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Albuquerque, NM Motorcycle Rental

Largest Selection of Motorcycle Rentals Albuquerque

Albuquerque, the most populous city in the state of New Mexico, is home to a wide variety of landscapes and attractions, including the world's largest hot-air balloon festival. A

Albuquerque is also known for its twisting crimson canyons. If you prefer the solitude of the open road, you won't be disappointed by New Mexico's large stretches of sparsely populated interstate. No matter how you ride, Riders Share has you covered.

Riders Share is the new way to rent motorcycles in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We feature the largest selection of motorcycle rentals in Albuquerque, including top brands like Harley-Davidson, Ducati, and more. Rent online in minutes instead of waiting hours at the rental counter. We offer lower-priced motorcycle rentals belonging to real riders like you.

Rent your bike with Riders Share and start exploring these beautiful trails outside of Albuquerque. 

Best Motorcycle Rides in Albuquerque

To enjoy the best of landscapes in Albuquerque and surrounding areas, here are our top four favorite motorcycle routes:

Sandia Crest Scenic Byway

For the best views of Albuquerque and the Rio Grande Valley, cruise along the Sandia Crest Scenic Byway, which takes you through endless twists and turns high in elevation (over 10,000 ft!), allowing you to enjoy panoramic views of the sand and the mountains. If you plan to start in Albuquerque and return there, this round trip would be roughly 50 miles.

Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway

The ~ 50-mile Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway takes you from Albuquerque to Santa Fe along the Turquoise Trail. Start on Interstate 40 and NM Highway 14 and head down this trail, enjoying breathtaking views of Sandy Mountain and the Sandia Pueblo with its traditional Adobe homes. Along the way, you will pass several charming towns like Tijeres and Madrid, a former coal mining community.

Jemez Mountain Trail

Start in Northwest Albuquerque and ride parallel through the Jemez Mountains, enjoying sprawling desert vistas and lush greenery rich with aspen trees. Don't forget to catch Jemez Falls and stop at the Jemez State Monument, where you can learn more about Native American heritage through many of the archaeological relics on offer. Need to rest? Stop at Jemez Springs and Los Alamos and kick back a cold one.

Best Places to Visit in Albuquerque

From sprawling nature preserves to historic sites, Albuquerque has no shortage of exciting places to visit. Our favorite attractions include the Charming streets of Old Town, Petroglyph National Monument, the Albuquerque Biological Park, and Route 66 - America's " mother road." Don’t forget to catch many of the scenic motorcycle routes throughout the region with the Sandia Crest Scenic Byway, Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway, and Jemez Mountain Trails.

Best Motorcycle Hangouts in Albuquerque

After a long day out on the Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway, here are two motorcycle hangouts worth visiting to kick back a cold one and rest up before your next leg:

  • Anodyne Pool Hall and Cocktails
    Affectionately known as the"Dyne," the Anodyne Pool Hall and Cocktails are a Pool and Billiard Hall offering classic nostalgic Vibes with dimly lit settings and leather upholstery. They're also enough pool tables and friendly competition to pass the time.
  • The Library Bar & Grill
    Located in downtown Albuquerque, The Library Bar & GrilI serves up classic American pub fare, with regular live music offerings and several billiard tables to unwind after a long hard day on the trails.

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Albuquerque

We highly recommend renting a motorcycle in Albuquerque during the Spring and Fall thanks to their mild temperatures averaging from the '60s to 70° F. Vibrant Autumn foliage creates a visually stunning landscape that the winter season cannot match. Do not forget that Albuquerque is a high-elevation city (~5,000 ft.) with cooler temperatures the higher you go, so dress appropriately.

Tips for Renting a Motorcycle in Albuquerque

When renting a motorcycle in Albuquerque, adhere to all requirements set forth by your Riders Share rental agreement. First, you must be at least 21 with a valid motorcycle license. In addition, you must wear a US Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved helmet at all times while riding, which helps to reduce head injury risk.

Earn Money from Your Albuquerque Motorcycle

Do you live in or near Albuquerque and looking to earn additional income? Riders Share is a platform allowing motorcycle owners to monetize their vehicles and earn an average of $150 per booking, which could result in additional hundreds of dollars per month in passive income. 

All motorcycles listed on Riders Share undergo a short vetting and approval process. Once approved, communicate directly with renters, set your rental price, and arrange pickup and delivery. 

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