How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Motorcycle, Really?

Jan 3, 2024


how much does it cost to rent a motorcycle

With outdated information circulating around the internet, we thought it was time to take an updated deep dive into the cost of renting a motorcycle in the United States in 2023-2024. With a handful of rental companies to choose from, and dozens of different add-on features, we’ll try and make this as comprehensive as possible. 

How much does it cost to rent a motorcycle on average?

Across 6 major motorcycle rental companies, without accounting for insurance options, taxes, community fees, or add-ons, the average cost of renting a motorcycle is $100-150 a day, depending on make and model. Most rental companies offer multi-day discounts, making this average slighter cheaper at $65-100.

Traditional Motorcycle Rental Company Cost

Traditional motorcycle rental companies like Eagle Rider, Indian, and Hertz, offer a “typical” motorcycle rental experience, similar to renting a car at an airport. Customers can either visit the brick-and-mortar or book online, but are responsible for pick-up/drop-off at the company’s location. 

There tend to be fewer rental locations, mostly only in major cities, with limited rental options. This also means the potential for longer lines and wait times. The average cost of renting from a traditional motorcycle rental company ranges from $100-250/day before taxes, insurance, and any add-ons.  

In addition to this, traditional companies often charge more, such as EagleRider, to guarantee you receive the bike you booked online- this cost an extra $99. 

Peer-to-Peer Motorcycle Rental Cost

Peer-to-peer motorcycle rental platforms like Riders Share, Twisted Road, and EagleShare, all off the option for motorcycle owners to make extra money renting out their bikes. The rider/renter is then responsible for renting directly from the owner through the protection of the platform. 

These platforms tend to offer more robust insurance options, add-ons, and are more competitive with pricing. The average cost to rent a motorcycle on a peer-to-peer platform is $50-100/day.

How Much is Motorcycle Rental Insurance for Riders?

Riders Share- $21-54/day ($500-2,000 deductible)

Twisted Road- $36-49/day ($1,000-2,500 deductible)

EagleShare- $45/day ($1,000 deductible)

Eagle Rider- $29-39/day + $28.98/day Liability ($1,000-5,000 deductible)

NOTE: These prices listed mention the total cost per day of insurance policies across platforms. Peer-to-peer platforms more often combine damage & liability insurance into one charge, while traditional platforms may separate these costs. Please read up on the terms and conditions of your insurance prior to booking for exact details.

Multi-Day Discounts? 

With most motorcycle rental companies offering multi-day discounts, we thought we’d compare, on average, what to expect. Across all compared platforms, the average multi-day discount for a 5-day trip was 10%. Multi-day discounts can be up to the discretion of the owner and may not be decided by the platform.

Riders Share vs. Twisted Road: Cost Analysis

Screenshot comparison of pricing for a Ducati motorcycle on Riders Share and Twisted Road

To keep things simple, we’ve identified an owner who currently rents motorcycles on both platforms for added visibility. We found the same motorcycle for rent on Riders Share and Twisted Road, and went through the checkout process to determine final costs. Here’s what we found:

Comparison chart of the costs for renting the same motorcycle from Riders Share and Twisted Road; how much does it cost to rent a motorcycle?

For the exact same bike (same owner), a 2021 Ducati Scrambler, it cost $544.38 on Riders Share for a 5-day rental and $795.00 on Twisted Road for a 5-day rental. 

*NOTE: Riders Share’s service fee is based on 25% of the total cost, and first-time user discounts are 20% off per day. The discount in the above chart is based on that bike’s total.*

Conclusion: How Much Motorcycle Rental Costs

Across all examined motorcycle rental companies, there are a few consistencies:

  • For longer rental periods, there’s better discounts
  • Traditional rental companies have higher costs with less options
  • Peer-to-peer rental companies charge less, but prices may vary. 
  • Traditional companies are limited to only a few dozen locations across the USA
  • Peer-to-peer companies, like Riders Share, offer rentals across thousands of locations for motorcycle rentals near YOU. 
  • The average cost to rent a motorcycle for a day ranges from $100-150/day, but you’re likely to get away with some heavy discounts- dropping your daily cost to $50-100, or even lower.