Safest Motorcycle Riders by Brand

May 23, 2022


Honda Rebel motorcycle.

A couple of weeks ago, we shared data comparing motorcycle reliability statistics by manufacturer based on towing (due to some sort of mechanical problem or breakdown) requests on Riders Share. Since this data driven stuff appeals to many, we are going to tackle a different question:

Which brand has the best riders?

To be clear: the vast majority of our riders don’t have accidents while using our platform. Only a tiny percentage suffer accidents.

There are two ways to answer this question. We can look at raw statistics and tell which brand has less crashes per rental day, but that wouldn't be fair. A 45-year-old with 20 years of riding experience is less likely to crash than a 20-year-old new rider, after all. 

We want to share which brand attracts the best riders, not the oldest. So after considering factors like type of bike, age, experience, and even credit score, here are the top five brands for safe riders:

Best Sport Motorcycle Riders by Brand (Adjusted)

1. Ducati - Everything else equal, these riders crash 38% less often than the average. Perhaps it's because they really care about their luxurious rides?

2. Honda - You may meet the nicest people on a Honda, and these people crashed 31% less often.

3. Suzuki - Suzuki riders crashed 23% less often than the average.

These are all a bit surprising. Perhaps people who are into racing and are more skilled are attracted to these types of bikes? We thought that made sense, but then another racing brand is at the opposite end. 

Best Cruiser Riders by Brand (Raw Data)

Victory -  Touring and cruiser riders tend to crash less often. The deceased brand's renters crashed almost 50% less often than the average rider.

Indian -  31% less often. The fact that both Polaris brands rank at the top makes you think it is not a coincidence. Indeed, these brands attract an older crowd than Harley-Davidson on Riders Share. Perhaps our renters remember Indian's legacy over the years? Or what do you think is the reason?

Triumph - Hinckley brand riders crashed 23% less often than the average. This one is surprising because most Triumph bikes on Riders Share are relatively sporty.

Any ideas as to why some folks crash less than others, beside experience and risk taking behavior? We are all ears. We are big believers in design thinking, which means we think we can encourage people to ride carefully with the right signals. Email us at