Traveling From New York City to Miami? 5 Must See Stops

Dec 20, 2023


Harley-Davidson motorcycle ridden on Interstate 95.

New York City and Miami are two of America’s most exciting cities. But eager travelers will also appreciate the towns and natural wonders that lie between these two cities connected by Interstate 95. No portion of America better illustrates the country’s environmental and geographical diversity than the eastern seaboard. 

Riding through the east, you’ll see rugged mountains, rural towns, dense forests, and the gorgeous Atlantic coastline. For motorcyclists, the east is home to thousands of miles of two-lane country roads connecting iconic pieces of Americana, from the monumental National Mall in Washington, D.C., to the exotic Everglade National Park outside of Miami, Florida. In other words, New York to Miami's distance is around 1,280 miles, which means there’s so much to be explored.  Below are five must-see destinations for travelers looking to maximize their next trip along the East Coast.

1. The National Mall

This is the closest to New York and a logical first stop. It's roughly a 4-5 hour drive from New York City. Riding through the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on your journey from New York City to Miami is a highlight, where America's history comes alive around you. This iconic spot is surrounded by the nation's top monuments and museums, making it more than just a scenic ride – it's like cruising through the pages of American history. The roads are great for bikers, offering up-close views of famous sights like the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Building. It's a pretty great mix of feeling small yet part of something big as you ride past these historical giants.

Visiting the National Mall on your bike adds an extra layer of fun and freedom to exploring these famous sites. You can ride your motorcycle around easily, stopping to check out the symbols of the U.S. and take in their greatness. This stop is a chance to get into the stories and achievements that shaped America. Whether you're just rolling through or parking to wander around, the National Mall is a must-see on your East Coast road trip.

2. Shenandoah National Park

After visiting The National Mall, your next stop should be Shenandoah National Park, which is about a 2-hour drive southwest of Washington, D.C. Shenandoah National Park in Virginia is a standout destination on your New York City to Miami road trip. Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it's a peaceful retreat from city hustle. As you’re riding through, the Skyline Drive offers great views of hills and green forests.

With over 500 miles of trails, including part of the Appalachian Trail, you'll pass through wildflower meadows and thick woods. The trails suit all levels, from serious hikers to casual walkers, so anyone is welcome to walk along! Be sure to see the waterfalls cascading down the mountains, adding a serene natural soundtrack. Shenandoah is a memorable stop for adventure and relaxation.

3. Savannah Historic District

Next, head to Savannah, which is about an 8-9 hour drive from Shenandoah National Park. The Savannah Historic District is a highlight for those traveling from New York City to Miami. This area in Georgia stands out for its historical significance and its stunning preservation of 18th and 19th-century architecture. As you ride through, the rows of oak trees lining the streets and the historic homes offer a serene backdrop, perfect for motorcyclists seeking a blend of adventure and culture.

In Savannah, the experience is about more than just the ride. It's a chance to immerse yourself in the rich history and Southern charm of the city. The district's layout, featuring open squares and broad streets, is ideal if you want to take a leisure motorcycle ride. You can explore at your own pace, stopping to admire the historic buildings, visit local shops, and enjoy the local cuisine. The city's relaxed atmosphere makes it a great place to take a break from the long journey and soak in the unique vibe of the South. Riding through Savannah is not just a journey through a city but a ride through history itself.

4. Cumberland Island National Seashore

This location is close to Savannah, approximately an hour and a half drive, depending on the ferry schedule to the island. Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia is a hidden treasure on your motorcycle road trip from New York City to Miami. Its serene beaches, wild horses, and dense forests offer a peaceful escape from city life. Riding along the scenic coastal roads to the ferry, you'll enjoy amazing views and refreshing breezes. Once you're on the island, the limited vehicle access emphasizes its tranquility. It's a place to unwind, stroll on the beach, or simply soak in the calm atmosphere.

The island's untouched beauty is perfect for riders seeking a quiet retreat. It has all kinds of scenery, including salt marshes and dunes, and is great for exploration and photography. Cumberland Island National Seashore is an essential stop for a peaceful break in your coastal journey, whether it's a quick visit or a day-long stay.

5. Everglades National Park

As the final stop before reaching Miami, the drive from Cumberland Island to Everglades National Park is the longest stretch, taking approximately 7-8 hours. On the bright side, it’s a short drive to Miami at about 1-2 hours, depending on your location in the city! Everglades National Park is one of the most special natural places in the U.S., offering an adventure that's totally different from the city and beach areas you've seen on your trip. This huge wetland area is full of wildlife like alligators, manatees, and many birds, which makes it really different from other parts of your journey. The roads to the park are smooth and scenic, giving you a peek at Florida's varied landscapes. While you can't take your motorcycle everywhere in the park, being so close to nature and the huge wilderness area is amazing.

Just being in the Everglades lets you see the untouched beauty of the U.S. The park has a special mix of plants and environments, like mangroves, marshes, and tropical plants, that you don't often get to see. Whether you're just stopping for a short time to enjoy the view or staying longer to explore the trails and visitor centers, visiting Everglades National Park is a thrilling and important part of your motorcycle trip along the coast.

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Last Stop

Each of these five must-see stops offers a unique slice of American life and landscape. From the historical charm of Savannah's streets to the untouched wilds of Cumberland Island, the tranquil beauty of the Shenandoah, the unique ecosystems of the Everglades, and the iconic majesty of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., this route offers a chance to immerse yourself in great experiences.