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Sacramento, CA Motorcycle Rental

Largest Selection of Motorcycle Rentals Sacramento

To the sports jockey, motorcycle enthusiast, and all-around adrenaline junkie, Sacramento isn’t only California’s capital—it’s the ticket to world-famous natural and artificial playgrounds. 

One of California’s greatest rides will take you away from the congested roads around Sacramento right into a canyon! Yes, we’re talking about the legendary Mosquito Ridge Road! On the other hand, motorcycle enthusiasts craving a short, twisty route worth repeating ought to check out Salmon Falls Road. 

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Best Motorcycle Rides in Sacramento

While Sacramento is not precisely known for motorcycle tourism, its central location in Northern California, Mediterranean-style weather, and diverse topographies make neighboring areas worth riding in. Here are our top four motorcycle routes in and around Sacramento:

Sierra Nevada Foothills Loop

The Sierra Nevada Foothills Loop takes you through the winding hills of the Sierra Nevada Foothills, with charming small towns like Auburn and Placerville. Enjoy sweeping views of the American River, canyons, farmland, and twisting roads that will keep you engaged.

Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1)

Arguably the most well-known motorcycle route in California, the Pacific Coast Highway offers stunning coastal scenery along the Pacific Ocean. Experience diverse terrain levels, twists, turns, and sharp elevation changes. Don't miss the opportunity to explore charming coastal towns like Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Carmel along the way.

Lake Berryessa Loop

Located west of Sacramento, the Lake Berryessa Loop offers breathtaking views of rugged canyons, open countryside, and scenic Lake Berryessa. Visit the Monticello Dam and enjoy detours to nearby towns for a memorable ride.

Delta River Run

The Delta River Run immerses you along the majestic Sacramento River and surrounding deltas, with diverse wildlife, orchards, vineyards, and tranquil waters. Explore the delta towns of Walnut Grove and Isleton, which offer plenty of rest stops and a unique atmosphere.

For a complete list of day trips outside Sacramento, check out the Best Motorcycle Routes Near Sacramento.

Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

Located in Northern California, Sacramento offers a variety of nature reserves, historical landmarks, and scenic locations to visit. From the Old Sacramento State Historical Park and the California State Railroad Museum to the 23-mile American River Parkway and numerous scenic routes throughout the region, there is something for everyone.

Best Motorcycle Hangouts in Sacramento

After a long day cruising around Sacramento on your Ducati or Harley-Davidson, relax at any of these popular biker hangouts:

  • Q Street Bar and Grill
    Known as "Benny's," this classic neighborhood dive bar offers a nostalgic atmosphere with wood slat walls, taped dollar bills, and a cash-only rule. Enjoy classic American pub fare, outdoor patio seating, and ample motorcycle parking.
  • Round Corner Tavern
    Located on South Street, the Round Corner Tavern is one of Sacramento's most popular dive bars. It has a vintage vibe with outdoor neon signs, pool tables, and wood paneling, making it a perfect spot to unwind after a long day on the trails.
  • Old Tavern Bar & Grill
    Situated on 20th Street, the Old Tavern Bar & Grill is one of the oldest biker bars in the region. With a spacious outdoor patio bar and a variety of American pub fare, it offers a relaxing atmosphere, cheap drinks, friendly staff, and a jukebox playlist.

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Sacramento

To best enjoy the scenic routes of Sacramento and the surrounding areas, we highly recommend visiting during the spring season (March to May) when the weather is pleasant with scattered rain showers. June to August can see temperatures exceeding 90°F, making evening and nighttime cruising preferable. December to February generally brings cooler and wetter weather, so check the weather forecast in advance and ensure you have appropriate gear.

Tips for Renting a Motorcycle in Sacramento

Our top recommendation for renting a motorcycle in Sacramento is to prioritize safety gear. Always wear a DOT-approved helmet, protective clothing such as an armored jacket, and sturdy boots. Stay visible in the dark by wearing reflective clothing and using your motorcycle headlights properly.

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