The Best Motorcycle Routes Around Houston

Jul 12, 2021


Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

No matter where you look, you’re certain to see a wide array of people and things to do in Houston, Texas. But did you know that Houston also has some stellar motorcycle riding routes as well? 

The great part about riding in, and around Houston, is the scenery always changes. One moment you’ll pass through the city and the next you’re staring out across open countryside. And if you’re craving a need for speed, but haven’t pulled the trigger on buying your own motorcycle, don’t worry. You can easily rent a motorcycle with Riders Share to fill that void. Learn how our rental process works

It’s time to lift the kickstand, rev up your engine, and get those wheels spinning. These five motorcycle routes in Houston are calling your name.

1. Sam Houston National Forest

One-day trip — 30 miles

This scenic motorcycle ride offers stunning views of the national forest on either side, all at a nice calm pace. Keep in mind that there isn’t much in the way of amenities on the road, so you’re not going to want to get stranded or find yourself low on gas in the middle of this journey.

Logging trucks travel frequently on this road, so staying alert is a priority. Also, make certain that you’re aware of the road conditions ahead of time (it can rain often in Houston).

2. Woodlands Back Stretch

One-day trip — 30 miles

Take a nice afternoon ride on the Woodlands Back Stretch, just outside Houston. Ride solo or with a group of buddies. Either way, it’s sure to be a blast! The Woodlands is a master planned community with a massive mall and an enormous amphitheater.

While the entire route is just a bit less than 30 miles, the road has good visibility, and is relatively easy to ride. This route is only about 30 miles, or a 25-minute drive, outside of Houston.

3. The Three Sisters 

One-day trip — 131 miles

It earned the nickname “The Twisted Sisters” for a reason. Although this motorcycle route might be several miles north of Houston, it certainly deserves a spot on our list. 

Not only is this route full of curves, but it’s also become quite popular in the motorcycle community. Those who’ve dared to take on this route in the past can tell you that it takes about three or four hours to complete, depending on your pace. Many compare this route to a roller coaster, owing to its big hills and steep turns.

4. Good Ol' Texas Hills Loop

One-day trip — 150 miles

Texas Hill Country is full of rolling climbs and gentle turns. This 150-mile loop makes for a pleasant ride through oak-covered hills, beds of wildflower, limestone cliffs, and many crystal-clear streams and lakes. You’ll also find cypress and maple tree groves, something that most people don’t typically associate with Texas.

Bandera, Texas, the “Cowboy Capital of the World,” is along this route. As such, there are many activities tourists can participate in, including guided horseback trips. Also, the little town of Utopia offers a wonderful old-timey tradition: they have held outdoor town dinners behind a historic Methodist church since the 1800s.

This route is only about 200 miles, or a three-and-a-half hour’s drive, outside of Houston.

5. Galveston Island

One-day trip — 55 miles

Looking for a combination of stunning views, pleasant riding, and the possibility of putting your feet in the sand? Take a ride toward Galveston Island.

It’s a pretty popular route with motorcyclists. Just keep in mind that this part of Texas is also something of a tourist trap, so this route is guaranteed to be full of vehicles and people.

If you’re comfortable sharing the road, and want a beautiful drive along the shoreline, give this route a try. If you’re a regular sightseer, make certain to bring your binoculars as there are many opportunities for bird-watching as well. 

This route is only 55 miles, or an hour’s drive, outside of Houston.

The five motorcycle routes listed above won’t disappoint. But it’s always fun to venture out and find routes of your own, too. Before hitting the road do your own research and decide if you’re advanced enough to travel on them. Many roads may lead to Rome (or Houston, so to speak) but that doesn’t mean that you need to put yourself at risk of getting lost. 

If you want to ride but haven’t quite yet made the decision to purchase your own, let Riders Share help you find the perfect bike to rent.