2024 Ducati Monster+ : Specifications & Guide

Feb 22, 2024

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close up pic of a 2024 ducati monster plus in iceberg white gas tank specs and guide to the new 2024 ducati monster plus

Starting at $12,995 USD

New for 2024, the Monster+ continues to redefine the Ducati lineage with advanced technology and exceptional design.

Embracing the future while honoring a rich legacy, the 2024 Ducati Monster+ continues to symbolize the pinnacle of Italian motorcycle craftsmanship. This guide delves into the key specifications and features that set the 2024 model apart, solidifying its status as a modern classic in the world of sporty naked bikes.


The 2024 Ducati Monster+ is a testament to Ducati's enduring commitment to style and performance. With its state-of-the-art chassis, lightweight design, and advanced technology, it aligns more closely with the original Monster ethos than any of its predecessors. Offering great value and equipped with the latest tech, the Monster+ is a standout in the Ducati lineup.

What’s New in 2024?

For the 2024 model year, Ducati has maintained the core design and features that defined the 2023 Monster, with a notable enhancement in the color options. Adding the elegant Iceberg White livery to the existing Ducati Red and Aviator Grey choices brings a fresh aesthetic twist to the lineup. This new color option is also available for the Plus variant, which continues to boast its sporty appeal with a sleek front fairing and a passenger seat cover. This subtle yet stylish update adds a new layer of visual appeal to the 2024 Monster while preserving the much-loved characteristics of its 2023 predecessor.

picture of a new 2024 ducati monster plus in the new iceberg white guide and specifications for the new ducati monster plus motorcycle


Refined Testastretta Engine: The 937cc Testastretta L-twin engine provides a robust 111 horsepower, ensuring a lively and responsive ride.

Lightweight and Agile: With a dry weight of only 366 pounds and an upright riding posture, the Monster+ is nimble and easy to maneuver, particularly in traffic.

Rider-Friendly Ergonomics: The 32.3-inch seat height, combined with a narrow waist, makes the bike comfortable and accessible for most riders.

Advanced Electronics: Includes Cornering ABS, Traction Control, Wheelie Control, and adjustable ride modes (Sport, Touring, and Urban), enhancing safety and riding pleasure.

Intuitive Quickshifter: The smooth quickshifter allows for easy gear changes, adding to the bike's commuter-friendly features.

Versatile Performance: Suitable for various settings, from city errands to canyon carving, with a perfect power-to-weight ratio for an enjoyable throttle response.

top view of a new 2024 ducati monster plus guide and specifications of the new 2024 ducati monster plus motorcycle


Styling Changes: While the new Iceberg White paint adds a fresh look, some Ducati enthusiasts may miss the traditional design elements like the single-sided swingarm and trellis frame.

Price Point: Although it offers great value within the Ducati lineup, the Monster+  ($12,995 MSRP) is still considered pricey compared to its competitors.

Sportier Aspirations: For riders preferring a more aggressive riding position, the upright stance and handlebar setup might be less appealing.

side view from back of a 2024 ducati monster plus guide and specifications of the new 2024 ducati monster plus motorcycle

Riding Experience: A Blend of Agility and Power

The Monster Plus balances exceptional performance with user-friendly technology. At its heart lies the Testastretta 11° engine, a testament to Ducati's engineering prowess. This engine, known for its reliability and exhilarating power delivery, is nestled within a superbike-inspired frame that enhances the bike's naked-sport appeal.

A Legacy Continues

Since its debut in 1993, the Monster line has been revered for its fun, agile, and stylish nature. The 2024 model continues this tradition, combining muscular grace with Italian design sensibilities that are hard to match. The Monster Plus remains a standout choice for those seeking a blend of performance and aesthetics.

Performance and Capability

The Monster Plus is powered by the Desmodromic Testastretta 11° V-twin engine, notable for its unique valvetrain. This engine avoids the pitfalls of harmonic valve float at high rpm, thanks to its pull-closed cam, ensuring reliability even under demanding conditions. With a high compression ratio and efficient cooling system, it delivers power smoothly and consistently.

Handling and Electronics

Ducati has equipped the Monster Plus with various electronic aids, making it a dominant force on the streets and a competitive presence on the track. Modes like Power Modes, Traction Control, and Wheelie Control allow riders to customize their riding experience, while the Quick Shift feature adds to the bike's agility and control.

rider view picture of the new 2024 ducati monster plus guide and specifications for the new ducati monster plus motorcycle

Design and Styling

The Monster Plus boasts a minimalist yet functional design. The front fender is trimmed to the essentials, reducing drag and emphasizing the bike's sleek profile. The ergonomic design extends to the handlebars and seating, ensuring comfort and control for the rider, with optional handgrip warmers for colder rides.

picture of the front view of the new 2024 ducati monster plus guide and specification on the new ducati monster plus motorcycle

Chassis and Suspension

The bike's frame is designed to enhance agility, with a steep rake angle and short trail. The Öhlins suspension system, derived from Ducati's World Supersport experience, provides a responsive and smooth ride. The Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires complement the bike's dynamic capabilities, ensuring grip and stability.

Pricing and Availability

The 2024 Ducati Monster Plus starts at $12,995 for the Ducati Red version, with the Iceberg White and Aviator Grey options at a slightly higher price point.

2024 Ducati Monster PLUS Specifications

Design and Build

Frame: An aluminum front frame, contributing to a dry weight of 366 lbs, underpins the Monster+'s agile and responsive handling.

Aesthetics: Retaining the unmistakable Monster DNA, the 2024 model sports a contemporary, sporty design. The iconic “bison-back” tank and integrated LED headlight form a silhouette that is both aggressive and elegant.

New Livery: The color palette is enriched with the Iceberg White livery, adding a fresh and refined look to the Monster range.


Type: Testastretta 11°, 937 cc twin-cylinder L-shaped engine.

Power: Delivering 111 hp at 9,250 rpm, the Monster+ provides an exhilarating riding experience.

Torque: With 93 Nm at 6,500 rpm, the engine offers robust performance across various speeds.

Crafted for your riding pleasure, this engine delivers 111 hp at 9250 rpm and a peak torque of 69 lb-ft at just 6500 rpm. It responds efficiently and swiftly to throttle commands. The engine's design ensures a smooth ride in city traffic while remaining agile and responsive at higher speeds.

Technology and Safety

Electronics: The Monster comes equipped with top-notch electronics, including Cornering ABS, Traction Control, and Wheelie Control, each adjustable to varying levels of engagement. Its sporty essence is further enhanced by the inclusion of Launch Control, guaranteeing rapid starts akin to those of professional racers.

Riding Modes: Three Ducati Riding Modes (Sport, Touring, and Urban) cater to different riding conditions and personal styles.

Display: A 4.3″ color TFT display ensures vital riding information is always clear and accessible.

Smart Power Mode

The Smart Power Mode, varying by model, offers riders the choice of different pre-set mappings to optimize the bike's response based on riding conditions and individual preferences. These modes can be selected on the fly using handlebar controls, with clear feedback on the instrument panel.

Wheelie Control

This feature enables the motorcycle to achieve maximum acceleration while controlling or limiting front-wheel lift, ensuring safety and optimal acceleration. Wheelie Control is independently adjustable from other systems and can be tailored to different intervention levels.

Intuitive Ducati Quick Shift Up/Down

The Ducati Quick Shift up/down system allows seamless gear changes without a clutch, making it an ideal feature for spirited sports riding and equally practical for frequent shifts in urban settings.

Transmission and Handling

Gearbox: A 6-speed manual transmission provides a tactile and engaging riding experience.

Quick Shift Up/Down: Enhances gear shifting precision, equally effective in urban environments and on open roads.

Chassis: The light and compact chassis design ensures nimble handling, making the Monster+ as comfortable weaving through city streets as it is on winding country roads.

Seat Height: A rider-friendly seat height of 32.3 inches, combined with the slim sides of the bike, allows easy foot placement.

close up of the seat of a 2024 ducati monster plus guide and specifications for the new 2024 ducati monster plus motorcycle

Ergonomics: The placement of footrests and handlebars has been optimized for rider comfort, ensuring a relaxed yet controlled posture.

Ducati Performance Accessories: A wide array of options for personalization, including the approved Termignoni silencer, engine guard, and racing license plate holder.

Apparel: A comprehensive range of helmets, jackets, and trousers, designed for safety and style, is available to complement the Monster experience.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Ducati offers a standard 24-month factory warranty for the Monster+.

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Final Thoughts

As the latest iteration of Ducati's storied line, the 2024 Monster Plus stands as a striking example of how a classic can evolve while maintaining its core essence. With its new Iceberg White color option, Ducati is not just introducing a fresh aesthetic but is also honoring the legacy of the Monster series. This bike is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity, a hallmark of Ducati's commitment to excellence in motorcycle design.

The 2024 Monster Plus, with its proven Testastretta 11° engine and superbike-inspired framework, is a testament to Ducati's ability to combine performance with accessibility. It's a machine that promises to captivate both new riders and seasoned veterans, offering an experience that is both thrilling and refined.