Run For The Wall: A Legendary Motorcycle Journey Honoring Veterans

May 22, 2023


Welcome to Riders Share, your go-to source for everything happening in the rider's world. Today, we are excited to bring you an in-depth look at an incredible event that embodies the spirit of camaraderie, remembrance, and the open road Vietnam veterans memorial– Run For The Wall.

This route works excellently whether you're a passionate rider looking to join the ride or someone interested in the world of the vibrant motorcycle community; this article will provide you with everything you need to know about this legendary journey.

The midway route and all its Significance

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Event History

Run For The Wall is not just an ordinary motorcycle ride; it's a significant tribute to our nation's veterans and an opportunity to honor their sacrifices.

Since its inception in 1989, this annual event has brought together thousands of motorcyclists from all corners of the country, embarking on a cross-country pilgrimage to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

An important date for bikers

Dates and Schedule

The Run For The Wall event takes place over several days, allowing participants to embark on this unforgettable journey together. While the dates may vary yearly, it typically begins in early May. However, this year is between May 17-27th.

Bikers gather at designated starting points across the country and converge in Washington, D.C., around Memorial Day weekend. Check the official Run For The Wall website for the most up-to-date information on the schedule and specific starting points.

Day four going to DC.

Places to Visit

As a motorcycle rider participating in Run For The Wall, you'll have the opportunity to visit remarkable places along the route. From awe-inspiring memorials to historic landmarks, each stop carries a unique significance. Some notable places you may encounter include:

  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial: A solemn and powerful tribute to the brave men and women who served in the Vietnam War.
  • Arlington National Cemetery: Pay your respects at this hallowed ground, where heroes from various conflicts rest in eternal peace.
  • The National Mall: Immerse yourself in Washington, D.C.'s rich history and iconic landmarks as you explore this historic site.
  • Local Memorials and Veterans Organizations: Along the route, you'll have the chance to visit local memorials and connect with veterans' organizations, deepening your understanding of their experiences and sacrifices.

From California to DC, we salute you

Places to Stay: Rest and Recharge on Your Journey

Finding suitable accommodations is essential to ensure a well-rested and comfortable ride experience during the Run For The Wall event. Along the route, you'll find various lodging options for motorcycle riders. Consider these options for a welcoming stay:

  • Biker-Friendly Hotels: Look for hotels catering to motorcycle enthusiasts, offering secure parking, rider-friendly amenities, and a vibrant atmosphere where you can connect with fellow riders.
  • Motorcycle-good-looking Campgrounds: If you prefer a more rustic experience, opt for motorcycle-friendly campgrounds along the route. Set up camp, share stories around the campfire, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow riders.
  • Local Inns and Bed and Breakfasts: Support local businesses by choosing charming inns or bed and breakfasts that welcome motorcycle riders. Enjoy personalized hospitality and a cozy atmosphere after a day on the road.

These Champions will drive to DC until the fuel is over

Where to Eat? 

Satisfy your appetite with delicious culinary experiences as you journey through various towns and cities. Local eateries along important stops along the route offer diverse cuisines, ranging from classic American fare to regional specialties. Explore these options for a delightful dining experience:

  • Mom-and-Pop Diners: Discover hidden gems along the route, where you can savor homemade dishes and soak in the local flavor.
  • BBQ Joints: Indulge in mouthwatering barbecue delights for which the region is famous. Treat yourself to smoky ribs, tender brisket, and savory sides.
  • Food Trucks and Street Vendors: Embrace the vibrant food scene by trying delectable offerings from food trucks and street vendors. From gourmet burgers to authentic tacos, there's something to please every palate.

Getting together in Ontario


Run For The Wall is not just about the ride; it's about forging lasting connections, sharing stories, and honoring veterans together. Throughout the event, you can engage in various activities and experiences, including:

  • Group Rides and Convoy: Join fellow riders as you embark on the journey, forming a mighty convoy that symbolizes unity and support.
  • Commemorative Ceremonies: Participate in solemn ceremonies at significant memorials and landmarks along the route, paying homage to our veterans.
  • Meet and Greets: Connect with veterans, fellow riders, and supporters during scheduled meet and greets. Share experiences, make new friends, and strengthen the bonds of the motorcycle community.

Additional Details

  • Get ready, my friend: Ensure your motorcycle is in optimal condition by conducting necessary maintenance and safety checks before the event. Pack essential gear, including a toolkit, spare parts, and proper riding attire. You can rent one with us if you don't have a ride!
  • Safety: Observe traffic rules, ride defensively, and maintain a safe distance from other riders. Stay hydrated, take breaks when needed, and be mindful of your physical and mental well-being throughout the journey.
  • Support and Donations: Run For The Wall relies on the support and contributions of participants and sponsors. Consider donating or volunteering your time to help continue this remarkable tradition of memorial and honor. Check out their website!

As you embark on the Run For The Wall journey, remember that it's not just a ride but a meaningful experience connecting riders, veterans, and communities. Join this extraordinary event, pay tribute to our heroes, and make one of the most important stops you'll find.