Top 5 Motorcycle Riding Routes Around Austin, Texas

Aug 15, 2021


Man riding a rented Suzuki motorcycle near Austin, Texas.

Bavarian-style castles, gorgeous flower beds, shaded creeks, and shimmering lakes. No, we’re not dreaming, we’re talking about Texas. The Lone Star state is home to more than cowboys and ranches. Trendy cities including Austin makes Texas so special.

And for motorcyclists, the back roads that run through Texas Hill Country are ideal for the riders. Ride them and you’ll encounter countless twisties and switchbacks. These roads are the easiest way to enjoy the Lone Star State’s natural beauty.

Whether you’re a proud Texan, Austin native, or out-of-state visitor, these roads are your ticket to an exhilarating ride. Below, we’ve assembled a selection of routes for your enjoyment. Rent a motorcycle with Riders Share and prepare for short-but-sweet excursions into Texas Hill Country.

1. Hippie Hollow Horror

One-day trip — 40 miles

The first route on our list is one of Texas’ best. It’s also one of the most challenging and requires technical riding skills. But don’t let that deter you—the Hippie Hollow Horror motorcycle route is a guaranteed adrenaline-inducing ride.

Begin at Four Points, Texas, a 20-minute drive from Austin. This route skirts along the north edge of Lake Travis, so you’ll get a good dose of lakeside scenery. Expect to see trees, houses, and wildflowers. There are several places to pull off along the way, including a few dead-end roads that’ll take you closer to the lake.

This route lives up to its name––aside from the twisties, hills, and dips, you’ll encounter enough blind curves and hairpin turns to make your hair stand on end! This route isn’t far from the city, so gas and grub are plentiful. County Line BBQ located outside of Austin is an excellent place to eat, and Wingman Brothers Smoke House in Marble Falls is motorcycle-friendly. Four Corners and Volente also offer amenities.

2. Killeen Twisty Getaway

One-day trip — 50 miles

If you’re craving twisties but want something easier than Hippie Hollow Horror, your best bet is the Killeen Twisty Getaway.

Begin this route in Killeen, Texas, about 68 miles or an hour’s drive north of Austin via I-35 N and TX-195 W. This road alternates between twisty corners and sweeping fast corners. It’s well-paved, although the portion of the FM-2670 past Maxwell is narrow and boasts the occasional pothole. You’ll notice that some of the corners are gravelly and lack signage. Road quality improves at the FM-2657, and it stays that way until the route ends in Burnet.

This route’s beautiful Texas Hill Country scenery is an added bonus to all those exhilarating twisties. If you’re feeling adventurous, ride past Burnet for about seven miles and turn right onto Park Road 4. This takes you to scenic Lake Inks, where you can go floating, fishing, boating, water skiing, and scuba diving. You can see the beautiful Falkenstein Castle—inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany—on the right side of the road near the lake.

Fill your tank in Killeen or Florence before setting out, or do the same in Burnet.

3. Hutto Granger Georgetown Loop

One-day trip — 61 miles

The Hutto Granger Georgetown Loop is another curvy, lakeside route worth a ride. Begin in Hutto,, half an hour northeast of Austin via TX-130. This trip makes for a pleasant ride through Texas Hill Country because it sticks close to lakes and creeks. The 1660 and 29 portions carry riders past idyllic farmland, full of old barns and old fencing. You’ll get a stunning view of Lake Granger as you ride over the dam. (You can stop in the middle of the dam to access a scenic viewpoint.)

If you want to get off your motorcycle and take in the view by foot, you can pay to visit a swim park located at the beginning of the dam. At the east end of the dam, you can go on a nature walk in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wildlife Preserve.

This route is well-paved and straight along the Highway 95 portion. The 1660 and 29 portions offer the opportunity to ride through twisties and curves, though the road quality isn’t the best. There are a few corners along the 95 that you’ll want to keep an eye out for—the shoulder asphalt is uneven and warped, so stay in the center of the road.

There are some good places to eat along this route. Louis Miller BBQ in Taylor is a popular BBQ joint. The BBQ at Taylor Cafe, located in a 150-year-old saloon, is another option.

4. Hill Country Back Roads

One-day trip — 51 miles

As poet Robert Frost once wrote, sometimes the better road is “the one less traveled by.” If you want a quieter, more laid-back ride, the Hill Country Back Roads motorcycle route is a wise choice.

Begin in Marble Falls, about 48 miles northwest of Austin and only an hour’s drive away via TX-71. This trip is drop-dead gorgeous and shouldn’t be rushed. It goes along ridge tops and down valleys, through farmland, forest, and past dozens of creeks and ponds. The surrounding countryside is lush, green, and populated with cattle and wildlife. Don’t be surprised if you spot any llamas, bison, deer, or armadillos. Fishing and camping at one of the spots along the way is always an option. There’s also a lot of twisties and switchback turns to keep you focused if you don’t want to stop.

Road quality along this route ranges from average to good. The back roads feature the occasional pothole and rough patch. Watch out for cattle guards—there are about 20 on this route alone—and low water crossings. The three or four water crossings along the way might be slippery due to algae buildup. Although there aren’t many places to stop and get off your bike, the road is basically yours and traffic is light.

Eat at any of the diners and BBQ joints in Marble Falls, Lago Vista, and Cedar Park—you won’t find much else in this pristine Texas backcountry! The Real New Orleans Style Restaurant in Marble Falls is especially tasty and only serves home-made recipes. Wingman Brothers Smoke House in Marble Falls is another great choice.

5. Texas Twister

One-day trip — 61 miles

Topping off our list of the twistiest motorcycle roads near Austin is the aptly-named Texas Twister. The directions are simple: Start in Round Rock, Texas (a 20-minute drive from Austin via I-35 North) and head west on FM-1431. This will take you directly into Texas hills country, through Marble Falls to Kingsland.

This route takes you through the Highland Lakes area, known for its picturesque scenery and postcard-perfect flowerbeds. These flowerbeds are a stunning sight in June during full bloom. As the season progresses, you’ll see bluebonnets, red Indian paintbrush flowers, and various yellow, red, and white flowers. Everything is colorful during this time of year.

If you saw a wooden windmill, you’d think you were cruising through the Dutch countryside. Camp in several spots scattered throughout the Highland Lakes area. If you’re riding during summer, and it gets too hot, splash around in one of the area’s many lakes.

This road is a joy to ride—twisties, hills, and creek crossings abound. The road is smooth, with little traffic. It alternates between two and four lanes. After Cedar Park, there’s not a stoplight in sight until Marble Falls.

Marble Falls is a scenic spot to grab a bite to eat. You can end your journey through beautiful Texas Hill Country by eating lunch on the lake.

The next time you find yourself in Austin, consider one of these trips. Each is easily accessible and has a unique character that reveals a different facet of Texas Hill Country. Need more trip ideas? Read the Best Austin, Texas Motorcycle Riding Routes article.