Motorcycle Clubs & Meetups in Tampa, Florida

Apr 18, 2024

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We're spotlighting the motorcycle clubs and coalitions that make the Tampa Bay area a standout community for motorcycle enthusiasts. Far removed from the 1% motorcycle clubs often portrayed in media, the groups we're featuring are distinguished by their commitment to positive community impact, inclusivity, and the promotion of motorcycle safety and enjoyment for all. From charity rides to educational events and beyond, these organizations exemplify the true essence of motorcycling camaraderie and the diverse tapestry that makes up the motorcycle community in Tampa Bay. Join us as we celebrate these clubs and coalitions, each contributing uniquely to the rich motorcycle culture in the area.

DISCLAIMER: The motorcycle clubs mentioned below in the Tampa Bay area are not affiliated with Riders Share. Information comes directly from available sources for the MCs online and is subject to change. Contact your local club or chapter for the most up-to-date information on meetups in the Bay area. 

Tampa Motorcycle Coalition

The Tampa Motorcycle Coalition was formed in 2021 after six different motorcycle clubs decided to join forces to support the community. Since its creation, the coalition is most known for its bicycle giveaways, which help provide bikes to to kids in the Bay area. They also have bike nights and related events with the clubs within the coalition! Check them out on Facebook to see the good things they’re up to

2 Tha Limit MC - Tampa Chapter

The 2 Tha Limit MC Tampa chapter stands as a unique fusion of military camaraderie and community spirit; all centered around the passion for two-wheeled adventures. Established with the goal of uniting individuals from the military and surrounding community into a cohesive two-wheeled family, this motorcycle club embodies the spirit of brotherhood, freedom, and the open road. Through rides, events, and social gatherings, the 2 Tha Limit MC Tampa chapter fosters a sense of unity and support among its members, offering a welcoming space for veterans and civilians alike who share a love for motorcycles and the values of loyalty and camaraderie that riding instills.

Golden Eagles Motorcycle Club

Founded in 1950 and incorporated as an AMA Road Riding Club, the Golden Eagles Motorcycle Club is among Florida's oldest, aiming to promote motorcycle sports, safety, and a positive motorcyclist image through social and recreational activities for members and guests. Welcoming all riders, the club organizes monthly rides across the Tampa Bay area, Florida, neighboring states, and occasionally cross-country, led by dedicated road captains, and includes social gatherings. 

Members also plan local rides, weekend social events, charity rides, and an annual anniversary run, with monthly meetings open to guests interested in learning more about the club, held at their Tampa clubhouse on the first Friday of every month at 8 pm. Learn more on their website!

Bay Area Riders 

The Bay Area Riders, established six years ago and boasting 18,816 members who have collectively ridden 178,678 miles, is a vibrant motorcycle group based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Their mission focuses on bringing local riders together through weekly meetups and rides, fostering a sense of community among motorcycle enthusiasts. Every Tuesday, the group hosts Bike Night at Peggy O'Neill's Sports Bar, an event that features food, prizes, and the opportunity to connect with fellow riders. Additionally, their regular weekly meetups and monthly SundayFunday group rides invite anyone with a love for motorcycles to join, emphasizing the importance of a positive attitude and a full tank of gas. The Bay Area Riders is a community primarily composed of avid motorcycle fans dedicated to sharing their passion for riding and motorcycles, making it an ideal group for those who share this enthusiasm. Learn more about them on their website!

Latin American Motorcycle Association | LAMA Tampa, USA

Founded in 2005 by Chapter Founder Johnny Urrutia after being inspired by a meeting with L.A.M.A. founder Mario Nieves and the vibrant community at the L.A.M.A. Orlando Chapter's annual party during Daytona Bike Week, the Tampa Chapter of the Latin American Motorcycle Association (L.A.M.A.) was quickly established. Embracing members from diverse backgrounds, L.A.M.A. Tampa has flourished, now celebrating its 19th year of brotherhood and community engagement. The chapter is deeply involved in charitable activities, including collaborations with the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots, Wreaths Across America, and the chapter's Annual Heroes Event, reflecting its commitment to the community. L.A.M.A. Tampa distinguishes itself not merely as a group of bikers but as a brotherhood woven into the fabric of the community it serves and loves.

A significant aspect of the chapter is the Damas de L.A.M.A., acknowledging women who ride two or three-wheeled motorcycles. The Damas play a crucial role within the association, embodying the principle "We Ride Our Own" and highlighting the inclusive and egalitarian spirit of L.A.M.A. Tampa. This inclusion emphasizes the chapter's dedication to unity and equality among its members, making it a unique and integral part of the broader motorcycle and local community. Learn more about LAMA Tampa on their website. 

Tampa Blue Knights

The Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. is a distinguished non-profit and fraternal organization composed of active and retired law enforcement officers who share a passion for motorcycle riding. Originating in the Spring of 1974 from a gathering of law enforcement officers in Bangor, Maine, USA, the Blue Knights® LEMC has grown significantly to encompass approximately 650 chapters and over 19,500 members across 29 countries, spanning 11 Conferences. The Florida Chapter XVII, also known as the Tampa Blue Knights, was founded in January 1991, strengthening the club's presence and mission.

The Tampa Blue Knights meet on the second Monday of each month at Mission BBQ, located at 5602 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33634, for their monthly meeting at 7 pm. In addition to these gatherings, members convene each Saturday for a breakfast ride, fostering camaraderie and community through shared rides. Moreover, the chapter organizes a long-distance ride with lunch on the last Sunday of each month, allowing members to explore and enjoy the open road together. For those interested in participating or learning more about the club's activities, the Tampa Blue Knights maintain an Events Page detailing upcoming events and gatherings, inviting current and potential members to join their fraternal and riding endeavors.

US Spyder Ryders Florida West Coast Chapter

The US Spyder Ryders Florida West Coast Chapter is a riding club with a core mission to promote the enjoyment and camaraderie of riding Can-Am Spyders and motorcycles. Emphasizing fun and community contribution, this club is dedicated to making a positive impact through support of local charities and community service. While the club primarily caters to Can-Am Spyder enthusiasts, it embraces riders of all types, including those on two-wheel bikes and trikes, fostering an inclusive environment for anyone passionate about riding. The club's activities and events are designed to celebrate the joy of riding and harness this passion for the greater good of the community it serves. Learn more about them on their Facebook page!

Diva Angels - Tampa Bay Chapter 

The Diva Angels, Inc. is a vibrant not-for-profit organization under the 501c(7) classification, comprising female motorcycle enthusiasts who share a deep love for motorcycling, a commitment to community service, and cultivating strong, supportive friendships. The organization's mission revolves around celebrating the unique bond and camaraderie among women riders, empowering and enabling more women to take up biking, and promoting safety and responsible riding. Through fundraising events, the Diva Angels aim to positively impact the lives in the community, all while emphasizing the importance of fun and the sheer joy of riding.

Welcoming all women, regardless of the make and model of their bikes or their personal backgrounds, the Diva Angels foster an inclusive environment that cherishes diversity and unity. Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the WingHouse, 7790 US Hwy 19 N, Pinellas Park, FL, offering a chance for meet-and-greets at 6:30 pm followed by an hour-long meeting from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. For updates or changes to meeting schedules, members and interested parties are encouraged to visit the organization's social Facebook Page.

The Diva Angels invite all women who share their passion for motorcycling and their vision for a supportive and fun-loving community to join them. Whether you're an experienced rider or new to the biking world, the Diva Angels provide a welcoming space to connect, ride, and make a difference together. Learn more about them on their website!

Buffalo Soldiers Tampa Bay (Florida)

The Buffalo Soldiers Tampa Bay (Florida) chapter, also known as the BSMC-FL Mother Chapter, is dedicated to fostering a community that reflects the strength, unity, and spirit of the original Buffalo Soldiers. Their mission is multifaceted, focusing on benefiting their members, the wider community, and the nation while embracing their shared passion for motorcycle riding. Central to their ethos is the commitment to present a positive image of bikers, characterized by respect, unity, and pride among their members. This club aims not only to celebrate the rich legacy and history of the Buffalo Soldiers by educating the communities they are part of but also to actively contribute through fundraising efforts to support the less fortunate and promote educational opportunities for the youth. By embodying the values of unity and pride, the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Tampa Bay endeavors to make a meaningful difference, echoing the honor and perseverance of the Buffalo Soldiers in their actions and initiatives. Learn more about them on their website!

Iron Order MC - Tampa Bay Crew 

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club (IOMC) is a brotherhood of bikers united by a shared passion for the open road, camaraderie, and the motorcycle lifestyle. Members hail from diverse backgrounds and professions, but all are bound by the love of riding, celebrating life, supporting each other, and contributing to their communities. The IOMC is actively involved in charitable activities, hosting and participating in events to aid their communities and individuals facing hardship. Their acts of generosity and service, often recognized by grateful citizens and local businesses, are not driven by a desire for publicity but by a deep-seated belief in doing what's right. Through these efforts, the Iron Order MC exemplifies the true spirit of brotherhood and community service, making a tangible difference in the lives of others while fostering a positive image of motorcycle clubs. Learn more about them on their website!

Motor Maids Inc. - Tampa Chapter

In the late 1930s, Linda Dugeau of Providence, Rhode Island, inspired by her passion for motorcycles, sought to connect women motorcyclists across the nation. Through extensive outreach, she founded the Motor Maid organization in 1940 with 51 charter members, receiving the American Motorcycle Association Charter #509 in 1941. The Motor Maids initially formed to promote interest in motorcycling among women who own and operate their own motorcycles, have grown significantly. They organize informal meetings and national conventions and have evolved their uniform and membership criteria over the years, including service by members in the Armed Forces during wartime. Today, the organization celebrates over 75 years of continuous operation, uniting women motorcyclists across North America in their shared passion and promoting motorcycle interest through various events and parades, known distinctively as the “Ladies of the White Gloves.” Learn more about them on their website!

Motorcycle Rentals in Tampa, Florida

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Bottom Line

As we cruise through the lanes of Tampa Bay's motorcycle culture, it's clear that this vibrant community is built on more than just the love of riding. The clubs and coalitions highlighted in this blog embody a spirit of inclusivity, charity, and mutual respect that transcends the stereotypes often associated with motorcycle groups. Far from the 1% image, these organizations champion the causes of their communities, bring riders together in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, and celebrate the diverse tapestry of motorcycle enthusiasts in the area.

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