The Best Indian Touring Motorcycles-  Models & Prices

Apr 25, 2024


group of indian motorcycles parked in front of a dealership the best indian touring motorcycles

Indian Motorcycle is known for its touring motorcycles, but at first glance, which one is better to pick? Learn about the best Indian touring motorcycles, the differences between their touring & baggers, and tips along the way. 

First Things First, An Overview of Indian Touring Models

Let’s talk about some popular models and noteworthy years that have defined Indian Motorcycle's presence in the touring bike arena.

First up, the Indian Chief: Introduced back in the day (we're talking 1922), it set the stage for what a touring bike could be. The Chief has evolved and is a mid-weight cruiser, probably not the most ideal for long rides. However, it influenced the landscape of Indian’s current touring bikes. 

stock picture of an indian chief motorcycle best indian touring motorcycles

Then there's the Indian Chieftain. Launched in 2014, it was a game-changer with its hard saddlebags, fairing, and advanced tech. The Chieftain brought a modern edge to Indian's lineup, proving that classic style and modern conveniences could go hand-in-hand. Still, this model is technically considered one of Indian’s “baggers,” but others may disagree with that. 

stock picture of an indian chieftain motorcycle best indian touring motorcycles

The Indian Roadmaster is another star. Debuted in 2015, it’s the epitome of luxury touring. With heated seats, a seven-inch touchscreen, and a 200-watt stereo system, it's like the first-class cabin of motorcycles.

stock picture of an indian roadmaster motorcycle best indian touring motorcycles

A pivotal moment for Indian Motorcycle was in 2013 when they were re-introduced under Polaris Industries. This marked a new era, blending Indian's rich history with cutting-edge technology and design. Models like the Springfield and Pursuit followed, expanding the touring family with bikes that offer a mix of performance, comfort, and storage options. 

The Indian Pursuit, the latest addition as of my last update, pushes the boundaries further with its liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine, offering riders unmatched power and smoothness on long rides.

stock picture of an indian pursuit limited motorcycle best indian touring motorcycles

Each of these models showcases Indian Motorcycle's commitment to providing riders with top-notch touring experiences. From the classic charm of the Chief to the luxurious appointments of the Roadmaster and the innovative spirit of the Pursuit, Indian’s touring bikes cater to a wide range of preferences and riding styles. Whether you're crossing state lines or exploring scenic byways, these bikes are designed to deliver comfort, performance, and sheer riding pleasure, mile after mile.

It’s important to note that Indian Motorcycle currently only lumps two families of motorcycles into their “touring” category: the Roadmaster and the Pursuit. Models like the Chieftain and Springfield fall under their “bagger” category.

Indian Touring Motorcycles vs. Baggers

Let’s simplify this:

Touring (Roadmaster & Pursuit)

  • Designed for Long Distances: Perfect for cross-country rides with all the comforts.
  • Loaded with Features: Think heated seats, advanced infotainment, and plenty of storage.
  • Powerful Performance: Built to handle long, demanding journeys easily.

Baggers (Chieftain & Springfield)

  • Sleek and Agile: Stylish for the city, yet fully capable of weekend getaways.
  • Versatile: Easy to customize for different looks or rides; a bit sportier.
  • Balanced Ride: Offers a mix of power and agility, ideal for varied riding experiences.

Choosing Between the Two:

For someone planning to do more touring and considering a trunk essential, opting for a Roadmaster/Pursuit to get the full package would be advisable. It comes equipped with a fairing that includes navigation, among other impressive features, an adjustable windshield, hard bags, and a trunk.

The Springfield/Chieftain, as they stand, are capable of touring motorcycles. Equipping them with hard bags, adding a saddlebag on the passenger sissy bar rack, and placing another smaller bag behind the driver's backrest can prepare it for a week to ten days of travel.

stock picture of an indian springfield motorcycle best indian touring motorcycles

The Best Indian Touring Motorcycle: The Indian Roadmaster

And the winner goes to…the Indian Roadmaster!


The Indian Roadmaster is acclaimed for blending touring luxury, comfort, and all-weather functionality, making it an exceptional choice for long-distance enthusiasts. It features plush, climate-adaptable seating, extensive wind protection via an adjustable windshield, a 7-inch touchscreen for navigation and entertainment, and ample storage with over 36 gallons in its saddlebags and trunk. Powered by the robust Thunderstroke 116 engine, it promises smooth, powerful rides. Despite its heavyweight impacting agility in tight corners, its classic American design, complemented by chrome finishes and the iconic Indian head logo, commands attention. Known for handling impressively well for its size (900 lbs!), the Roadmaster redefines the concept of a luxurious, comfortable ride on two wheels.

stock picture of an indian roadmaster elite motorcycle best indian touring motorcycles

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