The Quail Motorcycle Gathering: A Captivating Celebration of Bikes and Beauty in California

May 17, 2023


The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is an exciting and beautiful world of motorcycles. Riders from all walks of life are mesmerized by the spectacular display of two-wheeled marvels at this annual California event.

Anyone who enjoys two wheels, adventure bikes modern motorcycles and the open road should attend this event, which features an impressive collection of bikes and a fascinating backstory.

Each year, more than 3,000 people attend The Quail Motorcycle Gathering. It's evidence of the event's success in drawing motorcyclists from all over the world. This gathering has something for everyone: various motorcycles (and even bicycles from different decades, manufacturers, and styles.

Join us as we explore the rich history, captivating experiences, and undeniable allure that make this Gathering a must-visit destination for bikers from around the globe.

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Event History

Over the past decade, the Quail Motorcycle Gathering has become an annual highlight for motorcyclists everywhere. This event began in 2009 and has attracted riders, collectors, and gordon mccall fans worldwide.

Enjoy this experience in a family-friendly kid's area

It has become one of the most well-known motorcycle events in California and beyond with each passing year. At this annual event, the Quail Motorcycle Gathering attendees are consistently impressed by the extraordinary combination of friendly people, vintage and modern motorcycles, and pulsating motorcycling energy.

Dates and Schedule

Although the event occurred on May 6th at Riders Share, we love documenting events attracting many motorcyclists nationwide.

Collectors cherish these types of gatherings as they provide an opportunity to showcase their beautiful motorcycles and enjoy meeting new people.

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering in California, showcased an impressive motorcycle collection this year. This popular event, attracting high rollers and dreamers since 2009, did not disappoint.

With around 200 carefully selected motorcycles on display, visitors had the opportunity to admire each one within a day.

Quail motorcycle gathering celebrates each year the best of old beauties.

Standout bikes included John Goldman's 1939 Miller-Balsamo 200 Carenata, a stunning example of Italy's golden era of motorcycles, and the Hazan Special Velocette Custom, a jaw-dropping creation by Max Hazan. The event also honored Mike Lynch's 1929 Indian 402, a pristine vintage beauty, and Frank Scurria's 1961 Ducati 350 Racer, a testament to his racing ingenuity.

Additionally, Daniel Crowley's 1972 Moto Guzzi Eldorado, outfitted for police duty, took home the Bring on the Baggers award. The Quail Motorcycle Gathering continues to impress with its diverse and extraordinary lineup popular bikes, making it a must-visit event for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Places to visit  

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is not just about the main event; it's an opportunity to explore California's stunning surroundings and iconic destinations.

When you get the chance to go to this event, you have an extraordinary chance to embark on exhilarating quail rides and visit captivating places in the area. Some notable locations to consider exploring via quail ride include:

  1. Explore Carmel Beach: Stroll along this scenic Beach, known for its white sand, beautiful views, and stunning sunsets.
  2. Visit Point Lobos State Natural Reserve: Discover the natural beauty of Point Lobos with its picturesque hiking trails, hidden coves, and abundant wildlife.
  3. Take a Drive on 17-Mile Drive: Experience the iconic 17-Mile Drive, a scenic coastal route that offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and landmarks like Pebble Beach and The Lone Cypress.
  4. Discover the Carmel Mission: Immerse yourself in history by visiting the Carmel Mission, a historic Spanish mission known for its architectural beauty and serene gardens.
  5. Enjoy Wine Tasting in Carmel Valley: Take a short drive to Carmel Valley and explore its charming wineries, where you can indulge in wine tastings and enjoy the beautiful vineyard landscapes.
  6. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium: Experience the ocean's wonders at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, home to a diverse array of marine life and fascinating events.

Places to stay  

Choosing the right accommodation during your visit to this place is crucial to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Luckily, the event's location offers a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets. Here are a few recommended places to consider for your stay:

  1. 17-Mile Drive
  2. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
  3. Big Sur
  4. Carmel Valley
  5. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
  6. Carmel Mission

Where to eat?  

Fueling up with delicious Italian meals is essential to your experience at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering. Luckily, the event's location is surrounded by a wide array of dining and gourmet lunch options that cater to every taste bud. Here are some gourmet lunch options to satisfy your cravings:

  1. Dametra Café: Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with a lively atmosphere and live music.
  2. La Bicyclette: Delight in French-inspired dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  3. Cultura Comida y Bebida: Experience Latin American flavors in a vibrant and stylish setting.
  4. Carmel Belle: Indulge in farm-to-table dishes, including salads, sandwiches, and gourmet lunch options.
  5. Cantinetta Luca: Discover authentic Italian cuisine in featured classes, including handmade pasta and wood-fired pizzas.
  6. Katy's Place: Start your day with a hearty breakfast at this popular local spot known for its omelets and pancakes. You'll find an American British Italian menu.


The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is not just a passive affair; it offers many exciting activities that keep you entertained throughout the day. Here are some highlights you can look forward to with your two wheeled vehicles:

  1. Exhibition Showcase: Get yourself in motorcycles as you witness a stunning collection of vintage, classic, and modern bikes (or scooters) from retail exhibitors. You will find iconic brands to rare gems (like the golf club); the exhibition showcases the evolution of motorcycles, providing a visual feast for enthusiasts.
  2. Concours d'Elegance: Marvel at the sheer elegance and beauty of meticulously restored motorcycles as they compete for top honors in all traditional classes. The Concours d'Elegance is a captivating display of craftsmanship and dedication, where every detail is celebrated and appreciated.
  3. Ride Opportunities: Take advantage of the various organized rides and scenic routes available during the event. Whether you prefer cruising along coastal highways or tackling challenging mountain roads, there's a ride, or vintage motorcycles for every preference and skill level.

Additional details  

 For more information about The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, visit the official event website at

Here, you can find more details about ticket prices, parking, guest speakers, and any updates regarding the event. Remember to stay updated with the latest information to maximize your experience.

So, the Quail Motorcycle Gathering offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of bikes, connect with fellow riders, and explore the captivating beauty of award winning golf California places.

Make sure to mark your calendar, prepare your bike, and prepare for an extraordinary event that will leave you with unforgettable quail lodge memories.

Join us at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering and experience the thrill of a lifetime! Make Bubba Shobert feel proud!