What’s Better to Own? A Classic Car or a Vintage Motorcycle?

May 28, 2022

What’s better? A classic car or a vintage motorcycle? Tough choice, isn’t it? It feels good to reach that comfortable moment in your life when you can afford a classic vehicle in the garage. Yet your heart is likely to be torn between two equally appealing options. Nobody can give you the right answer, you have to listen to your heart… but we can at least look at the merits of buying a classic car vs. buying a motorcycle.

You’ve likely never seen it on the road, but everyone that looks at a Moto Guzzi V7 III Special sees a piece of rolling art.  Although it’s a new model, when looking at it you cannot help but  recognize the iconic 1960s design that raised the Italian brand to cult status. And there you have it, the cult status is reason enough for your heart to yearn for one. Getting your butt on that seat is like riding in a different era.

If you’ve always been a rebel at heart, riding a motorcycle is just what you need. You’re no longer the guy that has a steady job, mortgage to pay, and a kid who needs braces. Get on a Harley-Davidson, put your helmet visor down, and feel like you’re James Dean. Now you’re a part of a new family, Harley riders. You don’t know each other personally, but you recognize your brothers by the bike, the leather jacket, the Harley T-shirt. You’re part of a select club of adventurers.

On the other hand, you cannot ignore the appeal of a beautiful classic car, something from the 1960s or 1970s. Nothing channels true American spirit like a Ford Mustang, just like your dad or grandpa used to drive. It is muscular and elegant, and emanates nostalgic class. When you get behind the wheel, you’re no longer a regular Joe driving to work. Crank up the radio and forget about all your worries while you drive off into the sunset. 

How do you choose between these two lucrative options? If you look at the investment, even the cheapest classic Ford Mustang is likely more expensive than a motorcycle. Since you’re considering this, you probably have the money. However, the bigger the investment, the less you’ll want to take that car out of the garage. At some point, it becomes just too precious to drive whenever you feel like it.

With a motorcycle you still need to be careful, but in a different way. So you’ll get much more enjoyment out of it. And you can even buy two!

At the same time, a classic car has less of the modern options you’ve come to expect of a car, whereas a new Harley Davidson Softail Classic has both the look of a classic motorcycle as well as modern features like ABS.

Finally, there’s one other tiny thing to consider - when you get yourself a classic car, your partner will probably want to come for a ride, too. Bring the dog and kids as well, because why not? There’s plenty of room. When you get a street bike, that’s typically for you. You are free to go for a long ride, just you and your bike... and maybe a sexy passenger.

This was a guest post article by Dyler.com.