This Belt Ended My Riding Back Pain

Oct 11, 2021


We've all had the problem of back pain when riding a motorcycle. I've tried different bar heights, different seats, different peg positions, but nothing seemed to work. If I ride more than a few hours in a day, I always end up with motorcycle back pain. So when I ran across this product from Back-A-Line that made some big promises, I was intrigued but skeptical.

There's a lot of science behind what the company has done, but it comes down to this -- it's a lumbar support in a belt. For those of us who ride bikes without a back rest, this is a really big deal. In fact, most back rests don't really hit the lumbar region how this kidney belt with back support does either. So even if you're touring the country with your custom, high-dollar seat and back rest, it's worth giving the belt a try.

I tested out the Sport version of the company's belt. The first thing I noticed is that it's comfortable. I wore it over my shirt, but under my riding jacket. It's thin enough that I didn't have extra bulk to annoy me. The material on the front of the belt is also flexible enough to allow me to bend into an aggressive riding position without feeling like it was digging into my stomach.

I took a three-hour ride. I had to make a gas stop along the way, but otherwise, it was a straight run. Normally I would groan a bit when I got off the bike after a ride like that, but this time I felt great. I noticed that my abdominal muscles were a little tighter than normal. I wasn't sore or uncomfortable, just a bit more tight. I asked the Back-A-Line folks about this and they told me that this is to be expected as my core muscles started to get used to having lumbar support. The huge difference, though, was my back. I didn't have any of the usual pain and I felt like I could hop right back on my bike to ride home without issues.

Every year about this time, I look for ways to make my next prime riding season even better. Whether it's gear, accessories, or new routes that I want to try, fall is the perfect time to go searching. For less than fifty bucks, I was able to add something to my gear rack that made a night-and-day difference in my riding experience. Now that's what I call a good find. Grab yours here and let us know what you think.