Bubba`s Memorial Weekend Classic

May 23, 2023


Bubba's Memorial Weekend is an annual tradition, and bikers nationwide prepare for it as Memorial Day weekend approaches. In its 22nd year, the event has become a must-attend for motorcyclists nationwide.

This bike show is an excellent chance for motorcyclists to hang out with others who share their passion and participate in various events, including bike shows, poker runs, and concerts. With more planned events and a larger venue, this year's gathering will surely be a success.

Event History

Annually in Linwood, Michigan, bikers gather for a good time and a good cause at Bubba's Memorial Weekend Classic.

The weekend is jam-packed with events like a bike show, safety demonstrations for motorcyclists, and musical performances. This gathering is in memory of Bubba, a longtime biker and resident of Linwood who recently passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident.

There has been a Bubba's Memorial Weekend Classic since at least 2008. Since then, it has expanded to become a significant motorcycle rally in Michigan and beyond.

Welcome to this great charity weekend

Participants will enjoy themselves while helping a worthy cause over two days. The funds and money raised is donated, and the money raised is donated will support local students access to higher education. Bubba's Memorial Weekend Classic is a great charity event for motorcyclists to attend over the long weekend of Memorial Day.

Dates and Schedule

Each year, this annual memorial weekend is a great success, raising thousands of dollars for charity. This the charity bike show is weekend-long (from May 27 to 28th, and riders can participate in various events. The highlight of this excellent charity bike fundraising weekend is the bike show, where riders compete to show off their bikes.

Bikers can talk about their mutual love of motorcycles and the highway. Motorcycle safety initiatives are promoted and funded during the weekend charity bike show, making it more than just a charity bike show, and social event. Scheduled activities include live performances, auctions, and prize draws.

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The Bubba s Memorial Weekend classic is a highly anticipated event for motorcyclists who travel from far and wide to be there. This weekend classic is a once-in-a-lifetime charity bike show you should take advantage of.

Places to visit

For a truly unforgettable Memorial Day weekend, no biker should miss this classic Linwood mi A fantastic charity memorial weekend classic for motorcyclists occurs yearly at the Bubba Raceway Park in Linwood, Michigan.

Besides the bike show and the motorcycle save, there will be much to see and do. Saginaw Bay, located not far from Linwood, draws many sightseers because of its beautiful coastline and easy access by car.

Visit all the areas, from the camp fish tales to the local barrier-free camp

Bicyclists interested in architecture can explore Bay City's historic districts and preserved landmarks. The beautiful landscape and numerous Higgins Lake State Park hiking trails make it well worth the trip. There's something for everyone at bubba s memorial huron rd weekend.

Places to stay

You'll need a nice, convenient place to stay in bubba's tri city if you want to attend this event.

Luckily, some hotels and motels in the area are suitable for bikers. You can find accommodations to suit your needs and preferences, whether looking for a five-star hotel, a cheap motel, or a cozy inn.

The Auburn Hotel, the Great Lakes Bay Region Bed & Breakfast Inn, and the Bay Valley Resort & Conference Center are all great places to stay. Rooms fill up fast for Bubba's annual Memorial Weekend the Classic, so make your reservations early.

Where to eat

When entertaining guests, the question of where to eat naturally arises. If you get hungry this weekend, you can choose from various excellent restaurants in and around Linwood, Michigan.

You can get great burgers and breakfasts at the Linwood Corners Cafe, a gorgeous recreation of a traditional American diner. Bemo's Bar and Grill has pizza, drinks, and music all under one roof.

Subs and sandwiches from Whistle Stop Deli are delicious food and easy food to eat on the go. Nothing is missing from Bubba's Memorial Weekend Classic that would make this food a good holiday meal.


Bubba's annual Memorial Weekend of Classic is an excellent time for bikers of all ages and skill levels to raise money for a good cause in Linwood, Michigan. Motorcycles from all over Michigan will be displayed at the event's motorcycle show.

It's an excellent chance for everyone to show off their bikes and check out the work of their fellow riders. There will be a seminar on motorcycle safety given by veteran riders in addition to the bike display.

Participating in a charity bike ride is an excellent way for cyclists to get out while helping a good cause. So, this weekend is fantastic because bikers from all over Michigan can gather to honor their shared history and support a worthy cause simultaneously.

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Additional details

Motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts can gawk at the show's bike show at some of the finest motorcycle design and customization examples. However, the amount money raised is donated throughout the weekend isn't just for a good time; it's going to organizations whose mission is to make motorcycle travel safer for everyone.

Bubba's Memorial Weekend Classic is great charity weekend and a chance to do good in your community and help those in need, so take advantage of it just because it is bubba's tri city of a bike show. Many riders bring their families to this great charity weekend so everyone can enjoy the great atmosphere, music, and food.

This year's event is open to the public and will hopefully live up to the lofty expectations of the previous year's successful fundraiser. Sign up here!