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Berkeley, CA Motorcycle Rental

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Nestled on the east side of the iconic San Francisco Bay Area is the college city of Berkeley. Lovers of twisty switchbacks will be excited to experience the countless mountain rides in the area. 

There is no need to hike to see the large variety of biomes the bay area has to offer, just drive through the Mount Hamilton Loop or venture down the twisties on the Sierra Loop Road instead. This winding route provides sweeping views of the bay area punctuated by vast stretches of towering redwoods.

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Best Motorcycle Rides in Berkeley

From the nearby Golden Gate Bridge to Skyline Boulevard and its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the extraordinary San Francisco peninsula, Berkeley and its surrounding areas offer plenty of scenic routes for riders.

Grizzly Peak Boulevard

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Berkeley Hills by riding along Grizzly Peak Boulevard, which zips in and out of the hills with excellent views of the San Francisco Bay. Here, you can catch sight of San Francisco's iconic landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. With relatively low traffic, sharp curves, and elevation changes, it provides a challenge for beginner-level riders.

Skyline Boulevard

Arguably Berkeley's most famous motorcycle route, this stretch runs through the Santa Cruz Mountains and is well-known for its 300-ft tall ancient redwood trees and an endless variety of tree species. We also love it for its winding roads and proximity to two major state parks, Castle Rock State Park and Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Both offer an excellent way to unwind and relax after a long day on the road.

Tilden Regional Park

Explore several roads in and around the 2,100-acre Tilden Regional Park, known for its redwood forests, hiking trails, valleys, and the beautiful Lake Anza. Expect many twisting and uneven roads, providing a nice challenge for intermediate to advanced-level riders.

San Pablo Dam Road

Running from Aranda to the San Pablo Reservoir, this 16-mile route cuts through the East Bay Hills, offering limited curves, smooth pavement, and excellent views of the San Pablo Reservoir watershed area, which spans over 20,000 acres of wildlife and crystal clear waters. Enjoy panoramic views of Mount Tamalpais and immerse yourself in its history as a former home to Native American populations with prominence during the California Gold Rush.

Best Places to Visit in Berkeley

Berkeley is one of the more eclectic cities in Northern California. Most known for being the home of the renowned University of California Berkeley campus, it also offers plenty of nature opportunities with Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley Marina, and several scenic motorcycle routes, such as Skyline Boulevard.

Best Motorcycle Hangouts in Berkeley

After a long day on the trails, find refuge in one of the many motorcycle hangouts in and around Berkeley.

  • Lucky 13
    Located in the small town of Alameda, Lucky 13 offers a rare collection of cold brews and a throaty dark vibe. The Lucky 13 tattoo parlor is located directly above it, a 2,300 sq ft space with more than eight tattoo artists on staff specializing in various tattoo styles, from "neo-traditional" to realism.
  • The Avenue
    Situated in Temescal, Oakland, The Avenue is one of the more popular dive bars in the area. It features a cozy Back Room Lounge and a regular music rotation focusing on dark rock.
  • Heart and Dagger Saloon
    Also located in neighboring Oakland, Heart and Dagger Saloon offers a wide selection of liquor and beer, complete with an outdoor patio and ample parking space. We particularly appreciate its proximity to the 580 Freeway for easy accessibility. Just be aware that it is a cash-only establishment.

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Berkeley

Berkeley's weather is consistent throughout the year. To make the most of the summer season (June to August) with relatively warm and dry weather, consider wearing mesh or perforated leather jackets that provide sufficient airflow and ventilation to keep you cool. Zippered vents, mesh panels, and lightweight/breathable materials are also recommended.

Tips for Renting a Motorcycle in Berkeley

One of our top recommendations for renting a motorcycle in Berkeley is to know the city's layout. It's a remarkably bike-friendly city with dedicated lanes, which can sometimes congest the roads with pedestrians and bicyclists. So be sure to be extra mindful when changing lanes. 

Berkeley also has strict parking regulations and designated motorcycle parking spots. Use an app to locate these dedicated motorcycle parking spots ahead of schedule.

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