History of Can-Am Three-Wheeled Motorcycles

Dec 18, 2023


Can-Am rental motorcycle.

History of Can-Am Three-Wheeled Motorcycles 

Can-Am rentals have recently exploded in popularity. As an introduction for those planning to purchase or rent a Can-Am, we’re going to explore the history of Can-Am and the sort of vehicles it’s produced over the decades. Although the company was officially founded in 1982, Can-Am has a much longer history than its well-known line of roadsters suggests. 

The Origin Story

Can-Am motorcycles, known for innovation and adventure, are part of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). Founded in 1937 by Joseph-Armand Bombardier, BRP started as a branch of Bombardier Inc., which is famous for its aircraft and trains. BRP made a name for itself with brands like Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo, leading in water and snow sports.

The journey into motorcycles began in 1971 with the help of Jeff Smith, a former motocross World Champion. Can-Am, collaborating with American Gary Robinson and other experts, developed enduro and motocross bikes using engines from BRP's subsidiary Rotax. By 1973, Can-Am launched its first motorcycles, marking its entry into the industry.

Can-Am quickly became the top motorcycle brand in Canada and even won important races like the American motocross championship. But by the late 1980s, they stopped making motorcycles in Canada and moved production to Armstrong-CCM in England, ending completely in 1987. This change made the company, BRP, start making ATVs under the Can-Am name, creating new and unique designs, including a special kind of rear suspension and the first ATV designed for two people.

Can-Am's story reflects BRP's dedication to innovation and adaptability. From snowmobiles to motorcycles and ATVs, the brand has continually evolved, setting new standards in recreational vehicle design and performance.

Can-Ams in Motocross

Circling back to Can-Am's involvement in motocross, these motorcycles made a significant impact in the sport during the 1970s. Known for their powerful engines and distinctive design, Can-Am bikes stood out for their reliability and speed. Their presence in motocross competitions was marked by innovative features like advanced suspension systems and rotary valve engines, which were ahead of their time. These features provided riders with better control and stability, especially on challenging tracks. Can-Am's contribution to motocross not only showcases their engineering excellence but also their enduring influence in the world of motorcycle racing.

Can-Am’s Most Notable Years in the 2000s

2006: Big news in 2006 - Can-Am rolled out their new off-road lineup, including some awesome all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). These ATVs really raised the bar in the off-road world with their innovative designs and strong performance.

2007: 2007 was a game-changer for Can-Am. They brought out the Spyder, an amazing three-wheeled motorcycle that really shook things up. It offered a unique mix of stability and agility, something pretty new for riders.

2010: Fast forward to 2010, and Can-Am is expanding big time. They introduced the Spyder RT and RS models, each aimed at different types of riders. The RT was all about touring comfort, and the RS was on sportier, more agile performance.

2015: 2015 was a huge year for Can-Am. They unveiled the Spyder F3, a model that offered a more relaxed riding position and a tough design. Additionally, a major achievement was also celebrated at the Spyderfest event in Missouri, where Can-Am marked the sale of its 100,000th unit.

2016: In 2016, Can-Am decided to stop making the Spyder RS and ST models. This was part of a bigger strategic plan to fine-tune their lineup and focus on the bikes that the majority of riders preferred.

2019: Then came 2019, with the launch of the Can-Am Ryker. This new addition was a big deal because it was more affordable, and you could customize it. It really opened up the three-wheeled bike market, attracting all kinds of riders, whether they were just starting out or had been riding for years.

Present Day

Today, Can-Am is still a big name in the three-wheeled motorcycle game, driven by innovation and an understanding of riders’ desires. They keep things fresh with popular models like the Ryker and the Spyder F3, which are a hit with all sorts of riders, from experienced enthusiasts to those just starting out.

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