Best Harley-Davidson Cruisers to Rent in Honolulu, Hawaii, with Unforgettable Pitstops

Nov 29, 2023


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Honolulu is Hawaii’s largest city, the gateway to the Hawaiian islands, and a hub of Asian, Pacific, and Western cultures. In fact, Honolulu has become such a popular tourist destination that some 40,000 visitors fly in by the day. However, there is truly no better way to tour the island than on the back of a touring motorcycle. 

A Harley-Davidson rental in Honolulu is a great bike to explore the island, and Riders Share has you covered. Whether you’re looking for Harley rentals in Maui, Kauai, or Honolulu, we offer affordable Harley-Davidson motorcycles at rates that traditional rental agencies can’t beat. Thanks to our peer-to-peer network, you can rent bikes from riders like you for as long as you want, from $25/day with multi-day discounts, to give you more time to travel the island of your choice. 

Get a taste of world architecture by paying Doris Duke’s breathtaking estate Shangri La a visit, and see how the final Hawaiian monarchs lived at ’Iolani Palace. When you’re in a more serious mood, pay your respects to the victims of the attack on Pearl Harbor at the USS Arizona, the wreckage of which is surrounded by a museum and memorial. There’s no shortage of amazing motorcycle rides in Hawaii. Let’s explore the five best destinations to tour around Honolulu on a Harley-Davidson. 

1. USS Arizona and Harley-Davidson’s FLSTFB Fat Boy

harley fatboy for rent in honolulu hawaii

No visit to Hawaii is complete without remembering those who gave their lives during the December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. And no bike embodies the American spirit more than Harley-Davidson’s FLSTFB Fat Boy.

Head to the waters of Pearl Harbor on the northeastern outskirts of the city and prepare yourself for a step back into history. Although what remains of the USS Arizona is still submerged, the museum straddles the wreckage and can only be accessed via boat. 

Once you’re inside, you’ll find the exhibition and memorial space is divided into an Assembly Room, where you can get a view of the wreckage from above, and a Shrine commemorating the dead. This thoughtful memorial could put your whole trip in perspective and make it that much more significant.

While only a short drive from a hotel somewhere in Waikiki, you’ll immediately get a great taste of the ocean and the scenic highways that make Oahu so fun to cruise around. If you’re looking to cruise on a Harley-Davidson in Waikiki, opt for a bike rental from Riders Share instead of going through the motions at a Waikiki Harley Davidson Boutique. We’ll get you sorted quickly and at the best price!

2. Shangri La and Harley-Davidson’s FLHTC Electra Glide Classic

electra glide for rent in honolulu hawaii

Doris Duke’s tropical mansion is such an architectural wonder that it still draws visitors worldwide. Situated at the base of Honolulu’s Diamond Head State Monument, Shangri La features an eclectic fusion of styles from the Middle East. 

Suppose you’re willing to hop off the motorcycle. In that case, you’ll get to see Egyptian architectural influences, as well as calligraphy and carved domes modeled off those of the ancient city of Isfahan in Iran. Throw in waterways modeled after the Mughal gardens of India and Pakistan and a large collection of Islamic art, and you have a destination that rates as exotic even in paradise.

There’s no reason why the FLHTC Electra Glide Classic shouldn’t serve you well on this little excursion. Not all Harley rentals around Honolulu can boast true dual turn-down exhausts and a full bagger with a tour pack. Take it past the monument and across the coastal highways for a real taste of that fresh Pacific air. 

3. Diamond Head State Monument and Harley-Davidson’s Dyna Street Bob

harley dyna street bob rental in honolulu hawaii

Once you’re ready to leave Shangri La, ride to the Diamond Head State Monument. An iconic feature of the Honolulu skyline, this volcanic mountain looms over the city’s downtown and coastal areas. 

Diamond Head was created around 200,000 years ago from an eruption of the Koʻolau Mountain Range. It currently features craters and other rugged rock formations that make it a sheer delight for hikers intent on a strenuous trek. 

The maintained trail along the edge of Diamond Head only runs a mile before supplying breathtaking panoramas of the city and the sea.

One of the more solid Harley rentals around Honolulu is the Dyna Street Bob. With its small size and nimble handling, this Street Bob is perfect for touring the island. Its spacious back seat also means that you can wear or tie down a large backpack. This is especially helpful if you’re keen on doing a lot of hiking around the islands.

4. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve and Harley-Davidson’s Heritage Classic

harley heritage classic for rent in honolulu hawaii

The Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is something you have to see to believe. This protected bay lies on the southern tip of Oahu island but is easily reachable on a motorcycle. 

Having begun life as a volcanic crater, the bay now serves as a prime spot for snorkeling. The bay itself is populated with stunning coral gardens awash in turquoise hues. If you head underwater, you’ll likely meet sea turtles and parrotfish as they lazily glide through the pristine ocean. This area is so beautiful that it receives over 3,000 people a day during the peak season!

If you’re looking for Harley rentals near Honolulu, go for something classic and ride the Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic. It’s great for cruising and offers a comfortable ride that lets you soak in the peaceful views. 

5. ’Iolani Palace and Harley-Davidson’s FLHRC Road King Classic

harley davidson roadking classic for rent in honolulu hawaii

If you already have a Harley-Davidson rental in Honolulu, your ride to the city’s royal palace will be a short one. Located in downtown Honolulu, ’Iolani Palace was once the ancestral home of the Kalakaua Dynasty, the last dynasty to sit on the Hawaiian throne.

This palace was built in the 19th century by cosmopolitan monarch David Kalakaua, who had his royal residence reflect the French and Italian Baroque architecture he saw during his travels in Europe. You could spend hours inside the palace as you explore the various exhibitions of military artifacts and personal collections of Queen Liliuokalani and King Kalakaua. 

Whatever you decide to do here, you’ll most likely be treated to one of the regular performances of the Royal Hawaiian Band! As far as Harley rentals in Honolulu go, the FLHRC Road King Classic is one of the better choices. It’s a stylish and comfortable bike that will add something to the experience. 

If you need to take a quick break from sightseeing and want to explore other destinations on your bike, check out the 5 best motorcycle routes in Honolulu for an exhilarating ride through the city's stunning landscapes.

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Final Note

Your Honolulu Harley-Davidson rental and adventure promises unforgettable moments. From paying respects at the USS Arizona to exploring Shangri La, scenic Oahu highways await. Cruise on the FLSTF Fat Boy Softail, savor the FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide at Doris Duke's estate and embrace the XL 1200N Nightster to Diamond Head. Dive into Hanauma Bay with the FLSTC Heritage Softail and conclude at 'Iolani Palace on the FLTRXS Road Glide Special. Explore, ride, and create lasting memories on your Hawaiian journey. Explore, ride, and create lasting memories on your Hawaiian journey!