Do BMW Motorcycles Hold Their Value? Resale Guide

Mar 24, 2024


picture of bmw motorcycle parked in front of fante steinen norway do bmw motorcycles hold their values

When considering a premium motorcycle brand like BMW, potential buyers often weigh the performance, luxury, and craftsmanship of these machines against their price tag. One of the main factors influencing this decision is the motorcycle's ability to hold its value over time. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the resale value of BMW motorcycles, examining why these bikes are a choice worth considering.

Understanding Resale Value

Before getting into specifics, it's important to know what factors contribute to a motorcycle's resale value. Generally, this includes the bike's brand reputation, demand, initial cost, mileage, condition, and how well it has been maintained. For BMW motorcycles, several unique aspects come into play, enhancing their value retention.

BMW Motorcycles: Things to Know

Brand Prestige and Quality

BMW is synonymous with engineering excellence and a rich history in motorcycle manufacturing. This reputation is not just for show; it translates into bikes that offer superior performance, innovative technology, and unmatched quality. These attributes contribute significantly to their appeal on the resale market.

Innovation and Technology

BMW motorcycles are often at the forefront of technological advancements in the two-wheeled world. Features like the Telelever front suspension system, the Duolever front wheel suspension, and advanced safety features such as ABS and traction control make BMW bikes more desirable and help them retain their value better than less innovative counterparts.

Market Demand

There's a consistent demand for BMW motorcycles in the used market, thanks to the brand's loyal following and the dream of owning a premium bike at a potentially lower price point. Models like the GS Adventure series have a cult following and retain their value exceptionally well due to their versatility, performance, and reliability.

Do BMW Motorcycles Hold Their Value?

Yes. BMW motorcycles are known for their quality, performance, and engineering, which contribute significantly to their ability to hold value over time. While the exact depreciation rate can vary depending on the model, year, condition, and market demand, BMW motorcycles tend to depreciate slower than many other brands. On average, BMW motorcycles can retain approximately 60% to 70% of their original value after three years, which is quite impressive in the motorcycle industry. Factors such as maintenance, mileage, and overall care also play crucial roles in determining a BMW motorcycle's resale value. 

Factors Influencing BMW Motorcycle Resale Values

1. Model and Year

Not all BMW motorcycles hold their value equally. Limited editions, newer models with desirable features, and iconic models like the R1200GS or the S1000RR tend to depreciate less because of their popularity and technological advancements.

2. Mileage and Condition

As with any vehicle, a BMW motorcycle's mileage and condition significantly impact its resale value. Bikes with lower mileage and those kept in excellent condition, with regular service records, often fetch higher resale prices.

3. Aftermarket Modifications

While personalizing a motorcycle can enhance its appeal to the owner, it doesn't always translate to increased resale value. In fact, heavily modified bikes may see a decrease in value, as buyers may prefer stock condition or worry about the quality of the aftermarket parts and modifications.

Maximizing Your BMW Motorcycle's Resale Value

To ensure your BMW motorcycle retains as much value as possible, consider the following tips:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Keep up with the recommended service schedule and retain all service records.
  2. Genuine Parts: Use BMW parts for any replacements or upgrades to maintain its authenticity and reliability. Keep paperwork and receipts.
  3. Protective Gear: Invest in protective accessories like crash bars and protective covers to keep the bike in pristine condition.
  4. Mileage Management: While enjoying your ride is paramount, be mindful of accumulating excessive mileage, as this can impact its resale value.

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BMW motorcycles are renowned for their ability to hold value over time, making them a wise investment. Their appeal, driven by brand prestige, quality, innovation, and a robust secondary market, ensures that your investment is not just about enjoying premium performance today but also about securing value tomorrow. Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the motorcycle world, a BMW bike represents not just a mode of transportation, but a savvy investment in your riding passion.

Considering a BMW motorcycle purchase requires thoughtful consideration of how well these bikes hold their value. By focusing on key factors such as model selection, maintenance, and condition, you can ensure that your BMW motorcycle remains a cherished asset, both on the road and in the resale market. Take a look at models for sale and get an idea of which models tend to hold the most value in your area.

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