New York State Assembly Bill A6181 Does Not Include Motorcycles

Mar 1, 2018

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Man riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the city.

Editor’s Note: New York State Assembly Bill A6181 passed in the state senate governs the "personal motor vehicle sharing act". This law allows personal four-wheel motor vehicles to participate in vehicle sharing without quantification as a commercial business. The law excludes motorcycles.

Bill A6181 is in the works and regulates vehicle sharing programs in New York. In its current form, it excludes motorcycles. This would set a terrible precedent for the role of motorcycles in a future with self driving technology. Two New York assembly members are working on this bill.

We received a response from the office of assembly member Donna A. Lupardo and they are reviewing our request to include motorcycles in the bill. If you care about motorcycles, please email Donna, too, and let others in the motorcycle industry know:


We argued that in a world of self driving vehicles, motorcycles will be a viable, environmentally friendly alternative to cars that alleviates congestion. If you'd like to learn more about these types of regulations, feel free to contact us.

Together, we can keep motorcycling as alive as ever. Thanks for your help!

-The Riders Share Team