Get Ready to Ride: Experience the Epic GS Giants Old Skool in the Ozarks Rally in Falcon, Missouri!

May 31, 2023


The GS Giants Old Skool in the Ozarks Rally is scheduled from June 1st to June 4th. Four action-packed days of thrilling rides, camaraderie, and heart-pounding excitement await you. Prepare to immerse yourself in an experience that will leave you breathless.

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A reason to go? Registration includes dinner Thursday!

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History of the event

Every year in Falcon, Missouri, there is an adventure motorcycle rally weekend called the GS Giants Old Skool in the Ozarks Rally. Riders come to this event from all over the country. Adventure bikers who want to see the best of what the Ozark Mountains offer have to go to the Mosko Moto event. The first one was in 2010.

Over time, the event has turned into a rolling rally where riders go on and off-road. The Skunkwerks Moto Crew built miles of trails with a great mix of twisty pavement, direct access to legal roads, and dirt tracks. Riders will also have a great chance to check out the Mid-Atlantic Back Road Discovery Route and the Trans-America Trail.

This is not only for  Harley people, bmw motorcycle owners are welcome too

The event has become well-known because of the GS Giant, one of the best adventure bikes on the market. At the annual rally coming up, riders will have a great chance to see these legendary bikes up close and personal. Riders can also use the famous "Green Carpet" to get to miles of trails.

Riders get together for dinner at night, get door prizes and one lucky winner gets a prize steak night. There is also a slow race, which can have funny and scary moments. Also, hot food trucks will be at the event to meet everyone's hunger needs.

Dates and schedule

Mark your calendars for June 1st to June 4th and immerse yourself in the ultimate motorcycle extravaganza in the heart of the gorgeous Ozarks.

The event schedule includes group rides, self-guided rides, and other activities for all skill levels and interests. Experienced riders lead 1-hour Saturday and Sunday morning rides to the area's best riding spots. Meet fellow riders and enjoy the Ozarks' best.

This is part of todd zacker's secret stash!

The event organizers offer a featured ride around Falcon, Missouri, for self-guided riders. This ride is excellent for beginners and pros.

Enjoying the scenery is essential to an adventure motorcycle rally weekend. The GS Giants Old Skool in the Ozarks Rally tent camp has level spots, shaded spots, hot water, and portable sanitation so riders can relax.

Rally food is famous. All weekend, riders can eat from hot food trucks. The rally's highlights are the slow race and the night dinner, where a lucky winner receives a prize.

Places to visit

Rest and rejuvenation are essential to thoroughly enjoying the GS Giants Old Skool in the Ozarks Rally. Fortunately, Falcon, Missouri, offers a range of accommodations tailored to meet the needs of motorcycle riders like yourself.

Please join this wonderful rally!

  1. Ozarks National Scenic Riverways: Experience pristine beauty while cruising along crystal-clear rivers and exploring stunning river bluffs.
  2. Ha Ha Tonka State Park: Ride through rugged terrain to discover an enchanting castle, natural bridges, and beautiful hiking trails.
  3. Bridal Cave: Park your bike and venture into this enchanting underground wonderland known for its stunning rock formations and hidden gems.
  4. Elephant Rocks State Park: Witness colossal granite boulders as you ride through this unique park, perfect for photo opportunities and exploration.
  5. Alley Spring and Mill: Take a break from the road and admire a picturesque old mill alongside the tranquil waters of Alley Spring.
  6. Mark Twain National Forest: Lose yourself in nature's embrace as you navigate winding roads through dense forests and discover hidden camping spots.
  7. Table Rock Lake: Enjoy a scenic ride to this expansive lake, offering opportunities for boating, fishing, and breathtaking lakeside vistas.
  8. Current River: Embark on a scenic route to this stunning river, ideal for water activities like kayaking, canoeing, and riverside picnicking.
  9. Roaring River State Park: Uncover the secrets of this serene park, featuring a cascading spring, trout fishing, and beautiful hiking trails.
  10. Dogwood Canyon Nature Park: Immerse yourself in the beauty of this picturesque park, with its waterfalls, wildlife, and scenic biking trails.

Places to stay

The GS Giants Old Skool Rally in Missouri's Ozarks requires lodging. Luckily, there are many options for all travelers.

Rallygoers can tent camp on Todd Zacker's property. Outdoor enthusiasts prefer this. The campgrounds have shade, level ground, toilets, and hot water. As a bonus, the green carpet is laid.

There are a few hotels nearby if you prefer traditional lodging. Springfield, 45 minutes from Falcon, is the closest option. Staying in town will increase rally commute times.

The Moa rally rider's meeting starts at breakfast Friday

Falcon cabins and vacation rentals offer more privacy and comfort than camping. These rentals have kitchens and hot tubs. During rallies, these options sell out quickly, so book early.

Finally, stay at Rally Central to fully experience rallying. Morning and afternoon sessions, self-guided rides, featured rides, the "slow race," and more occur here. Rally Central offers the best food, camaraderie, and access to the action.

Where to eat

Motorcycle rallies are best with good food. The GS Giants Old Skool in the Ozarks Rally covers you! Weekend food options satisfy any appetite. BTW, you can find more useful info about other nearby events on Instagram.

First, Rally Central has food trucks with delicious and unique dishes. BBQ, tacos, and vegan options await. You can also try something new every meal with rotating trucks.

Breakfast at Rally Central includes eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes. It's a great way to start the day and fuel your adventure.

The America national rally says hello!

Return to Rally Central steak night please join us for dinner with all rally participants. Meet new people and share ride stories. Chef Don and Brad Calbert cook a delicious local meal. During dinner, a lucky winner receives a grand prize.

Springfield offers off-site dining. Its food scene includes sit-down restaurants, casual cafes, and food trucks.

GS Giants Old Skool in the Ozarks Rally has excellent food for everyone. So come to Falcon, Missouri, hungry and ready to eat.


The Falcon, Missouri GS Giants Old Skool in the Ozarks Rally offers adventure motorcycle activities. Guided or self-guided rides, technical challenges, and camaraderie await riders at this rally.

The rally's highlight ride passes through scenic roads and landscapes. Local, experienced riders optimize the ride.

The rally offers off-road riding on Missouri's scenic trails. Trail riders lead these hour-long sessions through even the most demanding terrain for a fun and challenging experience.

Ask for the infamous deal's gap or the Chef Don stover

Rally rides include technical challenges like the slow race. Riders compete to go slowly without stopping even a slow race. It even a slow race that sounds easy but it takes skill, patience, and a steady throttle!

Rally clinics teach new skills and present technical challenges. These classes cover bike maintenance, tire changing, and advanced riding.

Self-guided rides with maps are available at the annual rally. Rally participants ride the Trans-America Trail and Mid-Atlantic Back Road Discovery Route.

Evening fun! The big rally also includes slow racing, dirt track racing, and a full big rally loop ride. Campsite gatherings, communal meals, and evening events allow riders to talk.

Additional details

The rally has morning, afternoon, and featured rides. During self-guided morning and afternoon sessions, riders can explore the area at their own pace. The featured ride is led by experienced riders and tours the area's best roads.

Finally, rally-goers should know that the event is for adventure motorcyclists, not street bikers. Rally participants must have a motorcycle suitable for legal roads and off-road trails. Before embarking on this incredible adventure, check out the following links for more information:

You now have the tools and knowledge to maximize the GS Giants Old Skool in the Ozarks Rally. Gear up, hop on your bike, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through the heartland of American motorcycles.