15 Motorcycle Youtubers & Vloggers You Should Follow

Mar 12, 2024


motorcycle YouTube vlogger riding Yamaha motorcycle.

Are you as mad about bikes as we are? If we could, we’d rent all types of bikes from Riders Share and ride 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since we can’t, we find other ways to fill in the hours between rides with motorcycle content.

YouTube is packed with all sorts of motorcycle videos, so it’s a great place to start, but the sheer volume can be overwhelming, especially when a lot of it turns out to be garbage. Luckily for you, we’ve chosen 15 of the best motorcycle YouTubers, or moto vloggers, around to help save you the trouble. 

1. Fortnine

YouTube (1.9 million subscribers)

FORTNINE has quickly become a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts, known for its high-quality and enjoyable videos. This Canadian YouTuber has attracted a large following by blending entertainment with informative content. His success even led to the launching of an e-commerce store, positioning him as a competitor to giants like Revzilla. Fortnine is a great channel for anyone looking for engaging motorcycle content and the latest gear reviews. 


YouTube (2.33 million subscribers)

The current king, and of the best motorcycle vloggers on YouTube, WALTERIFFIC’s videos are not so much about the bikes he rides, but the fun things he gets up to on them. From pranks to racing, WALTERIFFIC’s videos are always something different. He’s now moved from Kansas to Maryland, so watch out, Baltimore!

3. RoyalJordanian

YouTube (1.5 million subscribers)

It’s always a joy to join RoyalJordanian on his jaunts around downtown London. He’s a much quieter moto vlogger than most, preferring to let his videos do most of the talking. His edited clips of interesting things that have happened to him on his daily commutes and the people involved have made his channel an internet sensation.

4. Do It With Dan

YouTube (1.25 million subscribers)

Do It With Dan is a motovlogger who uses his bike as a means to find adventure, get into trouble, and have fun. His channel isn’t solely about riding — he discusses everything from tattoos to mattresses — but much of the channel is dedicated to motorcycling, from superbikes and safety tips to test rides and modifications. You never know what’s coming next with Do It With Dan.

5. Chaseontwowheels

YouTube (1.16 million subscribers)

A full-time motorcycle video blogger, Chase is constantly putting out new content every few days on his channel. Thanks to the high quality of his work, he’s become one of the most influential figures in motorcycling. He’s active on social media and is always interacting with fans. He posts long, in-depth videos on bike wreck rebuilds and reviews motorcycles and motorcycling gear.

6. Bikes and Beards

YouTube (2.03 million subscribers)

Sean Kerr finds incredible motorcycle deals and shows you how to do it too. Full disclosure: Bikes and Bears is also an investor in Riders Share. Recently, he's bought and tested bikes that he purchased ON AMAZON of all places. Check out what a 200cc Chinese sportbike in a box can do for you - great beginner bikes!

7. Jake TheGardenSnake

YouTube (783k subscribers)

Jake TheGardenSnake works hard to make his channel exciting. Stacked with mods and mechanics, Jake TheGardenShake’s channel is a great choice if you’re into modifying bikes or seeing what you can get out of a bike with aftermarket products. An opinionated rider, Jake TheGardenSnake is never afraid to let you know what he really thinks, but it’s backed up with in-depth motorcycle knowledge.

8. MaxWrist

YouTube (1.06 million subscribers)

MaxWrist’s ethos is to take everything to the max – “full aggression, full throttle, full power.” His extreme YouTube channel is complemented by a line of MaxWrist apparel and merchandise.

9. CycleCruza

YouTube (369k subscribers)

CycleCruza covers a wide gamut of motorcycle topics in his videos, from safety tips to motivational ideas, motorcycle maintenance, and reviews. While much of the content is educational, there’s also a lot of funny content posted on CycleCruza almost daily.

10. Yammie Noob

YouTube (1.34 million subscribers)

Yammie Noob has been motovlogging since he was 17 years old and prides himself on offering videos that are a little off the wall. The topics of his videos are always well thought out so the channel is not just another set of videos of a guy riding his bike around. From reviews and tips for new riders to history lessons, Yammie Noob is an awesome vlogger to follow.

11. Baron Von Grumble

YouTube (276k subscribers)

Baron Von Grumble offers slick videos of rides around London, track days, and adventures on some of the most beautiful bikes you can get. The professional editing adds to the appeal of his cross-European trips, and a lot of people just watch Baron Von Grumble for his musings about the latest news while driving around London on some truly great bikes.

12. RidingWithTom

YouTube (259k subscribers)

Melbourne, Australia’s Tom has been uploading videos to YouTube of himself “riding motorcycles terribly” since 2012, and they’ve been viewed over 44 million times. Following the videos of RidingWithTom is like getting out into the outback yourself, as he primarily blogs about his rides in the Australian desert. If you’re into off-road, his channel is a must-subscribe. He also rides a BMW bike around the city when he’s not tearing up the dunes.

13. DirtBike Lunatic

YouTube (2.81 million subscribers)

DirtBike Lunatic is a go-to channel for motorcycle fans. They share videos on everything about motorcycles and dirt bikes, adding their own commentary to give viewers more insight. This channel also runs an apparel shop, showing their deep involvement in the moto world. For anyone interested in bike action and community stories, DirtBike Lunatic is worth checking out.

14. Braydon Price

Youtube (1.98 million subscribers)

Braydon Price is known for engaging, adventurous content that revolves around outdoor and motorsport activities. With 1.98 million subscribers, he’s captured a large audience by sharing his thrilling experiences, which often include dirt biking and other high-energy adventures. His channel appeals to those who enjoy a mix of adrenaline-pumping action and personal vlogging style.

15. Tyler Monagan

Youtube (892k subscribers)

Tyler Monagan is known for his engaging dirt bike content, including thrilling rides, builds, and reviews, catering to a passionate audience of 892k subscribers. His videos often capture the excitement of motocross and outdoor adventure, making his channel a favorite among dirt bike enthusiasts!

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