Top Texas Hill Country Motorcycle Routes

May 10, 2024


texas hill country motorcycle routes on a motorcycle rental from Riders Share

Austin, Texas, is known for great food and live music. But if you love exploring the outdoors, riding a motorcycle around Austin is a fantastic way to see the area. Just a short ride from the city, you'll enter the Texas Hill Country, an area appreciated for its gentle hills, open spaces, and roads that make for a smooth ride, where you'll find some of the best views Texas has to offer.

Are you ready to hit the road? Here are four great motorcycle routes in the Texas Hill Country that are perfect for an unforgettable ride.

Route 1: The Three Sisters (aka The Twisted Sisters)

the twisted sisters route in texas hill country

Starting Point: Medina, TX

Ending Point: Medina, TX

Approximate Miles: 167 miles

This route, known as The Three Sisters, is a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts looking to experience the Texas Hill Country. Starting and ending in Medina, the 167-mile loop takes you through some of the most scenic areas of Texas, including Kerrville, Leakey, and a section of rural roads that are a thrill to ride–trust us on this. The roads you’ll ride on, Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337, are known for their sharp curves, steep climbs, and breathtaking views of canyons and valleys. Along the way, there are plenty of spots to pull over and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Find a link to the route here.

Route 2: Willow City Loop

willow city loop in texas hill country

Starting Point: Willow City, TX

Approximate Miles: 22 miles

The Willow City Loop is a relatively short route. This 22-mile loop is ideal for a quick ride, featuring views of wildflowers in the spring and the rolling hills typical of Texas. The road is smooth and winds through the countryside, offering a relaxing ride perfect for any skill level. It's a great way to spend a few hours, with several spots to stop and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The loop is also well-known for its low traffic, which allows it to be a quiet escape from the busier city roads. It offers riders a chance to experience the natural beauty of the Hill Country without venturing too far from the city.

Route 3: Bandera to Tarpley Loop

bandera to tarpley loop in texas hill country

Starting Point: Bandera, TX

Approximate Miles: 35 miles

The Bandera to Tarpley Loop starts and ends in Bandera, often called the Cowboy Capital of the World. This 35-mile route is filled with beautiful views and a true feel of Texas outdoors, including a stop at the Hill Country State Natural Area. As you head out of Bandera, the route takes you through roads surrounded by typical Hill Country scenery—rugged landscapes and open skies. The road conditions are generally good, making it accessible for all types of motorcycles. This loop is specially made for those looking for a quick ride with authentic Texas character. There are a few good spots for a break or a meal in Tarpley, allowing riders to rest before heading back. View the map here.

Route 4: Leakey to Lost Maples Loop

lost maples loop texas hill country

Starting Point: Leakey, TX

Ending Point: Leakey, TX

Approximate Miles: 62 miles

The Leakey to Lost Maples Loop begins and ends in Leakey, TX, and covers about 62 miles. This route offers a mix of enjoyable riding and beautiful natural sights. Starting in Leakey, you'll ride through curvy roads that showcase the landscapes of the Hill Country. This area is known for its foliage, particularly in the fall when the leaves change colors. The loop takes you near Lost Maples State Natural Area, famous for its maple trees. The roads are well-maintained and are best for riders looking for a moderately challenging ride. It’s a perfect route for those who enjoy combining a scenic drive with the opportunity to visit a state park.

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Winding Down

As you finish your ride along these Texas Hill Country motorcycle routes, you’ll find that each turn and stretch offers a new perspective of the state. These routes offer both a thrilling ride and a chance to connect with the natural beauty of Texas in a unique and memorable way. Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to motorcycle adventures, the Texas Hill Country has something to offer everyone.