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Tours and Experiences FAQs


For Hosts

Who is liable in the event a renter damages a vehicle or is injured during a tour or experience?
Riders Share does not provide insurance for Tours and Experiences. Our Terms of Service state renters are responsible for their own acts or omissions during their ride. We recommend hosts require renters sign a Release of Liability form prior to the start of the Experience. This is most applicable when a renter provides their own vehicle for your tour/experience.

Motorcycles can be rented for an experience or tour, but the transaction is separate. In the event a Riders Share rental vehicle is damaged during a tour, Riders Share coverage applies for renter-caused damages to the vehicle.

Do I need to check the guest ID when they arrive to check in for an experience?
Yes, we ask the host to submit a photo of the renter(s) at check in to confirm the experience has started and that it’s the same person that rented on Riders share.

What commission is assessed on Experiences? 
A ten percent commission is assessed to cover the cost of payment processing.

What type of information should I provide about my tour/experience? 
All Experience listings should contain information sufficient to inform renters of the following:

  • What the Experience includes, what it doesn’t include, pictures of locations visited or riders participating in a tour.
  • Requirements for participation, (i.e., age, physical fitness, requisite skills, licensure, gear, etc.)
  • Risks inherent or incidental to the Experience

Why do I need to verify my license if I am the host? 
In order to better protect our customers and prevent fraudulent activity, we are require Tour & Experience hosts to verify their license. Once your ID is verified, you are able to publish your experiences! 

Can a renter book my experience and use a different host’s bike for the ride? 
Yes! Reservations and Experiences are two separate transactions. This gives renters more flexibility, and allows hosts to provide tours without providing vehicles.

For Renters

What should I bring? 
Hosts are able to  list any necessary items needed. In some cases, you may need to bring your own gear, water, snacks, et cetera!

In other scenarios, the host may provide food and beverages as part of the experience, and you may only need to arrive with a good attitude and an adventurous spirit. Read experience descriptions thoroughly, and message hosts with any questions or concerns.

Will a vehicle be provided?
It depends on the host. You may need to supply your own vehicle, or rent one through Riders Share, if the host does not include vehicles.

What happens if there is an accident during an experience? 
If you rented a motorcycle through Riders Share and it was damaged, please use the “File A Claim” link in the booking.
Otherwise, contact your insurance provider to file a claim. Riders Share does not provide insurance for Experiences.