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Virginia Beach, VA Motorcycle Rental

Named after its gorgeous sandy beaches, Virginia Beach is one of the hottest destinations in Virginia. A short motorcycle ride to the west brings you to the Quiet Country Ride, a route perfect for a peaceful Saturday morning cruise through the woods. 

For those looking for a more challenging ride, check out the Archer's Lodge Loop, a curvy tree-shaded road that becomes magical when the leaves change colors in the fall. When you make it back to Virginia Beach, you can kick back and relax to the soothing sounds of the ocean.

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Best Motorcycle Rides Near Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach offers an eclectic mix of parallel beach motorcycle routes and wildlife refuges with miles of scenic trails. Here are four of our favorite routes:

Atlantic Avenue

Ride your motorcycle parallel to the beach and enjoy stunning ocean views with sea breezes hitting your face. It offers a well-maintained stretch with no winding turns or potholes for a smooth ride. We are also big fans of Virginia Beach's landmarks, such as the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, an excellent stopping spot for a bite or drink.

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Prefer to be immersed in nature and not the beach? The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is the answer, home to a standing backdrop of more than 9,000 acres of woodlands, dunes, and marshes. There are plenty of natural breaks for motorcyclists, including observation decks, guided nature walks, and bird-watching tours if you have extra time.

First Landing State Park

Located on the shores of Chesapeake Bay, First Landing State Park covers nearly 3,000 acres of natural wonders and 19 miles of trails with majestic views of the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding areas. It's also a popular stopping ground for motorcyclists, well known for being a camping destination. 

If you're a history buff, First Landing State Park is also steeped in American tradition, home to the First Landing Cross, which celebrates the arrival of Jamestown colonists in the early 1600s.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

Connecting Virginia's eastern shore to Virginia Beach, this 20-mile-long tunnel partially runs under the Chesapeake Bay, immersing writers underground and over the water. You can also catch plenty of vibrant wildlife with no shortage of dolphins, whales, and seabirds. It's worth visiting for its engineering feat alone!

Best Places to Visit in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach offers an eclectic mix of oceanfront and spacious natural areas. We're big fans of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, a 3-mile stretch with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. First Landing State Park also features closer to 3,000 acres of swamp land, marshes, and forest, offering one of the best bird-watching destinations in the country. Finally, do not forget the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, with more than 12,000 animals across 650+ species. 

Best Motorcycle Hangouts in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach offers plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Eagles Nest Rockin' Country Bar:

Located in the Hampton Roads area, the Eagles Nest Rockin' Country Bar is home to one of the few untamed mechanical bulls in the region, offering the most thrilling eight seconds of your life. It's also wildly popular for its live music offerings, with an endless rotation of live DJs and karaoke contests.

Baja Cantina:

Located on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, the Baja Cantina is equal parts seafood restaurant and biker bar known for its delicious fish tacos and chicken flautas.

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Virginia Beach

The best time of year to rent a motorcycle in Virginia Beach would be Spring and Fall. Both seasons offer moderate climates with spring temperatures in the 60 to 70° F range versus 50 to 65° F for Fall. However, action tends to pick up in the summer, when the city and oceanfront areas are overloaded with tourists, so you should avoid visiting them unless you are participating in a motorcycle event. 

Connect with all of your fellow riders at one of the many Virginia Beach motorcycle events held annually.

Tips for Renting a Motorcycle in Virginia Beach

With Virginia Beach equally suitable for scenic routes and flat, even terrain, planning your route ahead of time is essential. That way, you save minutes on the road taking the wrong path or struggling to find the nearest landmark.

Another tip is to check the weather forecast. Then, be sure that all of your rider gear reflects the weather. 

For example, you will want a thick insulated leather or textile jacket for the winter and lightweight, mesh-heavy jackets for the summer. Luckily, all four Virginia Beach Seasons offer moderate climates with no extreme weather, so you do not need to worry about overdressing. 

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