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Minneapolis, MN Motorcycle Rental

Largest Selection of Motorcycle Rentals Minneapolis

One of the biggest cities at the northern end of the Mississippi River, Minneapolis is one of the best destinations for your next motorcycle rental. 

If cruising down a chain of lakes in windy and windy trails is your kind of thing, Minneapolis is the perfect destination for you. Riders will also love to visit historical attractions, such as the Mall of America, and to munch on some famous cheese curds. 

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Requirements to Rent a Motorcycle in Minneapolis

  • Must be 21+
  • Must have a motorcycle endorsement on the license (foreign licenses are accepted) to rent bikes over 50cc in size
  • Motorists under 18 years old are required to wear a helmet, but all riders are strongly encouraged by Riders Share

Best Motorcycle Rides in Minneapolis

From the Lake Minnetonka Loop to the Historic Mill District, Minneapolis offers an excellent mix of riverfront towns, historic districts, and vast lake areas to explore. Here are our top four favorite motorcycle routes in the region:

Lake Minnetonka Loop

To capture majestic views of Lake Minnetonka, the Lake Minnetonka Loop will surely impress. This roughly 50-mile round trip excursion takes you through charming lakeside towns like Wayzata, Excelsior, and Mound, with plenty of beautiful lakefront homes and water sports opportunities.

Historic Mill District

Located in the heart of Minneapolis, the Historic Mill District is a throwback to the city's industrial past. Enjoy taking a break and strolling along its cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and natural scenery. Plus, this journey is on the shorter side, with an estimated mileage of only 10 miles.

St. Croix River Run

The St. Croix River Run offers roughly 100 miles of towering bluffs and vast expanses of farmland. Remember to pass through Stillwater and Marine on St. Croix, charming small towns that provide an excellent break opportunity. With an even mix of straightaways and winding roads, it's an ideal comfortable ride for beginner to advanced-level bikers.

Minnesota River Valley Route

This 70-mile route takes you along the Minnesota River with outstanding views of rolling hillsides, farmland, wildlife spotting, riverfront towns, and bluffs. Take a break at the nearby small towns of Shakopee and Belle Plaine with their treeline roads, offering an excellent escape from the heavily congested greater Minneapolis area.

For a complete list of day trips outside Minneapolis, check out these motorcycle routes between Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Best Places to Visit in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, the largest city in Minnesota, is one of the most eclectic cities in the Midwest. Some of our favorite attractions include the Minneapolis Museum of Art, Mill City Museum, and Minnehaha Park, with its majestic 53 ft waterfall and endless park trails.

We are also big fans of the many scenic motorcycle routes in and around Minneapolis, including the Lake Minnetonka Loop, historic Mill District, Lake Calhoun, St Croix River Run, and the Minnesota River Valley Route.

Best Motorcycle Hangouts in Minneapolis

After a long day out on the trails, kick back and unwind in any of these Minneapolis and surrounding area motorcycle hangouts:

  • Arcade Bar
    Located on Arcade Street, the Arcade Bar is one of the city's more popular dive/biker bars, with pool tables, pinball machines, and jukeboxes with a classic vintage vibe. Along with a diverse beer selection (60+ and counting), the Arcade Bar offers your typical classic American pub fare, including pizza, burgers, and pretzels.
  • Up-Down Minneapolis
    The Up-Down Minneapolis is first and foremost known for its massive gaming selections, including over 50 arcade games and four classic skee ball alleys. We also love its extensive craft beer collection and daily specials, including $1 off all draft beers on Monday and free gaming tokens to the first 100 guests on Fridays. Consider it Dave & Buster's Lite.
  • Half Time Rec
    Located in the neighboring town of St. Paul, Half Time Rec is known for its lively recreation hall and regular live music performances by Irish folk bands. It also has no shortage of pool tables and dart boards amidst a laid-back and vintage-style vibe.

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Minneapolis

The best time of year to rent a motorcycle in Minneapolis is during the April-June season, which enjoys mild temperatures. Winter is a no-go, with snow and ice-packed roads unsafe for motorcycle riders (unless you are an advanced-level biker with previous experience). Otherwise, the summer and early fall months will be a great time to explore Minnesota. 

Tips for Renting a Motorcycle in Minneapolis

One of our top recommendations for renting a motorcycle in Minneapolis is to plan your route. Try to avoid peak traffic times and road hazards by scouting out locations in advance with smooth surfaces to reduce the risk of accidents. Also, try to get a feel for amenities beforehand by identifying rest stops and gas stations before heading there.

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