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Fort Lauderdale, FL Motorcycle Rental

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a premier tourist destination for visitors worldwide. Tourists flock to this neighboring beach town of Miami for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and raucous parties. 

Motorcycle enthusiasts love Fort Lauderdale and Miami for its pristine seaside highways, perfect for lazily cruising at low speeds.

Are you looking for a smooth blacktop with long straightaways? Try the Ft. Lauderdale To West Palm Beach On the 1A motorcycle route, with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Need something more exciting? Head inland to the Venus Backroad to experience Florida's little-known cattle ranches, farms, and orange groves. Then, at the end of a long ride, you can kick back by the Atlantic Ocean and relax to the gentle sounds of the waves!

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Best Motorcycle Rides in Fort Lauderdale

Surrounded by gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean and lush tropical forests, Fort Lauderdale is more than just a spring-break paradise. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, whether you’re dying to put the pedal to the metal on a twisty trail or escape to a seaside resort near the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some of our favorite rides outside of Fort Lauderdale. 

Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach on A1A

Take it easy with a relaxing excursion on beautiful Highway A1A, which runs down the Atlantic Coast. Riders will enjoy unobstructed views of white sandy beaches and beautiful Spanish colonial beach houses dotting the Atlantic coast. 

This 43-mile ride takes half a day and features freshly paved blacktop roads with straight roadways for a great way to soak up the gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean. Get a bite to eat and visit a local art museum in the eclectic city of West Palm Beach and enjoy a nice drive down the Atlantic Coast during sunset on your way back to Fort Lauderdale.

Venus Backroad

Located between the town of Venus and the Placid Lakes, this remote stretch of road is one of the most popular motorcycle routes in all of Florida. Located in the central interior, about 2 hours north via US Highway 27, these backroads are uncrowded and full of twisty turns, perfect for the thrill seeker. 

Riders will appreciate the lush orange groves and cattle pastures that dot Florida’s interior, as the Venus backroads offer the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The roads are 22 miles long, though the trip to reach them is considerable and filled with fun views of its own.  

Homestead to Key West

Travel down Route 1 to Homestead and start your excursion down the Overseas Highway, three hours south toward Key West. You’ll see remnants of the old train bridge next to the brand-new highway and enjoy gorgeous views across the bridge of the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, Key West is a great place to party and meet other bikers during your trip. 

Ocala National Forest Loop

While this motorcycle route near Orlando is a long drive from Fort Lauderdale, it offers a magnificent day trip for those bold enough to make the journey. The remote journey takes you past marshy wetlands, sand pines, and roaring river streams. 

Riders can also hop off their bike and take a hike through the forests, where they will spot rare birds, alligators, and even manatees along their way. However, this multi-hour trek offers lots of thrilling terrain down remote country roads packed with quick turns and long stretches of empty roads. There are even campsites and picnics to stop by and rest at if you get tired or hungry. 

Highway 78 to Fort Myers

Escape to the interior down Highway 78 past the gorgeous Caloosahatchee Regional Park to Fort Myers. Riders will enjoy shady highways that pass by cow pastures and farmlands in the heart of Florida’s interior. 

Beautiful recreational parks and forests also surround Fort Myers and offer a more laid-back beach experience than Fort Lauderdale.

For a complete list of day trips, read more about The Top Motorcycle Rides Around Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Best Places to Visit in Fort Lauderdale

Referred to as the “Venice of America,” Fort Lauderdale is teaming with lush botanical gardens, exquisite architecture, and beautiful highways, perfect for a lazy cruise through the city. Soak in the beaches down the Intracoastal Waterway on the back of a Harley or any bike you choose. 

Riders will also appreciate the beauty of Las Olas Boulevard or a trip to the Bonnet Museum. For those looking to escape the city for a bit, Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is right there, and Sawgrass Recreation Park makes a great day trip idea. 

Also, be sure to visit Miami and stop by for any of the Miami motorcycle events happening every year. 

Best Motorcycle Hangouts in Fort Lauderdale

Don’t feel at home at any of the resorts, hotels, and downtown bistros of Fort Lauderdale. You’re not alone. Luckily, Fort Lauderdale boasts a thriving biker bar scene that is perfect for kicking back and doing a little nightcap. 

  • Flossie’s Bar and Grille: Established in 1975, Flossie’s is one of the most popular biker bars in all of Florida, as bikers from as far as Daytona to Jacksonville can attest. The laid-back atmosphere offers great comfort food and amenities to kick back and escape the chaos of the city. Live music is featured almost nightly, and there is an outside tiki bar for patrons to relax in under those warm Florida nights. 

  • Mickey’s Tiki Bar: Located just north in Pompano Beach, Mickey’s is an old-school biker bar with Harleys parked out front and a fun and lively atmosphere. Come by for weekly live bands, lady’s nights, karaoke nights, and much more. 

  • Bimini Bay Bar: Another old-school biker bar, Bimini Bay is your traditional rough and tumbling bar filled with overflowing pitchers, bras hanging from the ceiling, and polaroids lining the walls. However, underneath that rough veneer, the patrons are all smiles as they sip on good beer, eat good food, and have good times. 

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Fort Lauderdale

The spring season offers the best temperatures for riders but is also the most crowded. So there truly is not a bad time to visit Fort Lauderdale, especially if you’ll be swimming and riding, though summers can be tough. Temperatures are mild year-round, except for the summer months, and you’ll just need to be sure to prepare for the weather accordingly.  

Tips for Renting a Motorcycle in Fort Lauderdale

  • Be Prepared to Spend Money: Fort Lauderdale can be a pricey vacation, especially if you don’t plan. Daily parking could cost between $15 to $50, depending on where you go, and you will pay more for food and amenities than at many other places. Beach access also costs money, and you can expect to be nickel and dimed everywhere you go if you don’t plan accordingly. 

  • Prepare for Warm Weather: Hot and humid summers mean it’s time to break out that mesh and thermal gear so that you stay cool on the road. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and check the weather in advance. 

  • Drive Defensively: Fort Lauderdale is a bustling city full of distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and pedestrians. Stay safe and drive defensively, especially on congested roads like the Intracoastal Highway. 

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