7 Podcasts for Motorcycle Fans

Sep 28, 2022

Those of us who love our bikes and enjoy going out riding with others also likely love to learn more about motorcycles and discuss them with others. As the saying goes, there’s a podcast for that. Here are seven podcasts for you to try out if you are a motorcycle fan.

1. Motorcycles and Misfits

The first podcast on this list is the fabulous Motorcycles and Misfits all about getting your bike back on the road with guides on repair and fixing up old bikes. Episodes are released weekly and are great to let you hear people’s stories. “With a backlog of 300 episodes at least you have a good amount of choice to listen to while you go about your day to day chores,” remarks Rick Black, a writer for UKWritings and State Of Writing. Each episode lasts around 2 hours so it may be one to listen to in bits or when you’ve got the time for it.

2. Cleveland Moto

Cleveland Moto is a podcast by gearheads for gearheads presented by the Re-Cycle Garage in, surprisingly Cleveland, Ohio. The hosts are experienced bike mechanics and they share a passion with vintage motorcycles. They interact with their audience with an email available for you to send your questions to, and overall the podcast is full of good humor and great advice. Episodes are released weekly and last around 2 hours on average.

3. Law Abiding Biker

Breaking away from the stereotypical image of the rebellious bikers Law Abiding Biker is a positive podcast covering gear reviews and interviews with innovators in the industry. The host Ryan Urlacher makes his content accessible to all skill levels, however there is a heavy Harley focus. This doesn’t mean if you’re not a Harley fan there’s nothing for you, there is something for all other brand devotees. Episodes are released twice a week and last about an hour and a half.

4. Café Racer Podcast

Trying to build a great community of shared interests, Chris Ashmore and Stephen Grasso’s Café Racer Podcast covers a variety of topics with the main focus being on café racers. The hosts have a great sense of humor and include many different viewpoints in their diverse guest list. Episodes are released four times a year and tend to last around an hour so this is great if you are wanting a podcast you can dip into without having to set hours aside.

5. Adventure Rider Radio

Claiming to be the world’s leading motorcycle podcast, Adventure Rider Radio focusses on adventure riding and is hosted by Jim and Elizabeth, a husband and wife team who enjoy travelling together. Each episode has different guests and shares stories, tech talk, reviews and opinions from other motorcycle riders. For those who love interacting with podcasts they have a website where you can share your own stories. Episodes are released weekly with an average length of an hour and a half.

6. Motowitch Collective

Attempting to create a community of female riders and share their voices, Koji Helnwein’s Motowitch Collective shares stories and experiences from women all around the globe. Podcast episodes cover a wide variety of topics including raising awareness of important causes and issues. “Sadly, this podcast seems to have ended with the last episode released in 2020,” laments Yvonne Rosenberg, a moto blogger from Revieweal and Assignment Help, “but there is a fantastic backlog of nine episodes for you to work your way through.” Each episode tends to last about half an hour.

7. This Motorcycle Life

Recorded by Bruce Philip, This Motorcycle Life aims to celebrate why we should all ride. Each episode shares the stories of various people of why they ride and what it means to them with new guests in every episode. Eight episodes tend to be released a year with an average runtime of an hour and a half. There is a backlog of 47 episodes to tie you over for now until the next episode comes out.

No matter who you are, what your ride is or what it is you are looking for when it comes to a podcast about motorcycles there is something out there for you. These are just seven examples of shows to get you started.

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Writer Jenny Han, Do My Assignment and Health medicine assignment help, is a big fan of motorcycles and loves to write about them.  She is also a tutor at Write My Essay service.