Best Touring Motorcycles of 2024

Feb 11, 2024


group of motorcycle riders touring on a very windy road best touring motorcycles

Touring motorcycles are engineered to offer riders the ultimate blend of performance, comfort, and technology for long-distance rides. As we dive into 2024, the market is brimming with models that elevate the touring experience, catering to diverse preferences and styles. Our curated list of the Best Touring Motorcycles of 2024 showcases machines that stand out in their segment, each offering unique features and capabilities that cater to the specific needs of touring enthusiasts. From classic designs with modern twists to high-tech wonders, these bikes are designed to enhance your journey, whether it's a cross-country adventure or a weekend getaway.

Top Touring Motorcycles 2024 Lineup

  • 2024 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Limited
  • 2024 Honda Gold Wing
  • 2024 BMW k1600GT
  • 2024 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS
  • 2024 BMW S1000XR
  • 2024 Suzuki GSX-S1000GX
  • 2024 Ducati Multistrada V4 S Grand Tour
  • 2024 Indian Challenger Elite
  • 2024 Yamaha Tracer GT 9+

2024 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Limited

MSRP  $32,499

stock picture of a 2024 blue harley davidson road glide limited best touring motorcycles

The 2024 Harley-Davidson Road Glide® Limited stands out as a classic choice for touring riders, and it's easy to see why. This model, priced at $32,499, is powered by the robust Milwaukee-Eight™ 114 Engine, known for its substantial torque and the unmistakable Harley-Davidson rumble. A key feature is the sharknose fairing, which not only gives it a distinct look but also significantly reduces helmet buffeting at high speeds. For those long trips, the spacious Premium Tour-Pak™ luggage carrier is a godsend, comfortably housing all your travel essentials. The motorcycle doesn't skimp on technology either, boasting the advanced BOOM!™ Box GTS Infotainment System, tailored for the unique demands of motorcycling. With an upright riding position, passenger-friendly seating, and essential safety enhancements like advanced braking systems and tire pressure monitoring, the Road Glide® Limited merges classic Harley charm with contemporary comforts and safety, making it a top pick for touring riders in 2024.

2024 Honda Gold Wing

MSRP $24,700

stock photo of a dark green 2024 Honda Goldwing best touring motorcycles

The 2024 Honda Gold Wing continues to exemplify the pinnacle of touring motorcycle excellence, making it a favored choice for long-distance riders. This iteration of the iconic bike is notable for its refined performance and comfort-enhancing features. At its heart is a powerful engine that delivers smooth, reliable power, ideal for cruising through vast stretches of road. Riders can expect top-notch comfort thanks to its ergonomic design and advanced suspension, ensuring a plush ride even on longer journeys. The Gold Wing's infotainment system is a highlight, offering intuitive navigation and entertainment options that enhance the riding experience. With ample storage space and a design that balances agility and stability, the 2024 Gold Wing upholds its reputation as a premium touring motorcycle, perfect for those seeking a blend of luxury, performance, and long-distance capability.

2024 BMW k1600GT

MSRP $24,295

stock pic of a 2024 bmw k1600gt best touring motorcycles

The 2024 BMW K1600GT is a testament to BMW's commitment to excellence in the touring motorcycle segment. This model is a blend of sophisticated engineering and luxurious comfort, making it a top choice for riders who love long, adventurous journeys. Powered by a dynamic engine, the K1600GT offers a smooth yet powerful ride, perfect for both cruising on highways and navigating twisty roads. The bike's standout features include cutting-edge electronics and a state-of-the-art infotainment system, providing both entertainment and vital ride information at your fingertips. Comfort is paramount in this model, with ergonomically designed seating and advanced suspension ensuring a comfortable ride, regardless of the distance. The K1600GT also stands out for its sleek design and practical features like ample storage, making it not just a powerful machine, but also a practical one for extended travel. With its combination of performance, luxury, and technology, the 2024 BMW K1600GT is truly a top-tier touring motorcycle.

2024 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS

MSRP $19,799

stock photo of a 2024 kawasaki vulcan 1700 voyager abs best touring motorcycles

The 2024 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS is a notable entrant in the touring cruiser category, offering a blend of style and performance. This model is powered by a 1,700cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 52-degree V-twin engine, delivering a smooth and powerful riding experience. It boasts a frame-mounted fairing, a full-feature audio system, and Kawasaki's Advanced Co Active-braking Technology (K-ACT) with ABS, enhancing both safety and comfort. Other standout features include electronic cruise control, a high-capacity integrated luggage system with a passenger backrest, and a comfortable saddle. The bike's classic styling, combined with modern technology, makes it an excellent choice for long-distance touring enthusiasts. Priced at $19,799, it presents a compelling package for those seeking a blend of power, luxury, and touring capability.

2024 BMW S1000XR

MSRP $20,345

stock photo of a 2024 bmw s1000xr best touring motorcycles

The 2024 BMW S1000XR is creating quite a buzz as a standout choice in the sport-touring motorcycle category. This model has been enhanced with a power boost, now delivering an impressive 170 horsepower from its refined inline-4 engine. Riders will appreciate the ergonomic improvements, notably a redesigned seat that's longer and wider, offering more comfort and freedom of movement, especially important on long rides and during high-performance maneuvers. The motorcycle also features a more compliant suspension setting focusing on comfort, along with styling updates for a dynamic look. Standard features like the Headlight Pro, keyless ride, an emergency call feature, and a USB charging socket add to its appeal. Available in Blackstorm Metallic 2, Gravity Blue Metallic, and Light White / M Motorsport colors, and priced at $17,495, the 2024 BMW S1000XR blends increased power, comfort, and style, making it an enticing option for those seeking a blend of sportiness and touring capability

2024 Suzuki GSX-S1000GX

MSRP $18,499

stock picture of a 2024 suzuki gsx-s1000gx best touring motorcycles

The 2024 Suzuki GSX-S1000GX+ represents a significant evolution in the sport-touring motorcycle segment, blending performance with technological innovation. Highlighting this luxury crossover model is the Suzuki Advanced Electronic Suspension (SAES), a first for Suzuki, electronically adjusting suspension to suit different road conditions. Powered by a 999cc engine, it delivers reliable power, ideal for sport-touring. The bike includes the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.), offering adjustable modes for throttle response, traction control, and suspension damping. Notably, it features a semi-active Showa suspension for customizable rides, cornering ABS, rear lift mitigation, and traction control for enhanced safety. Its ergonomics, inspired by Adventure Touring, ensure comfort on long rides, and the design incorporates practical touring amenities like handguards, a variable windscreen, and integrated luggage options, making it a versatile choice for performance and utility.

2024 Ducati Multistrada V4 S Grand Tour

MSRP $28,395

stock picture of 2024 multistrada v4 s grand tour best touring motorcycles

The 2024 Ducati Multistrada V4 S Grand Tour, a pinnacle in long-distance touring motorcycles, integrates advanced features for maximum comfort and safety. Equipped with a 1,158 cc V4 Granturismo engine delivering 170 hp, it ensures a smooth and progressive ride. Key features include Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and additional LED lights for enhanced safety. Comfort is further elevated with heated grips, seats, and innovative functionalities like the Minimum Preload and Easy Lift functions. With its elegant styling, substantial 60-litre storage capacity, and updates from the V4 Rally, such as rigidly mounted handlebars and heat shields, this model is an optimal choice for riders seeking a blend of power, luxury, and advanced technology.

2024 Indian Challenger Elite

MSRP $38,499

stock picture of a 2024 indian challenger elite best touring motorcycles

The 2024 Indian Challenger Elite stands out as one of the best touring motorcycles, offering an exclusive blend of style, performance, and technology. Limited to just 325 units worldwide, it features a commanding 108 cubic-inch PowerPlus engine, producing 122 HP and 128 ft-lbs of torque for unmatched V-twin performance. Its advanced electronic adjustments in suspension and Smart Lean Technology ensure superior handling and stability. The bike's striking appearance is enhanced by its unique Black Candy and Charcoal Candy paint, precision-cut front wheel, and Elite badging. For added comfort and convenience on long rides, it includes a tinted, adjustable windshield and a premium audio system with 400-watt PowerBand 6.5-inch speakers, delivering clear sound tailored to riding conditions. This combination of power, luxurious design, and cutting-edge features positions the Indian Challenger Elite as a top choice for touring enthusiasts seeking a premium riding experience.

2024 Yamaha Tracer GT 9+

MSRP $16,499

stock photo of a 2024 yamaha tracer gt 9+ best touring motorcycles

The 2024 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT+ distinguishes itself as a top-tier touring motorcycle, marrying advanced technology with rider-focused ergonomics. At its core is a liquid-cooled 890cc inline triple engine, providing a smooth yet powerful ride. Its standout feature, the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), along with the radar-linked Unified Brake System (UBS), significantly enhances safety and comfort on long journeys. The bike's agility and stability are bolstered by the latest KYB Actimatic Damper System (KADS) for semi-active suspension. Riders are also treated to a new, intuitive seven-inch TFT display for easy navigation and connectivity, heated grips, an adjustable windscreen, and an ergonomically designed seat. Priced at $16,499, the Yamaha Tracer 9 GT+ offers an impressive combination of performance, comfort, and high-tech features, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a versatile and engaging touring experience.

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Bottom Line

The 2024 lineup of touring motorcycles exemplifies the pinnacle of two-wheeled travel. Each model on our list offers a distinct blend of comfort, performance, and technological innovation, making them ideal companions for long rides. Whether you're drawn to the classic charisma of the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Limited, the advanced tech of the Yamaha Tracer GT 9+, or the luxury and power of the Ducati Multistrada V4 S Grand Tour, there's a bike to suit every touring aficionado's dream. As you gear up for your next adventure, consider these top touring motorcycles of 2024, each crafted to transform your journey into an unforgettable experience.