10 Things to Know Before Renting an Electric Motorcycle

Nov 16, 2022

Here is a comprehensive list of the things to know before renting an electric motorcycle. While it is true that electric motorcycles offer various benefits, the type that you go for depends entirely on your preference. So keep reading to find out what you should know to make the right decision.

1. Confirm the Electric Motorcycle Driving Range

You need to determine how far you can ride with a fully charged electric motorcycle before recharging. Usually, these bikes have limited ranges, but the distance you can cover on a single charge will vary with different bikes.

To avoid getting stranded and helpless with a dead battery, rent a bike with a driving range that will last you the entire trip. Consider factors such as the landscape of the riding area, speed, and how frequently you stop, as they may affect the range.

If you will be using the electric motorcycle for long-trip adventures, it would help to pick one with a larger range. However, for short urban riding, go for a bike with a lower range.

The LCD panel will typically show you how much battery life you have left on your motorcycle.

2. Battery Types

Select the top electric motorcycles come with removable battery packs. You can remove these and charge them separately during your ride. It is unlikely, but you might want to inquire.

The batteries of an electric motorcycle, like other batteries, often lose power with time. Check how long the battery has been in use. A pack that has been in use for a long time loses its strength and may lose its charge faster than a battery in good condition.

Weather is another important consideration: most lithium batteries perform less well in freezing temperatures.

3. Determine How You’ll Charge

If you plan on making a long trip on your rented electric bike, then charging it is very important. Before taking your bike for a ride, plan where and when you will recharge. Also, before you rent a bike, you should know which charging location is compatible with the bike.

Find out how far away the charging station is so you don’t run out of charge during your ride. Some electric bikes can charge using the regular home power outlet, so it will be easier to charge them at hotels when you do stop-overs.

However, charging the motorcycle may not be a big deal if you only ride it for a few miles a day during your rental period.

4. Charging Speed and Charger Plugs

Charging speed is one of the critical factors to consider if you rent an electric bike. If you are constantly on the go, you need a bike that charges fast. You do not want to wait for long to hit the road again.

There are three charging plugs for electric motorcycles from level 1 to level 3. Most electric motorcycles will come with level one or level two chargers. However, not all bikes are compatible with Level 2 or 3 chargers.

The Level 1 chargers are standard for any house electrical appliance. It charges slowly and gives an output of 120V. Level 2 is more common and provides an output of around 220V, like heavy machines. Level 3 chargers are the fastest, but you can opt for CSS charging, which will fully power the battery in 45 minutes or less.

5. The Rental Price of the Electric Motorcycle

While renting a bike, never disregard the price of the bike. It is always good to pay a little less. However, don’t just pick the cheapest bike, as you might be sacrificing quality. Riders Share (think Airbnb for motorcycles) typically offers the lowest cost rentals in the industry, and the bike owners on the platform tend to offer discounts for longer duration rentals that are unbeatable.

6. Ensure You Have a Valid License

Any rider looking to rent a motorcycle should be aware of licensing requirements. A reputable motorcycle rental company will ask for your license before giving out the keys to the bike.

Not only that, but the law requires riders to carry a valid license when riding an electric motorcycle on public roads. Whether you own the bike or you are just renting it. In most cases, the license rules for electric motorcycles are the same as that for petrol-powered motorcycles.

The required permit depends on the type of electric bike you want. Usually, electric bikes have power restrictions with specific licenses. You will also need an acceptable motorcycle rating in the country or State of residence.

Even if you are not from the US, the license will be recognizable as long as it is valid.

7. Take a Test Drive

Before taking the rented bike on a long tour, you should take a short test drive and see how well it performs. Confirm its performance when climbing a hill so you don’t run into problems on your trip. Try to confirm the torque and power figures and compare them to the actual performance.

You can perform a test drive with to identify potential issues with the bike owner watching. If there are any problems with the bike, it is good to know what it is when you are within the rental company’s radius than when miles away.

You can always look for another bike if a motorcycle does not meet your needs.

8. Consider How You’ll Use It

Renting a bike that can cater to your needs is essential. Some electric bikes may have limitations to their performance.

Therefore, you should base your decision on crucial factors such as the place you intend to ride, the terrain, and road conditions. If you are going for a long trip, the luggage capacity of the bike also matters.

For road trips, the range of the motorcycle should be longer. This will ensure you do not constantly stop to recharge your bike. If you intend to use the bike for everyday commuting, the best commuter motorcycle will fit your needs better than a touring motorcycle.

Additionally, if you are going for shorter rides with plenty of time to recharge your bike, then there is no need to pay more for the extra battery packs. 

Moreover, check the amount of weight the bike can bear and how comfortable it is. A double-seat model could come in handy for a long ride with a partner.

9. The Speed Will Matter

For some riders, speed might be a crucial factor. An underpowered electric motorcycle might be annoying, as its speed might not be what you expected. You will only cover a short distance in the most prolonged period.

Most electric bikes have a faster acceleration than regular bikes, increasing the thrill of riding one. They always give you an instant response when you press a button.

Going for a bike that suits your riding mode would be best. If you need performance, then go for the fastest bike.

10. Get the Right Insurance

Even though many states do not need a license to drive smaller electric bikes, you need to maintain liability insurance. This is especially necessary if you want to ride a high-speed electric motorcycle. Insurance is a requirement by law. It protects against claims from damage and injuries to property or other people.

You should also be able to purchase additional coverage for damage to the motorcycle. These include comprehensive coverage.

They will not only cover damage to the rental bike but also cover your property. Riders Share offers reasonably priced damage waivers, and the cost is determined by the type of bike and risk profile of the transaction.

Final Thoughts

This list includes important things you need to know before renting any electric motorcycle. We all know that renting a bike is convenient and affordable. Luckily, there are several electric motorcycle rental options if you can not bring the usual ride on your trip. Remember to focus on the significant differentiators like range, battery capacity, charging system, licensing, insurance, and price. But you can always seek the advice of the rental company for more information.