10 Most Fuel-Efficient Motorcycles

Mar 1, 2024


picture of speedometer/rpm gauges on motorcycle fuel efficient motorcycles

Discover the most fuel-efficient motorcycles in 2024, compared by average miles per gallon (MPG). You’ll find a bike that suits your lifestyle without compromising on the high fuel cost from Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Royal Enfield, and BMW models. 

Although we definitely encourage you to read on to learn more about the specific fuel economy of these models, we understand if you’re in a time crunch. Here is the breakdown of the most fuel-efficient models available in 2024. Read on for more information on average riders’ reports for MPG by mode: 

Breakdown: Most Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle Models

  1. Honda Grom ABS (120-160 MPG)
  2. Honda Monkey ABS (110-155 MPG)
  3. Suzuki  GSX250R ABS (70-80 MPG)
  4. Honda CB300R ABS (70-75 MPG)
  5. Kawasaki Versys®-X 300 (60+ MPG)
  6. Honda CBR500R  (70-80 MPG)
  7. Royal Enfield Classic 350 (75–80 MPG)
  8. Suzuki DL650 V-Strom (65-80 MPG)
  9. Honda NC750X (60-70 MPG)
  10. BMW F 800 GS (50-65 MPG)

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Factors to Consider When Calculating Your MPG:

Of course, you’ll always hear someone say, “This was supposed to be a fuel-efficient motorcycle, but I’m not getting anywhere near what they’re saying!” There are a few factors to consider that may affect how many miles per gallon you’re actually getting:

  • Riding Style: If you're an aggressive rider who likes to wring out the throttle, you won't get the same fuel economy as someone who rides more conservatively.
  • Your Terrain: If you mostly do city riding, you'll get worse fuel economy than if you do a lot of highway riding.
  • Tire pressure: Underinflated tires increase rolling resistance, requiring more engine power and reducing fuel efficiency. 
  • Idling: Idling just wastes a lot of fuel. Turn your bike off when you safely can. 
  • Keep your air filter clean: A dirty air filter can affect your MPG with restricted airflow.
  • Aerodynamics: Larger bikes with poor aerodynamics create more drag, requiring more fuel to overcome air resistance. Streamlined bodywork and fairings can improve fuel efficiency.
  • Drivetrain condition: Worn-out chains, sprockets, and other components can create friction and drag, impacting fuel economy. 

1. Honda Grom ABS

stock picture of a blue honda grom motorcycle - fuel efficient motorcycles

Estimated MPG: 120-160 MPG

Honda reports that their new 2024 Honda Grom will receive around 166.5 MPG. The average reported miles per gallon of this compact bike’s previous models hovers around 124.1 MPG. This 124cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine packs a punch for maximizing fuel economy. It’s our #1 contender for best in class and is perfect for city riders looking to save on gas prices.

2. Honda Monkey ABS

stock picture of a pearl nebula red 2024 Honda Monkey motorcycle - fuel efficient motorcycles

Estimated MPG: 110-155 MPG

Honda’s 2024 Monkey ABS twins with the Grom have the same 124cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine. This small motorcycle is small and lightweight but has no problem zipping around. Honda’s “retro favorite” boasts an impressive estimated 156 MPG. Prior models are reported to have an estimated 119.1 MPG on average. 

3. Suzuki GSX250R ABS

stock picture of a red 2024 GSX250R motorcycle fuel efficient motorcycles

Estimated MPG: 70-80 MPG

Suzuki estimates an impressive 73.6 mpg, making the 2023 GSX250R a champion in the 250cc class for fuel efficiency. This exceptional mileage stems from its refined, fuel-injected 248cc parallel-twin engine. The engine's design and electronic fuel injection tuning optimizes fuel delivery while maximizing low- to mid-range torque, providing responsive performance without sacrificing mileage. Riders report an average of 76.3 MPG for this model. 

4. Honda CB300R ABS

stock pic of a honda cbr300 in yellow - fuel efficient motorcycles

Estimated MPG: 70-75 MPG

With the average of reported riders getting around 72.2 MPG, the Honda CB300R, although the latest model was released in 2022, is nothing short of a lightweight sport bike with a powerful 286cc liquid-cooled 20º single-cylinder engine for its category that still deserves to be mentioned today.

5. Kawasaki Versys®-X 300

stock picture of 2024 Kawasaki Versys-X 300 fuel efficient motorcycles

Estimated MPG: 60+ MPG

While the official 2024 Kawasaki Versys-X 300 fuel efficiency rating isn't available yet, previous models and rider reports suggest it will likely clock in at an impressive over 55-65 mpg, thanks partly to its fuel-efficient parallel-twin engine. This impressive fuel efficiency makes the Versys-X 300 a compelling choice for eco-conscious riders and budget-minded adventurers, offering both environmental responsibility and significant cost savings at the pump.

6. Honda CBR500R

stock picture of a 2024 honda cbr500r grand prix red fuel efficient motorcycles

Estimated MPG: 70-80 MPG

This affordable twin-cylinder rockets past rivals with an estimated 80 mpg, meaning fewer stops and more miles on every adventure. Even average riders report an average of 70.1 mpg.

7. Royal Enfield Classic 350

Stock picture of 2024 Royal Enfield Classic 350 gunmetal-grey fuel efficient motorcycles

Estimated MPG: 75-80 MPG

Riders report an impressive average fuel efficiency of 78.6 MPG, making it an economical choice without compromising on the thrill of the ride. This motorcycle pays homage to its storied heritage and caters to today's environmentally conscious rider, balancing efficiency with the unmistakable charm of a classic. The Classic 350 remains a favored option for those seeking a cost-effective and retro ride.

8. Suzuki DL650 V-Strom

stock picture of 2024_Adventure_V-Strom_650 fuel efficient motorcycles

Estimated MPG: 65-80 MPG

Boasting an impressive fuel efficiency of up to 80 MPG, with riders commonly experiencing over 70 MPG, the 2024 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom upholds the V-Strom family's legacy as both an enjoyable and practical choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. The 650's engine not only offers outstanding performance but also excels in fuel economy, all while meeting global emission standards. 

9. Honda NC750X

stock picture of  2024-nc750x-dct-abs-matte_nightshade_blue fuel efficient motorcycles

Estimated MPG: 65-70 MPG

The NC750X DCT stands out for its exceptional fuel economy, with riders averaging an impressive 60-70 MPG. This efficiency makes it a standout choice in the 2024 motorcycle lineup, reflecting Honda's commitment to combining performance with fuel efficiency. The bike's design, focused on real-world usability, ensures that it delivers power, comfort, and economy, making it an ideal choice for everyday commuting and adventurous explorations.

10. BMW F 800 GS

stock picture of 2024 BMW F 800 GS fuel efficient motorcycles

Estimated MPG: 50-65 MPG

One of our top selections in the touring motorcycle segment, the BMW F 800 GS, offers remarkable fuel efficiency ranging from 50 to 65 MPG, with riders typically achieving an average of 54.9 MPG. This surpasses the average MPG for touring bikes, which hovers around 30-35 MPG. This bike stands out for its fuel economy, versatility, and capability to tackle various terrains, making it an ideal companion for long journeys and explorations. Its balanced performance, superior comfort, and advanced technology ensure that riders can enjoy extensive tours without compromising efficiency or riding pleasure.

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Our lineup of the most fuel-efficient motorcycles showcases various models from trusted manufacturers like Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Royal Enfield, and BMW. These bikes promise an adventurous and comfortable ride and stand out for their exceptional fuel economy, with models like the Honda Grom ABS leading the pack at an astonishing 120-160 MPG. This selection reflects a commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, offering riders economic benefits and the satisfaction of reducing their carbon footprint. 

Whether commuting through the city or embarking on long-distance tours, these motorcycles provide an innovative, efficient way to navigate your journeys, blending performance, comfort, and sustainability. Remember, achieving optimal fuel efficiency also depends on riding style, terrain, and maintenance, so consider these elements to maximize your motorcycle's MPG. This guide aims to help riders find a bike that meets their lifestyle needs and contributes to a more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly riding experience.