Best Cruiser Motorcycles of 2024

Feb 10, 2024


picture of two cruiser motorcycles riding on a highway in the desert best cruiser motorcycles

If you're in the market for the best cruiser motorcycles that epitomize comfort and style, perfect for those long, scenic rides, you're in the right place. Cruisers are all about savoring the journey with a relaxed posture and smooth handling. Imagine gliding down the road with a low seat height that offers ease of handling and an unmatched sense of control, especially during slow-speed maneuvers or while navigating parking lots.

In this guide, we chat about what makes a cruiser stand out. It's not just about raw speed; it's about the harmonious blend of power and comfort. We're talking about robust, reliable engines – think V-twins with their iconic, soulful rumble. And, of course, style plays a huge role. From gleaming chrome finishes to classic lines that capture the essence of the open road, 2024's cruisers are designed to turn heads. So, let's explore together and find the perfect cruiser motorcycle that will make your 2024 rides unforgettable!

2024 Kawasaki Vulcan S

MSRP NON-ABS: $7,349 / MSRP ABS $7,899

stock picture of a 2024 kawasaki vulcan s cruiser motorcycle best cruiser motorcycles

The 2024 Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS stands out as one of our top recommendations for the best cruisers of the year. It's a unique blend of sporty performance and classic cruiser aesthetics, making it unlike any other bike in its class. The Vulcan S doesn't just look bold; it's powered by a robust 649cc engine, ensuring that every ride, whether a commute or a leisurely day trip, is charged with exhilarating energy. Its edgy style combined with vintage elements creates an aggressive yet elegant profile, perfect for riders who want to stand out.

Kawasaki engineered the Vulcan S with the innovative ERGO-FIT® system, offering 18 different configuration settings to customize the bike to your height and reach. This customization extends to the seat, footpegs, and handlebars, allowing riders of all sizes to find their perfect fit and riding position. Whether you're under 5'6" or over 6'1", the Vulcan S can be tailored for optimal comfort and control. Performance-wise, it inherits its DNA from the Ninja®, meaning it's not just about looks; the bike offers a lightweight, responsive handling experience with optimal traction and a smooth, adjustable rear shock. The engine, a compact 649cc parallel-twin, delivers smooth, responsive power, making every rev and every ride an exhilarating experience.

2024 Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114

MSRP $16,999

stock photo of a 2024 Harley Davidson Street Bob 114 in blue burst best cruiser motorcycles

The 2024 Street Bob 114 emerges as a standout choice for custom chopper enthusiasts, boasting a minimalist bobber design in black, powered by the potent Milwaukee Eight-114 engine. Transitioning from the Dyna family as the FXDB to the Softail range as the FXBB in 2018, it's undergone significant upgrades including an electronic throttle, LED lighting, and a redesigned frame. With the adoption of the larger Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine since 2021, the Street Bob not only promises enhanced performance but also maintains its status as one of the lightest Softail models with this engine. Its design, featuring mini-apehanger handlebars and a trimmed rear fender, truly captures the chopper spirit, offering a perfect base for customization while still being affordable. This model remains relatively unchanged compared to 2023 but is still one of our favorites.

2024 BMW R 18 

Base Model MSRP $14,995

stock photo of a 2024 bmw r 18 in silver chrome best cruiser motorcycles


The BMW R 18 stands as a testament to the soulful legacy of BMW Motorrad, embracing the brand's rich history and iconic design hallmarks. It's more than just a motorcycle; it's a nod to #SoulFuel, combining a high-capacity boxer engine with timeless design elements. Now available in an array of new paint colors, the R 18 allows riders to express their style uniquely.

At the heart of the R 18 is its design philosophy – a blend of classic and modern. The bike's elongated flyline and low stance, coupled with the double-cradle steel frame, accentuate the powerful, sculpted engine, enhancing its impressive presence. This cruiser is designed for personalization; stripped back to its core, it invites full customization. The Olivine variant, for example, offers the exclusive Option 719 package, featuring a weatherproof seat with diamond-shaped stitching and fine forged wheels, among other custom options. Whether in Black Storm Metallic, Velvet Green Metallic, or Manhattan Metallic Matte, each variant of the R 18 is a canvas for riders to create their dream bike. The R 18 is definitely one of the best cruisers of 2024. 

2024 Harley-Davidson Breakout 117

MSRP $22,499

stock picture of a 2024 harley davidson breakout 117 black with orange accents best cruiser motorcycles

In 2024, the Breakout 117 makes a roaring comeback to North America, packing a punch with the raucous power of the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine. This powerhouse of a bike doesn't just bring raw strength; it also boasts a striking design with 26-spoke black cast aluminum wheels that enhance its bold and aggressive stance. Adding to its allure and functionality, the Breakout is equipped with cruise control, offering riders an added layer of comfort and convenience for those long, exhilarating journeys on the open road. This combination of power, style, and practicality ensures the Breakout remains a top choice for cruisers.

2024 Indian Scout 

MSRP $13,249

stock photo of a 2024 indian scout cruiser motorcycle maroon with tan leather best cruiser motorcycles

For the 2024 model year, the Indian Scout maintains its momentum with a liquid-cooled 1,133cc V-twin engine, delivering an impressive 100 hp and 72 lb.-ft. of torque. Priced at $13,249, the same as the previous year, the base model comes in a sleek Black Metallic finish and is offered without ABS. For those seeking more color options, the Indian Scout is also available in a variety of hues including Silver Quartz Metallic; Maroon Metallic (as shown here); a striking combination of Spirit Blue Metallic over Black Metallic; an elegant Black Metallic over Silver Quartz Metallic; and a bold Copper Metallic over Black Metallic. This range of choices ensures that every rider can find an Indian Scout that resonates with their personal style.

2024 Ducati Diavel V4

MSRP $26,995

stock photo of a 2024 ducati diavel v4 in red best cruiser motorcycles

As one of the standout cruisers of 2024, the Diavel V4 captivates with its muscular, sporty design that merges the worlds of sport nakeds and muscle cruisers. Centered around the potent V4 Granturismo engine, it not only promises exhilarating performance but also serves as a key design element, showcasing Ducati's signature style. The bike's unique aesthetic is further highlighted by its double-C-shaped LED lights and a sculpted steel fuel tank reminiscent of Ducati's supersport lineage. Despite its robust appearance, the Diavel V4 astounds with its lightness, thanks to an aluminum monocoque frame and single-sided swingarm, achieving a significant weight reduction over its predecessor. This combination of muscular style, dynamic agility, and distinctive design makes the Diavel V4 a true icon in the cruiser category for 2024.

2024 Honda Shadow Phantom

Base MSRP $8,399

stock picture of a 2024 honda shadow phantom silver and black best cruiser motorcycles

The 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom redefines cool with its classic cruiser style, now enhanced with significant updates. This year, the Phantom steps up with a powerful new rear disc brake, offering outstanding, linear stopping power. Moreover, this upgrade opens up the option for anti-lock brakes (ABS), adding an extra layer of safety. The Phantom doesn't just stop at performance upgrades; it also boasts a fresh look with new paint and graphic patterns, a redesigned headlight cover, and eye-catching, machined-edge cylinder-head fins. Style updates continue with a new air cleaner cover and revamped instruments, enhancing its traditional cruiser aesthetic. The bike now comes with a sleek new solo seat as standard, with the option to add a passenger seat and footpegs for those who prefer company. Rounding off the improvements are new fork-leg covers and front and rear LED turn signals, making it as Honda would say, “cooler than ever.”

2024 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

MSRP $15,699

stock photo of a 2024 suzuki boulevard m109r in black best cruiser motorcycles

The 2024 Suzuki Boulevard M109R sets a high bar as one of the best cruisers this year, blending sleek, muscular design with top-notch performance. It boasts a commanding V-twin engine with some of the largest pistons, ensuring a thrilling ride every time. The bike's standout features include its unique headlight nacelle, drag-style bars, and solo seat cowl, all framed within a streamlined chassis. Its deep Glass Sparkle Black paint, complemented by striking chrome details, makes it a visual magnet on the road. But the M109R isn't just about aesthetics; its stout inverted forks, hidden rear suspension, and well-designed saddle offer responsive handling and a remarkably comfortable ride. With its bold looks and equally impressive performance, the Boulevard M109R stands out in the cruiser class.

Summary: Best Cruiser Motorcycles 2024

  • 2024 Kawasaki Vulcan S
  • 2024 Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114
  • 2024 BMW R 18 
  • 2024 Harley-Davidson Breakout 117
  • 2024 Indian Scout 
  • 2024 Ducati Diavel V4
  • 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom
  • 2024 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

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Bottom Line

The lineup of cruiser motorcycles for 2024 is nothing to forget, offering a diverse range of options for every rider's style and preference. With new models, existing models with changes, and some unchanged classics, these are the best cruiser motorcycles of 2024. 

From the sporty performance of the Kawasaki Vulcan S to the classic appeal of the Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114 and the soulful BMW R 18, there's a cruiser for every taste. The powerful Harley-Davidson Breakout 117 and the versatile Indian Scout cater to those seeking style and substance. For a blend of muscle and agility, the Ducati Diavel V4 stands out, while the Honda Shadow Phantom brings cool updates to a classic design. Lastly, the Suzuki Boulevard M109R combines muscular aesthetics with top-notch performance, rounding out an impressive selection. Each model exemplifies what makes a great cruiser in 2024, ensuring riders can find the perfect machine to make their rides unforgettable.