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Maui Motorcycle Rental

Largest Selection of Motorcycle Rentals Maui

Maui, otherwise known as “The Valley Isle,” may be a little sibling of the Hawaii islands, but it offers everything you desire out of a tropical paradise. From world-class beaches to the Haleakala volcano, the lush greenery, red-smoked cliffs, and white sandy beaches will leave you in awe. 

Maui truly features one of the most diverse geological landscapes. Whether it’s traveling through the remote upcountry to some pineapple farms, up into the clouds on top of a volcano, or just relaxing at a beachside resort, there is something for everyone to love. Even Maui’s remote pastures are filled with windy country roads, which make for the perfect motorcycling adventure. 

There is no better way to travel around Maui and experience all of its amenities than on a motorcycle. Riders Share features the largest selection of motorcycle rentals in Maui, including brands like BMW, Ducati, and more!

We cover every Hawaiian island, whether you’re looking for Harley rentals in Honolulu or Kauai. Check out our Hawaii motorcycle listings for bikes near where you’re staying, or list your bike on Riders Share to start earning money. 

Referrals can earn $100 for any refferal who lists their bike or $25 for friends who book a listing through Riders Share. There is no better way to explore the Hawaiian island chains than on the back of a motorcycle rental.

Requirements to Rent a Motorcycle in Maui

  • Must be 21+
  • Must have a motorcycle endorsement on the license (foreign licenses are accepted) to rent bikes over 50cc in size
  • Motorists over 18 years old are not required to wear a helmet, but are required by Riders Share

Best Motorcycle Rides in Maui

Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is a motorcyclist's dream to check off your riding resume. This 64-mile stretch of narrow highway wraps around the north end of the lower half of the island, winding through lush forests and around jagged ocean cliffs. 

Picture the Pacific Coast Highway, but with clearer views, greener forests, and windier stretches. Best of all, there are plenty of places to stop, including Ho’okipa Beach Park for a swim on one of Maui’s more remote coves or Huelo Lookout for sweeping views of the island. 

Be warned because this highway is quite popular, so traffic can be a bit slow, especially if you’re expecting to fly around these cliffs. Rain can also be an issue, so check the weather forecast before your trip. 

Start your excursion at Kahului and make your way across the island to the 7 Sacred Pools, where you can turn around and head back to where you started.

Kapalua to the Kahekili Highway 

If you’re looking for something a little more remote and adrenaline-inducing, we highly suggest making your way to the northwest end of the island to Kapalua. From here, take Route 30 to 340 to the Kahekili Highway for some awesome riding. This stretch of road is filled with endless twisties, like a spinning top making your way down south along the coast.

It’s one of the best trails to hone your skills, and there are plenty of gorgeous spots for sightseeing, including the Nakalele Blowhole. Keep traveling into remote stretches of the island, where you’ll find pineapple trees, banana stands, and pigmy goats. 


There might not be a truly more incredible sight than the red-smoked cliffs of Haleakala–Hawaii’s largest dormant volcano. This incredible sight is made better at sunrise, where you will see the sunrise over the mountain peaks jutting through the clouds that sit atop the mountain like rolling mist. 

You’ll also witness picturesque views of their surrounding valley and the beautiful, rocky park inhabiting the cliffs. 

Start in Kahului down the Hana Highway and make your way to Haleakala Highway. The highway will naturally veer left for another six miles once you reach the intersection with Haleakala Road, and you will finally make a left once you see Crater Road. 

In total, it takes approximately 2 hours from Kahului to complete the trip. 


The Kula Highway is located east of Wailea and runs north through “upcountry” to Pukalani. There is no shortage of little side roads to travel through here, whether you’re looking to explore the volcanic cliffs of Ulupalakua, the beautiful Holy Ghost Church, or some of the rich botanical gardens. 

This is a more remote part of the island, so carry your GPS with you, but enjoy the emptier roads and beautiful lush greenery. 

For more amazing fresh-air adventures on your motorcycle, check out our list of the best motorcycle rides in Hawaii

Best Places to Visit in Maui

There is no shortage of things to do in Maui, especially on the back of a motorcycle. Take a trip to the city of Hana for great food, hiking, and views of scenic waterfalls. Lahaina and Paʻia are two historic towns with great artistic vibes, perfect for anyone searching for a roadside bite or even just some coffee. 

Of course, no trip is complete without a trip to one of Maui’s world-renowned beaches, including beautiful Napili Beach, known for its majestic, turquoise-colored beaches. Finally, we recommend hiking and traversing around Waiʻānapanapa State Park and Ho'okipa Beach Park for excellent access to colorful beaches and teeming green forests. 

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Maui

Many people consider April-May and September-November the best seasons to visit Maui. While temperatures are more moderate, it’s often considered the off-season when you’ll have the best chance of avoiding the crowds. 

Of course, there is no single month Maui isn’t beautiful or surrounded by large crowds of people, so you have your pick when it comes to visiting Maui. 

Tips for Renting a Motorcycle in Maui

  • Drive Defensively: Maui is a small island with over 1 million travelers who visit each year. Be ready to fight through crowded streets, people walking around on their phones, and distracted drivers. While Maui is a beautiful place to ride, consider that most people will be awe-struck by the views as well, so drive carefully. 
  • Bring Clothes Suited for the Weather: It’s difficult to predict the weather, so prepare to get wet just in case. It’s not uncommon for rain to roll through in a five-minute span, leave you soaked, and just disappear again. 
  • Plan for the Weather: While the weather is volatile, it’s still important to plan trips around the weather. Many roads like Hana can become treacherous after excessive rain, so watch your forecasts carefully. 
  • Consider a Lighter Bike: Hawaii is known for some of the windiest roads in the world, so we recommend renting a bike that will be comfortable. A light touring bike that is responsive through corners will save you some aches and pains and make your riding experience much more enjoyable. 

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