Best Motorcycle Roads in San Diego, California - Part 2

May 16, 2024

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Southern California Nature Winter Landscape Series, tranquil sunset scenery of mountain wilderness and open space preserve at Lower Otay Lake Best Motorcycle Roads in San Diego, CA - Part 2

You asked, so we answered. Here’s part two of the best motorcycle roads and routes near San Diego, California. We've got you covered if you're looking for new places to ride. In this guide, you'll find fresh routes that take you through the best spots in the area.

Expect a mix of twisty mountain roads, coastal views, and maybe even a few hidden gems along the way. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just getting started, there's something here for everyone. You'll find the perfect route for a quick spin or a longer journey, with plenty of stops to rest and enjoy the scenery.

1. Lyons Valley Road

map of lyons valley road Best Motorcycle Roads in San Diego, California - Part 2

Length: 30 Miles

Start: Jamul, CA

End: Alpine, CA

Only a 15-ish minute drive from downtown San Diego, this scenic route spans about 30 miles, offering a great escape from the city.  Lyons Valley Road winds through rolling hills and meadows, with plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife. Not really any gas stations along this route, so make sure you fuel up beforehand. Stop by the Lyons Valley Trading Post along your way.

2. Palomar Mountain Road

map of palomar-mountain-road Best Motorcycle Roads in San Diego, California - Part 2

Length: 19 or 31 Miles, depending on where you start

Start: Pauma Valley, CA

End: Palomar Mountain, CA

Nestled in Cleveland National Forest, the Palomar Mountain route is a challenging ride with breathtaking scenery. Known among motorcyclists as "the most technical road in Southern California," this route is filled with hairpin turns, steep drop-offs, and densely forested mountain slopes. As you navigate the sharp twists and turns, stunning mountain vistas unfold around every bend.

With such a demanding road, stop at one of the many scenic lookout points to appreciate the view fully. The tight curves require focus, so take breaks to enjoy the beauty around you safely. Whether you're seeking an adrenaline rush or a peaceful escape into nature, the Palomar Mountain route has it all. 

Palomar Mountain Road actually made our best rides in California blog, too. Check it out here. 

3. Santee to Borrego Springs Loop

map of Santee to Borrego Springs Loop Best Motorcycle Roads in San Diego, California - Part 2

Length: 231 Miles

Start: Pauma Valley, CA

End: Palomar Mountain, CA

This loop is a great way to experience the best of both worlds: desert and mountain scenery. The ride starts in Santee and heads east to Borrego Springs, then north to Julian before returning to Santee. Depending on where you start, you pass through the vast Anza-Borrego Desert State Park on your way back (or there). You can see a slot canyon along the loop (or a short detour), visit Fonts Point or the Galleta Meadows, and so much more. View the route here

4. Bonita to Ocotillo Loop

bonita to Ocotillo Best Motorcycle Roads in San Diego, California - Part 2

Length: 166 miles

Start: Bonita, CA

End: Ocotillo, CA

Take a scenic journey through eastern San Diego with the Bonita to Ocotillo Loop, a 3.5-hour ride that guides you through California's border towns. Start on Highway 94E and, instead of merging onto Interstate 8, follow Old Highway 80 south for a picturesque route through rolling landscapes and rural communities. Along the way, enjoy the stunning views from higher elevations, offering a glimpse of Otay Lakes and the surrounding countryside. The winding roads and changing scenery make this route a memorable ride for those seeking a blend of natural beauty and adventure.

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Part 3? 

These four routes offer GREAT motorcycle rides in and around San Diego. Whether you're into the winding roads and wildlife of Lyons Valley, the challenging twists and steep drop-offs of Palomar Mountain, the desert views and unique attractions along the Santee to Borrego Springs Loop, or the beautiful landscapes of the Bonita to Ocotillo Loop, each ride has something special to offer. Should we do a part 3?

Colorful wildflowers in spring time at Anza Borrego state park, California. Best Motorcycle Roads in San Diego, California - Part 2