Best Motorcycle Rides to Explore Maui | Riders Share

Jun 16, 2023

Best Motorcyle Rides to Explore Maui | Riders Share

Imagine watching a sunset above the clouds at the peak of a volcano, where red clay meets green forest. Imagine taking a tour through the foggy underbelly of the lush ʻĪao Valley, where rows of rainbow eucalyptus trees surround you on both sides. 

Maybe imagine something a little slower, spending a morning at the hidden Big Beach of Makena or just watching the purple jacaranda trees in Kula wake up from their wispy morning nap. 

The sacred island of Maui is the most beloved in Hawaii for a reason. Whether it’s enjoying farm-to-table cuisine, world-class snorkeling amidst crystal-clear turquoise blue waters, or exploring some of the best motorcycle rides the world has to offer, Maui is a magical and meditative experience. 

But Maui is not just about rest and relaxation. Maui’s countryside is filled with hairpin turns, single-lane bridges, and dirt tracks designed for adrenaline. 

That’s why we want to provide you with the five best Maui motorcycle rides for your next vacation so that you can absorb everything the island offers. 

Where to Rent a Motorcycle in Maui

While there are plenty of options to rent a motorcycle anywhere in Hawaii, many traditional agencies tend to have long waits and more expensive rates than they charge in the mainland United States. This makes sense when you think of the popularity of motorcycling and the scarcity of bikes on the island. 

Therefore, the best place to access Maui motorcycle rentals is a peer-to-peer network like Riders Share. Riders Share features all kinds of bikes across Maui from riders like you for as little as $30 daily.

Plus, all bikes are backed by liability protection and 24/7 roadside assistance so that you are never stranded. 

What Motorcycle Supplies to Bring to Maui

Once you have your Hawaii motorcycle rental covered, it’s almost time to start exploring. 

There are a few supplies we recommend for every rider to weather the hot sun and the wet forecasts, including:

  • A DOT-approved helmet for safety 
  • Safety gear, including knee pads, boots, etc.
  • A mesh undershirt with moisture wicking to prevent sweating
  • Rain gear 
  • Storage trunks for picnics at various state parks across the island 
  • A GPS to guide you through the country roads
  • An extra gas can; gas stations can be scarce in the countryside

Remember, rain can strike any moment, so reflective gear and operational headlights are also important, especially at night. 

With that said, let’s explore five great Maui motorcycle rides that will get your heart racing. 

5 Top Motorcycle Rides in Maui

1. Hana Highway

Starting in Paia on the east side of the island, this 64-mile trek features large cliffs that hug the Pacific Ocean, hairpin turns, secret waterfalls, hidden coves, and miles of relaxing touring down smoothly paved highways. 

Once you head to the Road to Hana, you’ll pass by several fun attractions, including the Jaws store and Twin Falls at mile marker two. From there, you’ll travel straight, passing by a bamboo forest followed by a eucalyptus forest. 

Many riders also choose to start at Kipahulu and head towards Kahului. One advantage of this route is that it’s laden with several hairpin turns, single-lane bridges, and narrow paths that cut through the forest and mountain cliffs. Once you reach the Hana Highway, it will continue like this for much of the three-hour journey. 

The views are simply unbeatable, and the flow of the road is exhilarating. However, we recommend taking it slow as these roads can be treacherous–especially during rain–and packed with other tourists during the day. Simply turn around at any point when you feel tired to get back to where you started. 

2. East Maui Loop

If you want to turn the Hana Highway into a day trip, try out the East Maui Loop. 

This intense and fun circuit straddles the Kula highway for much of the route, taking you across 10,000 feet of elevation gains, 600 hairpin turns, and 59 single-lane bridges. Start again in Paia and make your way up a harsh ascent to Kula, followed by a smooth descent down to sea level toward Hana. 

Once you get around mile 50 or so, the road turns to dirt, the holes in the ground multiply, and the pitches get much steeper. What more could you ask for? 

This short and treacherous track soon spits you out onto the highway right outside Hana. Traverse north up the highway around Haleakala, where lush forests and banana trees will greet you. 

Then, loop back west on the same route you took for the Hana Highway route previously, and you’ll be back where you started before dusk. It’s truly one of the best routes for exploring the complex geography of Maui and getting it all in on one ride. 

3. Haleakala

After traversing around the base of Haleakala, you’ll want to reach the peak. To do so, you’ll need to travel down the infamous Crater Road. Also known as the Haleakala Highway, this single-lane road is smooth, but features no guard rails, tons of switchbacks, and is occasionally interrupted by the pedestrian cow or chicken crossing the road. 

Reaching this road is easy from the Hana Highway, which will have signs for it all down the highway. You’ll be required to pay a $10 fee once you reach the National Park grounds, but once at the top, the views are simply incredible. 

Be weary in the morning, as fog and mist can make visibility difficult. 

4. West Maui: Highway 30 to 340

Thought the East Maui Loop was gorgeous? Why not try out the West Maui Loop, one of Maui's most famous motorcycle routes? This 4-hour loop runs around the island's western half, starting near Black Rock Beach–or wherever you choose to begin. 

Simply follow Highway 340 to 30 or vice versa, depending on which direction you travel. You’ll encounter sites like the Nakalele Blowhole, the resorts at Kapalua, and beautiful views from Waihee Point Lookout. The roads are narrow and sometimes washed over with Maui clay, making them maroon after a rainstorm. 

5. Kula “Up-Country”

Follow Highway 31 to the Kula Highway, which sweeps you away from the coast through the countryside, where you’ll be greeted by goat farms and purple jacaranda trees. This small route only takes an hour to traverse and will spit you out near Pukalani if you want to stop for a place to eat.

However, several little country roads crisscross through the countryside and offer some fun dirt paths to explore. Just be aware you might cross the occasional chicken, goat, or cow crossing the road, so keep it relatively slow on these roads.