Coolest Motorcycle Coffee Shops in the USA

Jul 2, 2024

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motorcycle parked out front of motorcycle coffee shop Coolest Motorcycle Coffee Shops in the USA

Motorcycle coffee shops have it all when it comes to blending the open road with a great cup of coffee. These biker-friendly cafes are scattered across the USA, providing riders with the perfect pit stops to relax, refuel, and connect with fellow bikers. Whether you're planning a day trip or a longer journey, here are some of the coolest motorcycle coffee shops you must visit.

Two Stroke Coffee Co. - Portland, Oregon

Located in the heart of Portland, Two Stroke Coffee Co. is a favorite among riders. This motorcycle-themed cafe offers a unique atmosphere to enjoy a premium cup of coffee while admiring vintage motorcycles. The decor blends industrial and retro styles, making it a perfect spot for bikers and coffee lovers alike.


Jane Motorcycles - Brooklyn, NYC

Jane Motorcycles stands out as a haven for bikers in the bustling borough of Brooklyn. This coffee shop doubles as a motorcycle boutique, offering a curated selection of gear and accessories. The coffee is top-notch, and the space is designed to cater to the motorcycle community, making it a must-visit spot in New York City.


Flat Track Coffee - Austin, Texas

Flat Track Coffee in Austin is a hotspot for coffee and motorcycle lovers. The shop features a minimalist design with a focus on quality. Riders can enjoy various coffee drinks and check out the custom motorcycles on display. It's a perfect stop if you're exploring the vibrant city of Austin.


Blip Roasters - Kansas City, Missouri

Blip Roasters in Kansas City is a unique spot that combines a coffee roastery with a motorcycle shop. The cafe is welcoming, and the staff is always ready to chat about bikes. It's a great place to grab a coffee, browse motorcycle gear, and meet other riders.


See See Motor Coffee Co. - Multiple Locations in Oregon

See See Motor Coffee Co. has several locations across Oregon, each offering a fantastic blend of coffee and motorcycle culture. These cafes are known for their community-focused events and friendly vibe. Whether in Portland or Beaverton, See See Motor Coffee Co. is a great place to stop during your ride.


Cafe Moto - San Diego, California

Cafe Moto in San Diego is a must-visit for any motorcycle rider passing through Southern California. This cafe is famous for its high-quality coffee and motorcycle-themed decor. It's a popular spot for local riders and offers a great relaxing place before hitting the road again.


Wolfsmiths Coffee - Houston, Texas

Wolfsmiths Coffee in Houston offers a unique blend of coffee and motorcycle culture. This cafe is known for its stylish interior and excellent coffee. It's a favorite spot among local riders and a great place to start or end your motorcycle journey in Houston.


Fuel Cafe 5th St. - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Fuel Cafe 5th St. in Milwaukee is an iconic spot for bikers and coffee aficionados. Located in the vibrant Walker's Point neighborhood, this cafe combines a love for motorcycles with a passion for quality coffee and food. The decor features industrial elements and motorcycle-themed artwork, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. It's a perfect stop for riders looking to enjoy a great cup of coffee and delicious food while soaking in the motorcycle culture.


Madhouse Motors - Boston, Massachusetts

Madhouse Motors in Boston is a unique combination of an antique & rare motorcycle shop and coffee spot. Located in the bustling city, this cafe offers a cozy environment for bikers to enjoy a quality cup of coffee while checking out custom motorcycle builds. It's a perfect place to relax, chat with fellow riders, and immerse yourself in the local motorcycle scene.


Blip Roasters - Kansas City, Missouri

Blip Roasters in Kansas City is a unique blend of coffee shop and motorcycle culture. Known for its expertly roasted coffee and welcoming atmosphere, Blip Roasters provides a great spot for riders to relax and connect. The shop often hosts motorcycle events and gatherings, making it a vibrant community hub for local and visiting bikers alike.


Rent a Motorcycle to Get Your Cup of Joe

Rider's Share makes it easy to rent a motorcycle for your next coffee adventure. Whether you're planning a short trip to a nearby cafe or exploring coffee shops across the country, you can find the perfect ride. With a wide selection of motorcycles available, Rider's Share lets you hit the road and enjoy new coffee spots. Find your ride today. 

helmet on table outside of a motorcycle coffee shop Coolest Motorcycle Coffee Shops in the USA


These motorcycle coffee shops across the USA offer more than just great coffee. They provide a community space for riders to gather, share stories, and enjoy the journey together. Whether you're looking for a place to relax on a day trip or planning a longer ride, these cafes are worth a visit. So, next time you're on the road, be sure to check out one of these biker-friendly spots and experience the unique blend of coffee and motorcycle culture.

man on motorcycle sitting outside motorcycle coffee shop Coolest Motorcycle Coffee Shops in the USA