End Point: Lithia Pinecrest Road, FL.

Kick off this 79-mile loop at Lithia Pinecrest Road. Head southeast to Route 39, and turn right (south) towards Route 674. Then, go left back to Pinecrest Road, completing the loop at your starting point.

The journey offers views of lakes, orange groves, and the unique sight of Florida's only Teco plant and its "Gasifier" tower. Remember, amenities are scarce, with only a few stores at the start, midpoint, and end, so plan your fuel and snack stops.

Road conditions are generally good, with some rough patches to watch for. The area is home to wildlife, including deer, hogs, and alligators, especially at night, so stay alert.

Tips for Riders:

  • Fuel up at the beginning to avoid running low.
  • The road is mostly smooth with some rough areas—ride cautiously.
  • Keep an eye out for wildlife on the road.

4. Von Hoak Loop

von hoak loop motorcycle route - tampa, florida

One-day trip — 30 miles

Start Point: Intersection of South Mulrennan Road and Durant Road, Valrico, FL.

End Point: Intersection of South Mulrennan Road and Durant Road, Valrico, FL.

After exploring the Lithia routes, take on the Von Hoak Loop for a short but scenic 30-mile ride starting and ending in Valrico. This route introduces some of Florida's rare hills and turns, providing a refreshing challenge.

Journey along Walter Hunter Road for some great views, then through a shaded area leading to Victorian homes, horses, and ranchlands. A small bridge over a creek offers a picture-worthy stop, popular among local fishermen.

Be prepared for a rough patch on Jameson that houses many potholes, but it's short-lived, smoothing out after about a mile. The road is single-lane without markings, so expect to share it with both vehicles and horses.

Fuel and food options are limited to Lithia Plaza at the end of the loop, where NY-style pizza is a treat.

Tips for Riders:

  • Prepare to share the road with various traffic.
  • Watch for potholes in the Jameson area.
  • Plan for gas and food at the end of the loop in Lithia Plaza.

5. Over The River And Through The Woods Loop

over the river and through the woods motorcycle route - tampa, florida

One-day trip — 129 miles

Start Point: Hungry Harry’s Famous BBQ

End Point: Hungry Harry’s Famous BBQ

This route offers a 129-mile ride with hills and winding paths. It passes through Withlacoochee State Forest and Green Swamp Nature Preserve, great places to visit if they're open. Ride through beautiful landscapes and enjoy a straightforward route that combines fun and scenery.

It's easy to follow with clear signs and has long turns and hills, particularly near San Antonio. Start your trip with food from places like Ukulele Bar and Grill or Hungry Harry’s BBQ along Route 41.

Few amenities are available until you reach Zephyrhills or Plant City, where you can find food and drinks.

Tips for Riders:

  • Enjoy the well-marked route with turns and hills.
  • Eat at the beginning or end of your trip at Route 41.
  • Stop in Zephyrhills or Plant City for more options.

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Exploring these motorcycle routes near Tampa, Florida, shows there's plenty to see and do outside the city. Each route has its own highlights, from quiet swamplands to open countryside. Whether you're looking for a quick ride or an all-day adventure, there's a route here for you. So, next time you're thinking about a ride, consider these options for a great experience on the road!