How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Motorcycle in Honolulu? Less Than You're Thinking.

Dec 15, 2023


Picture of motorcycle for rent at Riders Share for less than $25/day parked in front of a shark mural in Honolulu Hawaii

Your short answer of how much it costs to rent a motorcycle in Honolulu or on the Hawaiian islands: It costs as low as $25/day with Riders Share. But how much does that actually end up costing you at the end of your trip? How much do other motorcycle rentals cost, on average? Let’s dive in. 

Rental Companies vs. Peer-to-Peer Motorcycle Rentals

Traditional Rental Companies:

  • More expensive due to overhead costs
  • Potential for long lines and longer rental processes
  • Smaller selection due to space constraints 
  • Pick up your bike at a brick-and-mortar location

Peer-to-Peer Companies:

  • Less expensive: renting directly from the owner of the bike
  • Get approved quickly, no lines!
  • Large selection of bikes: various makes, models, and styles. 
  • Have your bike delivered 

Average Cost to Rent a Motorcycle in Honolulu, Hawaii

*Prices are accurate as of 12/15/2023 and are subject to change across competitors*

Across most rental companies, it costs, on average, $50-150/day to rent a motorcycle in Hawaii. Many companies offer multi-day discounts. Riders Share has the largest selection of rentals available in Oahu.

Riders Share:

  • Honolulu motorcycles range from $24-$119/day 
  • 20-40% multi-day discount (depending on owner)
  • Reviews on each bike by previous renters are available
  • Around 60 motorcycles are available for rent in Oahu, depending on dates
  • Price example: Rent a motorcycle in Honolulu on Riders Share for 1 week at $50/day + 20% (on average) multi-day discount for 7 days = $280

Twisted Road:

  • Honolulu motorcycles range from $58-$160/day
  • 10% multi-day discount
  • Reviews on bikes available
  • Under 25 motorcycles are available for rent in Oahu right now, depending on dates
  • Price example: Rent a motorcycle in Honolulu with this company for 1 week at $58/day + 10% multi-day discount for 7 days = $365.40

Eagle Share:

  • Honolulu motorcycles range from $75-$145/day (excluding EagleRider options)
  • Only 4 bikes are available from peer-to-peer owners on the website in Oahu
  • No reviews from riders yet on any of these bikes
  • Price example: Rent a motorcycle in Honolulu with this company for 1 week at $75/day (multi-day discount: $62.50/day) + $64.54 community fees = $495.04

Eagle Rider:

  • Honolulu motorcycles range from $140-$285/day
  • Only 14 motorcycles are available for rent at their location in Waikiki
  • No reviews on bikes available
  • Price example: Rent a motorcycle in Honolulu with this company for 1 week at $150/day; Extra charge to guarantee that the bike you pick out is the one you rent ($18); Environmental surcharge: $59.15; Taxes and fees: $49.28; $140 multi-day discount = $1,036.43

Summary: Price to Rent a Motorcycle in Honolulu

While there are many options for motorcycle rentals, Riders Share consistency is the most cost-effective and quality option for riders looking to rent a motorcycle in Honolulu, Oahu. On average, you could rent a bike from Riders Share for under $300, standing out as the most cost-effective option in Hawaii. Rent your bike from a community of owners who care for their bikes and are looking to spread their passion for riding. The required owner’s liability insurance protects all bikes. Happy riding!

*Prices reflected above do not consider optional fees such as referral promos, first-ride promos, gear rentals, damage waivers, insurance options, etc., which may affect the overall cost.*

What are gas prices like in Hawaii? What can I expect to pay?

As we all know, renting a bike isn’t everything you’ll need. Although most bikes will come with gas provided, it’s your responsibility to fill up throughout your rental period and return it with the same level that you picked it up with, standard to most rental cars. Gas prices change frequently in the United States, and what they are at the time of this blog posting will likely not be exactly what they are in a few weeks. However, as of right now, gas in Honolulu is around $4.80 a gallon. 

Depending on the size of your motorcycle, you’ll get varying miles per gallon. On average, smaller bikes will get upwards of 60-80+ MPG, medium-sized bikes will get 50-70 MPG, and larger touring motorcycles will get 30-50 MPG. 

Keep in mind that unlike some of the United States, one side of Oahu is only 44 miles from the other. It’s a short distance you can manage back and forth in an hour or so. You can actually make your way around the entire circumference of the island in about 8 hours or less! You cannot travel between islands with rental motorcycles in Hawaii. 

Picture of a 2021 Suzuki DR-Z400s available to rent through Riders share in Hawaii parked along a shore with large ship in the background

Rent a Motorcycle in Honolulu, Hawaii, for $25/day!

Riders Share offers a community-driven motorcycle rental service available in key locations, including Honolulu, Oahu, and various other islands across Hawaii. With a diverse selection of motorcycles, including a large selection of Harleys, starting at just $25 per day, Riders Share provides the perfect opportunity to find your ideal motorcycle for exploring the Aloha State. All motorcycle listings on Riders Share must meet manufacturer and Hawaii state standards, ensuring a reliable and safe riding experience. Many of our owners also offer rental gear; some may even provide it free so you can be fully equipped for a safe journey. Choose Riders Share and save money for your other adventures across Hawaii. Sign up for the first time and get $25 off your first ride! Refer some friends and get even more!