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Victory motorcycle rentals offer an opportunity for riders to experience the unique charm of these American-made machines.  Riders Share is the world’s largest network of Victory motorcycle rentals in the United States, including popular locations like Las Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Let’s discuss Victory motorcycles and some of the most popular models available for rent, such as the sport-focused Octane and luxurious touring Vision range. 

Brief Victory Motorcycle History

The American brand Victory Motorcycles was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Polaris Industries, which also owns Indian Motorcycle

Despite producing high-quality bikes with contributions from the Ness family and winning occasional shootouts against Harley-Davidson models, they ceased production in 2017 due to market challenges and competitive pressures. 

The company's most notable achievements include the introduction of the powerful Victory Octane, which quickly gained popularity among riders. Under the leadership of its general manager, Victory continued to innovate until its eventual discontinuation.

Victory Motorcycles was renowned for its highly sought-after models, ranging from the Octane tailored to shorter riders to the Vision series of luxury touring bikes to the cruising-focused Vegas 8-Ball. 

Octane Model

The Octane was designed to cater to women and smaller-framed men who wanted a big V-twin without compromising performance. With seat heights starting at 25.2 inches, this motorcycle offers an accessible ride for those with shorter inseams.

Vision Range

The Vision series provided modern American luxury touring experiences for couples seeking comfort during long journeys. These bikes feature spacious seating areas, ample storage space, and smooth handling on long trips.

Reasons to Rent a Victory Motorcycle

Although no longer in production, you can still find great deals on renting various models of Victory motorcycles across America through Riders Share. 

Renting a Victory motorcycle offers an exciting change from the traditional Harley-Davidson fare that dominates American roads. Here’s why.

  • Wide range of Victory bikes: Browse and choose from a variety of Victory motorcycles, including the Octane, Cross Roads, or High Ball
  • Affordable alternative: Save money by renting instead of investing in an expensive motorcycle purchase. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of trying out different models before committing to one.
  • Unique riding experience: Victory motorcycles provide a fresh perspective on the open road with their Victory Octane and other models.
  • Cost-effective option: Renting on Riders Share allows you to save money while still enjoying top-notch performance and comfort.

Why Choose Victory Motorcycles?

Victory motorcycles are known for their sleek designs, powerful engines, and advanced technology. Victory motorcycles provide a distinct riding experience not found with other brands, making them an attractive choice. Whether you're looking for a cruiser or a touring bike, Victory has a model that will suit your needs.

Polaris' Acquisition & Discontinuation of Production

Industries acquired the Indian Motorcycle brand while winding down its operations related directly back into areas where Victory Motorcycles struggled to establish market share. 

Despite ceasing production, Polaris announced plans to continue supplying parts and providing service support for existing owners/operators over the next decade, ensuring riders can still enjoy their thrill rides without worrying about potential mechanical issues.

Polaris may have given up on Victory, but they're not leaving owners stranded. They're committed to supplying parts and service support for the next decade.

Requirements for Renting a Motorcycle on Riders Share

  • Aged 21+ (must have 3 years of experience if under 25)
  • Motorcycle license if renting a motorcycle
  • Helmets for motorcycle rentals

Earn Money From Your Victory Motorcycle with Riders Share

Owners can set their rental price and availability, and Riders Share offers insurance coverage for rented motorcycles, making it a stress-free experience,

Renters earn, on average, $150 per booking and can earn thousands monthly by renting out one or more of their bikes to hungry riders ready to experience what a Victory motorcycle has to offer for motorcycle touring or a day trip to the city.

All bikes are thoroughly vetted and approved in as little as 12 hours. Riders can list their bikes for whatever they want and communicate directly with renters before approval. 

Just list your bike, honor your booking requests, and start earning money. It’s that easy!